Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tie Dye For

Let me tell ya: It's post titles like that, that make me think i should give this all up for a life of stand up comedy gigging!

Out of nowhere i have become intensely obsessed with tie dye. I don't know what's happening or where this has come from but i'm craving it. I am craving Tie Dye.
Too many bad 90's t-shirts mean i'm steering clear of most colourful stuff. Dark blues, black, grey and white are my favourites. Those same bad 90's t-shirts mean i'm also much more into simpler patterns, no stars or spirals, just stripes and splodges.

I love these £22 Topshop leggings a whole lot:

But, i think, i desperately need me, a Tie Dye Maxi!
Y'all know i've been living in maxi skirts/dresses recently, they have undoubtedly become my summer wardrobe staple! With that in mind and this whole hippy tie dye obsession going on i have decided (spurred on by this Micheal Kors number) to DIY myself a Tye Die Maxi Masterpiece. It's going to be epic!
I get paid on Thursday so i'm gonna go shopping for all my ingredients and then i think this weekend might well be the weekend. I plan to fully document the process and outcome so look forward to a post on that next week!
If any of you lovely people have DIY-ed a maxi or tie-dyed before, tips would be greatly appreciated. I can sew, and i did some tie-dye when i was like, 7, so i feel pretty confident, but i like to over prepare so flood me with advice please : )

Friday, 24 June 2011

Evil Twin

I'm not normally one for Labels/Designer Clothing. I like spending as little as possible because so much of my wardrobe is short term (i get bored easily!). I don't have an issue with paying more for better quality but part of me wrestles with the idea of paying for a name. Like, i'd love to own a Mulberry Alexa bag or a custom Vivienne Westwood dress but i also feel like i could employ an amazing leather worker or seamstress to create those things to an amzing standard of quality for me, at a fraction of the cost.
It's an eternal struggle my friends, i'd love to hear your views on it though so go nuts in your comments!

All of the above aside: on one of my lazy afternoons this week i went on a big ol' ASOS browse and stumbled across Evil Twin, here's what the ASOS blurb has to say about the label:
"Sydney-based label, Evil Twin, deliver a grungy, punk-inspired aesthetic throughout their stand-out collections. Fusing hard lines and gothic edges with feminine silhouettes, has become the signature Evil Twin style."
Loving that! Definitely an aesthetic i can relate to and one that i'm determined to werrrrrk this summer. Their size range isn't huge but most of the stuff is oversized so i wouldn't be afraid to try something if you like it.

These are some of my favourite pieces currently on their page and i actually ordered one yesterday so hopefully i can do an Evil Twin OOTD soon!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Face Full of Glitter

I got very bored earlier and my boredom resulted in this. I think it's the Glastonbury buzz that's going on, i wish i was going but due to Seattle i had to give the festival summer another postponement. But that's fine, who needs Glasto when you can have a rave in your garden?? (totally gonna do that this weekend!)

To top off my festival look i got dressed, i'd been painting in my undies all afternoon. Maybe that's too much info but it's undeniably practical: no paint stained clothes! Anyway, i put this on:


I have got major love for Primark maxi dresses. £9 a pop, amazing range of colours and the length is perfect for me! This purple one is probably my favourite, maybe, or maybe this one is.
I wasn't sure i'd ever wear this top, as much as i love it i just couldn't style it to a point i was comfy with but as of 2 hours ago - problem solved! I'm really into the layered maxi thing, i've been doing it every other day recently!
"Where are you going in this outfit?" I hear you ask. Well, if you must know, i'm going to be my room listening to dubstep.
I'm just one girl, covered in glitter, rockin out against the world.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Babeliest Babes



Saturday night was a total babe-fest! Me and my lovely Lauren went on a wild night out to drink and dance and laugh and eat bad drunk food. It was so beautiful i'm kinda sad it ended.
I'd had this outfit planned in my head for so, soooo long i was more than happy to get the chance to wear it. It's definitely one of my favourites that i've put together! I also styled Lauren for the evening, which is why she's wearing my shoes (i made her wear heels because those wedges make me crazy tall)
Speaking of shoes, i am dying to get my hands on more platform wedges: if anyone can recommend any that would be great i need at least a UK 9 and don't want to burn a hole in my purse : )

We did a proper little photo shoot so this is about to get seriously picture heavy, we just both decided, in a non stuck up our own arses way, that we looked awesome, even named ourselves Babe-raham Lincoln and Babe-ak Obama for the evening.
Oh man i love all girl nights out!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

OOTD: Simple Sunday


You might question why i would post such a simple outfit, but for me this is style at its best. Wearing something basic and comfy and feeling as good in it as a more "dressed up" outfit. I love these grey jeans and have been ignoring them for far too long. I am picky about blue denim so black and grey jeans are totally perfect for me but i did have to take the legs in on these so they were skinnier.
I went a bit nuts editing this picture, just realised it really is a bit ott : )

I have had such a wonderful, awesome, busy week and the blog did suffer a lack of posts, partly due to me spending all my time either working or seeing amazing people and partly because i was feeling a bit flat when it came to dressing myself, like nothing was good enough to post on basically. Think i'm back now though, my fashion mojo has recharged!
I have another outfit post to do tomorrow that will picture what my friend and i wore on Saturday night when we went out, it's the polar opposite of this one: totally dressed to the nines!

I'm now going to spend the evening eating a phat roast dinner with my lovely Dad in honour of Father's Day. It's going to end this perfect weekend, well, perfectly!



Oh ASOS, you tease!
I am positively bereft of money right now and you put out this! That's just mean.

I actually saw a grey jersey version of this in Primark the other day, i was tempted by it but decided against due to it not being black and it not being long enough - i like my maxi's to be floor length, i actually don't mind if they drag a bit, just so long as they don't trip me up : )

As much as i love this my only issue is how to style it. This is where not being able to try it on in a shop really bums me out. I'm not 100% sure i'd like the whole wear it high waisted and tuck your top in look on myself so i'd want to check i could comfortably wear it other ways before blowing the dollar on it, y'know?
I'm all for Internet shopping and i have a long and beautiful relationship with Internet shopping, but sometimes i just wish it could do what the high st shops can!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OOTD: Bricks

Yes, my garden is a mess. Problem? Take it up with my dad and his arm length list of unfinished DIY projects!
Despite the fact i had to pose with building materials i couldn't resist the amazing natural light we had outside, it is a bona fide be-a-utiful day...
...and i decided to wear black and grey.


So i feel like i've lost all my fashion mojo at the moment. I guess i used it all up on that double stripes hit from a couple weeks back (which has been reblogged on tumblr 87 times, go me!! :D)
I'm living in easy, comfy and fairly boring outfits which i know means terrible viewing/reading for you guys so i'm sorry and hopefully i can get back into the swing of things asap. Think i just need a good shop, or that's the excuse i'll use anyways.

I'd like to think that my slick of pink lipstick made this outfit a bit more summery than it otherwise would have been. And for those who might want to know it's a Barry M lippy which i think is called Punk Pink, maybe.
Or maybe i just lade that up, who knows!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

OOTD: Featured

So i was asked to send in pictures to Plus Model Magazine for their blog feature Fashion Fridays, you can see this weeks including me HERE.
This is the outfit i sent in:


This is a variation of the outfit i have been living in of late. Considering it cost £15 in the Topshop sale and in technically about 3 or 4 sizes too small this skirt is doing a seriously good job : )
I actually wore this on Wednesday to see The Hangover Part II which was hilarious and amazing, although there are rumours of number 3 already and whilst i do love the wolf pack three films based solely upon drunken mistakes might be pushing it a bit!

I'm off for the weekend to reenact and be awesome so no posts i'm afraid. Straight back at it on Monday though i promise!
Thanks to Natale Monet from Plus Model Magazine for asking me to be involved in the feature, such a huge honour and i'm eternally grateful.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

True Blue


And my love affair with coloured denim continues...
I have little to no money so why i'm torturing myself i do not know! But this girl came into work today and she had green jeans on, GREEN! And it wasn't any old rubbish green it was the most vibrant blue-y awesome amazing green. Strutting along in her green jeans & her brown loafers lookin all better than me in my uniform and making me want coloured jeans! Pffftttt!
What's your verdict on blue?
I want the green pair that girl had on but these come in a close second and i prefer them to the red!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


May has been the fastest passing month of 2011 by a mile! So much so, i forgot to do this post on time. For the first couple of weeks after getting back from the States i felt very out of sync, it felt like i'd never left yet a whole month had passed so i was essentially a month behind, bad times.
I had such an amazing day yesterday and was dreading all the menial tasks i had to do today like washing and hoovering but then i remembered BMB was due a monthly round up so this is a very welcome relief from boring housework : )

I am so glad this month has been good. I was quite worried i'd be on my post holiday blues the whole time but in all honestly aside from a couple of moments where i missed Seattle i've been a proper happy chappy.
We've had consistently nice weather, i spent two weekends camping & reenacting, i met some new and pretty dang awesome people, it was my birthday, the list goes on and on.
The one thing i am a bit bummed over is that i FAILED at taking pictures. My promise for June is that you guys will get a seriously picture heavy end of month post.

As always; just listing the stuff that srsly sticks out.
Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta! (the whole album in it's awesome entirety)
Seasick Steve - My Home (Blue Eyes)
The Very Best of Otis Redding (again, the whole album)
Lady GaGa - Judas
Adele - Hiding My Heart

Someone take me to the cinema, i haven't been in so, so long. It's a damn shame. I watched Little Miss Sunshine on the flight home right at the start of the month, what a cute and awesome film, so good! I guess May was a bad month for me and cinema.

I read Recorded Zombie Outbreaks and The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks but aside from those i've mostly been on a magazine binge. I was getting bored of glossy pages though so i'm pretty thankful to the person who has just lent me World War Z by Max Brooks : )

I always write this little bit at the end like "So this was an amazing month, so good blah blah blah" and it just occurred to me how much that makes it sound like i was expecting a shit time. I don't panic myself into a stupor on the 1st of every month thinking it's all going to crumble around me as the days pass, honest. I guess i just A: Need a way to end the post and B: Want to celebrate how awesome my life is!
So yeah, May was a fantastic month, I am so excited to see what June brings i'm finding it hard to contain myself! Love to y'all.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Alive and Kicking

What an amazing weekend i had! I didn't take a single picture though : /
I went camping/reenacting. I really should post some pictures of what i wear whilst doing my little historical bit, i suppose that would tie in quite nicely with the theme of BMB. I'm off again in couple of weeks so i'll remember to be snap happy then.

I'm pretty sure it was Memorial Day Weekend for those of you in the US so like us lot here in Olde England you got a long weekend. I hope it was fabulous for each and every one of you!
From what i've seen and heard from friends across the pond you guys had awesome weather.
Ours wasn't too bad but i did get rained on and nearly froze to death in my tent on Monday night: damn you cold front coming in from the east!

I'm super pumped to do a good half week of posting now i'm back and well rested (nothing like your own bed and a good hot shower!)

Mucho Amor Lovelies : )