Saturday, 14 April 2012

And We Went Dancing


As the title suggests i wore this for a night out, on Thursday. I'd bought the shoes that day (i am obsessed with turquoise right now!) and i threw this all together from the few bits of clothing i have that aren't joggers, t-shirts and leggings. If there is one thing i hate about uni life it is the fact that all my stuff is in two places and the clothes i always want to wear are never with me! But i guess i did alright with this one :)
I look so lost in the picture though, i am totally blaming the booze!
Speaking of booze, i don't remember many of the evening's minor details but i do remember at least 3 people makiing Beetlejuice comments RE my shirt, so i was right to name my other post about this item of clothing what i did then!

It's back to uni for me this weekend and straight into a metric butt load of work and deadlines so god knows when I'll be blogging again. It's shitty i know but, well, it's just shitty! I do have lots of stuff i want to write about though so i will try desperately to find the time!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Walking The Dog


He's not my dog, but if the sun is out and the bestie says "Wanna walk John?" i never say no :)

This skirt is one f the bargains i found on Sunday, £5 as far as i'm concerned is pretty dang fine. Plus it has pastel colours in the print so helps me stay bang on trend (not that trends really bother me but i do like the pastels thing).
My hair is doing some cray stuff in these photos, not sure what is going on to be honest but never mind, i only noticed once i got in the car to go the pub so i was wandering around all afternoon looking rather silly! I had such a lovely day though, just sunshine and beautiful places with one awesome person. It is good to be home!

On a random but not so random note, i got these Vans at least 5 years ago and they're starting to fall apart. I know they're super popular now but i was wondering if anyone knew whether the quality is the same? Any long term Vans Fans out there? I just don't want to splash the cash to be disappointed. Answers on postcards :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

New Shirt


I think i fell in love with this top the second it went up on ASOS Curve. It's now in the sale which is a bit lame but i got it with 25% off when they did the crazy big student discount for a couple days so maybe not sooo lame. I might have also bought myself a Clarisonic Mia and a new bag... Maybe :)
I'll probably do a post about the Clarisonic once i have used it for a few weeks because, well because i can and also because my two cents on the matter won't do any harm!

I am back at home for Easter now so hopefully between writing an essay and brainstorming ideas for a performance i can whack out a few OOTD's up against my lovely white bedroom walls <3
I went shopping tday just for the hell of it and picked up a couple of sale bargains that i want to share so yeahhh, look out for posts ASAP!!!