Saturday, 31 December 2011


My 12th and final Monthly Roundup. I can't believe it has been a year! It's a tradition i've enjoyed and stuck to with OCD like passion but for 2012 i've decided to maybe do a weekly or bi-weekly thing. To encourage a less spaced put but still regular post and also because the world could end at any second so i need to leave less time between summaries of my life :)

December 2011 mostly consisted of assessments and Christmas for me but the last couple weeks in particular have been lovely! I've either been at home in Exeter or at my Grandparent's house, i've done virtually none of the work i have 10 days to finish and i have been eating pretty much anything in a 2 meter radius of my mouth. I got to see lots of friends too, who i'm sure have felt entirely lost since i went to uni!

A shopping trip with Sammy-Jo: New Uni Friend Extraordinaire.

3 shots of "Uni. Xmas". I cooked a huge meal for my flat before we exchanged pressies and got superbly drunk!

3 Views from Home.

 Christmas Day, when i covered myself in glitter and flowers, got my grandma drunk and danced with her in the kitchen to Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was amazing!

I guess that sums up December pretty well. It's been a good month, slow and stressful start with a mellow middle and sparkly finish (i am covering myself in glitter tonight!).

I do have one unseen OOTD to share with y'all, from Christmas Day when (well within my rights as baby of the family) i basically played dress up:

As previously mentioned i danced around the kitchen with my Grandma in this but i also had a bit of a rum induced rave with my cousin during which i tried desperately to convince her that this outfit made me look like Rhianna...

In a kind of non-direct probably only makes sense to me way, this outfit sums up my style in 2011, i wore whatever i wanted. I did my best to ignore all "rules" and try things i never did before. For example i am now the proud owner of several skin tight black skirts and at least 2 striped jumpers, STFU fashion rules!

2011 was so amazing, i'm not sure i want to try and explain, i'll probably just mess it up.
I'm eternally grateful for this year and i eagerly await the next one!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Colour Blocking


Can y'all tell i was at my grandma's, when i took these, does the brown 70's carpet give it away? :)

Bought this jumper a few weeks back, i stumbled across it looking for a large size in a different jumper. It's not something i;d normally buy, i'd admire it; but never actually get it! As a few people have hastened to tell me: this is not the most flattering of jumpers, but quite frankly, i don't give a flying fuck! I've had equally as many compliments on it and one of the girls on my course at uni even nicknamed it the Andy Warhol Jumper, apparently it reminds her of pop art which i think is pretty darn cool.

I do own other shoes aside from my docs but A: The "these are new i want to wear then all the time" hasn't worn off and B: I took a very limited but practical selection to Grandmother's for xmas!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Blogging Day

Yeah, i am re-naming Boxing Day!

Just thought i'd share a few Christmas pictures, i sparsely documented my day with Instagram which i have become re-addicted to of late, i think it might be the ease of using it when there is a high speed wireless Internet connection (something my Uni, sadly, does not offer!).

I was extremely lucky to get the most amazing set of pressies this year! Everything from a LUSH gift card to beautiful quilted blanket and of course enough edibles to feed me for the rest of winter :)

I hope everyone else had an amazing day or if you're yet to celebrate then i hope it goes well! I ended up drinking a jug of rum, lime and lemonade, covering myself in glitter and flowers and raving it up with my cousin before calming down and watching the Inbetweeners Movie - Genius!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Managed to pursaude Dad to take some photos of me in Grandma's garden whilst we were out having a ciggie. Guess being the only 2 smokers in the family has it's perks! I've tried to relax since arriving here yesterday but i'm itching to get my uni. work done even though i can easily get it done post the xmas carngae! I'm getting impatient for presents tooo, wich doesn't exactly make it easy to switch off  :)


Another easy and cosy winter outfit. I bloody love this cardigan, H&M certainly has it;s moments of pure genius. It's so very colourful that i amost always wear it with all black but i'm living out of a very full suitcase here and my truly black jeans didn't make it although two paris of dark blue did!

We're having roast number one tonight consitsing of gammon (we have 3 every christmas: from xmas eve to boxing day, me and my grandma are cooking machines!) and after that it'll be films in front of the very small telly and then sleep. One More Sleep!!!!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

the shortest day of the year


holiday rulez stipulate i must make an awesum picture on paint!

My Dad, in all his beardy wisdom and glory, is a wiccan, soooo; me and him do the whole Yule thing. We never make a huge fuss and for me a lot of it is an excuse to spend proper time with my Daddy (even more so now i'm no longer living at home). On occasion we go out and we have done the sunrise shindig before but more often than not we exchange one gift each, cook and eat a big fatty meal and then chat or watch telly or play scrabble (all accompanied by wine or port or whatever booze is in the house!).

This year i made what can only be described as an super huge and tasty Italian inspired feast and it was proper lovely. I took a bunch of instagrams throughout the day so prepare to be spammed!

1 - solstice sky
2 - my brekkie
3 - present from dad
4 - roasted courgette and pepper with balsamic vinegar*
5 - prosciutto wrapped chicken stuffed with mozzarella and pesto*
6 - pesto, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella on ciabatta*

*yes i am dope at cooking, and also eating too.

Take Care



So this is the kinda number i feel most comfortable in at the moment. It's easy to put together, easy to wear and super easy to dress up/down. Today i went for the edgy//girly//comfy thing. The weather is still uber mild so i can get away with thin tights and just chucking my leather jacket on top, which is madness considering this time last year i was wearing 4 layers as standard and still turning blue on my walk to work because it was -12C!!!!!
These boots might be the best investment i've made in a long while, i 'aint really taken them off since getting them and i thoroughly recommend that we all own a pair :) I got mine from, who aren't paying me to say that.... they're the most awesomest shop evaaaa. The have great offers, competitive pricing and if you buy shoes from them they send you 20% off codes all the dang time, so if you're a bit of a shoe-a-holic then go to them, or don't, but definitely do.

It's technically Winter Solstice right now but i'll post on that properly tomorrow, or y'know later today :) #latenightbloggingforthewin


Take Care by Drake Feat. Rihanna is by far my favourtie song right now, hence the post title :D

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Friday is the only weekday that i don't have lectures this semester so this week i decided to go a bit nuts and spend the day in Birmingham. Normally i spend it in pajamas!
The Frankfurt Christmas Market is on sooo, on top of all the usual shopping brum has to offer there was Gl├╝hwein and lights and homemade awesome stuff :)

I headed up on the train with a flatmate and we spent the whole day walking around, i introduced her t the wonders of the Selfridges and warm krispy kremes, NOM. We were pretty much frozen solid by the end of the day and my feet were seconds away from falling off but it was worth it. I got so much xmas shopping done!


Where to begin with this outfit. I love it, all of it! And so much is new.
The is the coat i've been meaning to post on forever, it's wool blend and warm and beautiful and it cost the grand total of £10, no one can understand the love i currently have for Primark sales!!! Speaking of Primark, the tights are the super cosy ones they sell, i had to cut the feet open and wear them as leggings because my legs are stupidly long but they didn't disapoint, my legs were toasty all day.
I was wearing a lot of layers and wool so i wanted to soften it up a bit with the chiffon-y Tesco top, i really like how it came out and i know the pictures aren't fantastic but i'm sure y'all can kinda see what i mean, right?!?!

After my day out blowing savings and not doing work it is back to the grind today, hello essays and line learning! On a plus note however i go home to Devon a week today and i will, like last time, be posting tons!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011



That is basically all i really have time to say but in the interests of procrastination i will elaborate!

Honestly, i can't even think of what i've done, all the days/weeks have merged into one and i have been super busy! And now it's Decemeber, and i'm still busy, but i now get the pleasure of the pre-xmas pressure too! Joy To The World.

I haven't even taken any photos.
I Suck!

Hopefully shit will calm down soon!

(lamest monthly round-up post ever, sry guyz)