Saturday, 19 November 2011

over & over & over

Yeah, i wore the burgundy cardigan, again.


It's getting colder and colder here by the day. We kept having these random days of beautiful sunshine every week, where it was t-shirt/sunglasses weather but now, not so much. And i'm finding it really hard to get used to always wearing a coat, i keep leaving the house and freezing on the 5 minute walk to lectures! So i guess the point is that today i once again turned to the burgundy cardi because it's good for layering and warmth! I also really liked the contrast of textures between the knit and the lace of the dress, which you can't really see in the photos because the light was fading fast when we took them.
I'm pretty sure shit is about to hit the fan in terms of work, i have 4 practical assessments coming up and lots to do. Plus 4 essays and some extra curricular shizz. In fact right now i should be writing a ten minute monologue not a blog post, but due to not really having great sense with priorities, here i am. I'm trying to say that it may get quiet in terms of posting and posts that do get done will be short and sweet. But then i get xmas holidays and i'll bombard you all :)

Monday, 7 November 2011


Magazines have become a rare treat for me now, thanks to the tight lifestyle that is being a student (i'm sorry Vogue/Elle/etc but i gotta pay for tha booze somehow). However, whilst at home last week my generous papa decided to buy me one. I ended up having nothing short of a gleeful fit in the supermarket magazine aisle when i spotted the autumn 2011 issue of Beautiful, a "plus size" mag that i had never seen there before.

There is an amazing piece with the model Fluvia Lacerda styled by Gabi Gregg, whose blog was one of the first i followed and loved. There's also a couple other features that really stuck out to me (see pictures below).

The quality of the magazine is amazing, the pages are thick and glossy and the design (typography and layout etc) is super impressive. I've never bought it before but it surpassed all my expectations and didn't burn no wallet holes at £3, so all in all, good times.

I seriously suggest buying it if you're lucky enough to lay your hands on one!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thanks Ri-Ri

Despite feeling completely out of touch with most pop culture since going to uni, especially the top 40. I did manage to stumble across and watch Rihanna's new video for We Found Love. Much like Gem It totally re-awakened my love for that This is England, 1980's, skinhead style.



I desperately want a shorter pair of docs to wear like this but my 14 eyelets will do for now. I guess this outfit strays from my usual style a bit but i feel super comfortable so it's pretty irrelevant. My hair and face wouldn't play ball today so i only liked the shots where i wasn't looking into the camera, not trying to be super fashun blogger-y with my photos, i promise!

I can't think of a good way to smoothly transfer to this but i need to let y'all know how much i am loving being back at home and blogging this much, it's bringing me a whole ton of joy : D

Raining in Darling

 This song always reminds me of being happy, and right now i'm exactly that (plus it's raining here so it fits quite nicely).
It's not that a huge amount happened today. All i did was (in exact order); roll out of bed, take a shower, walk to town, had lunch with a bestie, stood in the rain for a bus home, got home, went to Tesco, cooked for me and Dad, drank a couple glasses of red, watched 300 and then sat down to blog.
But for some reason today feels like it was important.
I dunno, maybe it's the wine talking. Or maybe it's just being home and surrounded by things that make me feel good has made me realise my own happiness again. It's probably that.

On to the really important stuff, on this the most wonderful day of days i wore this selection of clothes:

I left this dress at home because i bought it years ago and never wore it, but this suckaa is totally coming back to uni with me! It's amazing, i have no idea why i never wore it, granted i was a lt bigger when i bought it so proably wasn't cmfortable with how tight it would have been but now, ohhh man, i'm going to wear it to death! I love re-discovering stuff!
Rest of the outfit is pretty standard. I brought very few clean clothes back with me so i'm revolving what i wear around the same key things; i'm quite enjoying it though, lessons in capsule wardrbe dressing.
I had to layer up today due to wind and rain and general English weather, but that is not a complaint, i'm just saying!

Hpe this post wasn't to rand0m, with all my happiness blahh at the start and what have you. It's late and i'm tired and i am, if nothing else, a bit bat shit crazy. So please forgive me if it seems like senseless hippy emotional dribble that is irrelevant to an OOTD : )

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


first things first, let me say this:
and this:

now, with the formalities out of the way, i'll get to rounding up my month!

October, much like September has been busy. My course at university really got going in terms of work load and assessments and finding my place in Worcester and in a new group of people took a lot of time too. The last 2 months have been a lot of hard work so it's harder for me to write a super positive review of the month than it was earlier in the year. However, despite the hard work and other difficult shit that has gone down i'm really enjoying myself and seeing a lot of payback for the effort i'm putting in!
For example in my first practical assessment (a physical theatre piece), me and the rest of my group got an A-, i smiled til my face was sore after that! And because i'm completely at peace with making a tit out of myself in the interests of artistic endeavour and being awesome at life, here is a picture of me in character for said assessment, i was a crazy tea lady who was in love with her boss:

So basically; September and especially October have made me remember and value lessons i learnt long ago:
Optimism, Perseverance and Giving 100% to the stuff you love and are passionate for.

Extremely Random Picture Selection, from top to bottom:
1 - Spot the Squirrel
2 - Nacho Night
3 - Nails inspired by the patterns on my new coat (which i'll post on very soon, fingers crossed!)
6 - Bacon Weave
7 - My Massive Mystery Bruise
8 - Worcester in the Sunshine
9 - I Cooked (another) Roast Dinner