Monday, 31 January 2011

The Future is Orange?

I keep seeing this and thinking i want it but I'm just not sure.
How do you all feel about orange?

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Friday Night & an OOTD

I woke up today in the best mood, i've had a lovely weekend and today was just the icing on the cake.
I'll start at the beginning:

On Friday night me and two of my girls hit the town. It was incredibly messy and fun and amazing.
L to R: Frankie, Me and Hayley, i love these ladies.

As you can see i bought the ASOS Curve play suit, it's amazing and i wanted to save it for the plus blogger meet but i decided to use friday as a test night to see if it was comfy, it is, so expect to see more of it!
In a semi-drunken moment whilst Frankie was sorting out music me and Hay decided she should be on the blog. These are the results of that decision:

She's awesome, shout out to her i know she's reading : )

It really was a great night and it was so good to see these girls, all i could think of on Saturday was this song. . Our time together is pretty precious, come September we'll all be in different parts of the country studying so nights out like this will be a rarity, Exeter will be a quiet place with us all gone : )

Anyways, after recovering all day Saturday three other friends came over for dinner. I cooked a mean Macaroni and Cheese, we watched Anchorman which is stupidly funny and quotable. No pictures but a promise a good time was had!
After they left i took myself off to bed and woke up this morning to a beautiful day!

It was all clear skies and sunshine, lovely and just what the doctor ordered after months of grey days!

I cooked myself a really good breakfast of poached eggs & english muffins with a big cup of Earl Grey Tea then got dressed and finally we get to my OOTD (which for the record is picture heavy!)


Gotta love how i'm keeping it real in bed socks right?
The only mentionable thing here is the trousers really (well and the lovely ring that a friend bought me because, and i quote; "you like birds and flowers and shit" : D)
Bought them a while ago with these. I'd read that they ran a bit big and i totally agree, ASOS Curve trouser fitting is all over the place. I know i'm a strange shape but a lot of other bloggers say the same.
Negativity aside, they are super comfy and i have nothing bad to say (although a good few of my friends have nicknamed them the old lady trousers!)
For some reason though, wearing them reminded me of this:

So i started singing it and dancing and left my camera going on self timer, seriously the next two pictures are frigging hilarious.

I love my life ♥

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dress Me Up

ASOS Curve is hitting it out of the park day after day at the moment. Their dresses are pushing all the right buttons and i'd like to own at least these 4 before we hit summer 2011*:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I'm also currently dribbling over these items as well:

I'm a winter lover but i am more than ready for some lovely sunshine now. I have a huge collection of warm day outfits crammed into my head and very little patience. I also seem to be having some kind of love affair with colour at the moment which bodes well for the sunny days. I normally find myself in despair when something i love doesn't come in black but as you can see, my recent choices in items have bucked that trend.

Bring on the sunshine!

*ASOS Curve, i mention you in a very favourable light quite often and i was just wondering if you'd send me these for free? Thanks : )

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

OOTD: Cinderella

Last Saturday was the final performance of the Cinderella, the pantomime i was in this year.
I played Grizelda, Cinders' evil stepmother.
I had an amazing time and I'm gonna share a few photos : )



1: My lovely Drag Queen Daughter, Bimbo. And her sister Belle in the background.
2: Me and Steve, the guy who played my husband!
3: Buttons and Cinderella! AKA Dave and Kate, two lovely people!
4: Our two Horses who looked amazing with their fairy lights and horse hats.

I have about a million more pictures, especially from our last performance. But i won't bore you with them.

Anyway, on to the main point of the post.
Sunday night was the After show Party, it was a week later than normal but whatever, a party is a party!
I got quite dolled up, people at panto are used to seeing me in stage makeup with crazy bad hair from having to backcomb the hell out of it every night and i was on a bit of a mission to prove i could be presentable.


I have maayyjjahhh love for this dress, it was half price, fits amazingly well and is gorgeous. So happy i bought it! There's not much more to say on the outfit really.
I will however, very quickly mention that this colour is the worst one to wear when you have a habit of spilling wine down your front, it leads to people saying you have "Nipple Dribble" when you've just splashed a bit of rosé on your boob. You know who you are, person who shouted that across the pub : )

I re-cut my fringe in, which means it is a bit uneven but whatever. I was very bored and inspired by the hoards of hipster bloggers who have full and shiny fringes, i needed to try the whole thing again after a disastrous attempt in the summer when for some reason i just could not get along with my (hairdresser cut!!) fringe.

It's been so long since i did an OOTD the whole thing is feeling a bit strange.
Think i just need to get into the swing of things!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rescued Flowers

Rescued from the Supermarket Skips, a far too tragic end for things so beautiful.

I bought these from the reduced goods section. £2 for the Roses (Reduced from £8) and 20p for the Tulips (Reduced from £2).
I doubt anyone else would have had them due to their imperfections. But i'm no perfect flower myself so i gave them a home.
Plus i'm a suckkaa for pretty flowers, especially those of the real variety.

I think flower arranging should always be accompanied by Budweiser and Cigarettes.

Bust My Buttons: Boys (again)

My dear friend Zeke has a great sense of personal style. He might not be rockin accessories fresh off the runway but he knows what he likes and what looks good.

He rolled up at my house wearing this gem of a t-shirt and i felt it must be documented.

Badass Right?
And the best thing about it: Primark, £7.
I'd have never have guessed

Check the acid wash jeans as well. Boy's got fashun credz.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bust My Buttons: Boys

Let's here it for 'em. And all their penis-y goodness : )

There is something quite lovely about a well dressed man, but i think i speak for a lot of women when i say it's a tough balancing act for fellas. If you're slobby, ew. If you're too much of a pretty boy, ew.
I likes them well dressed but still a bit rough around the edges.



Quinto, Bloom, Efron, Franco. Good Work.
Quinto, Bloom, Efron, Franco. Goooooooooooooood Work!
Jack Black and Seth Rogen; you guys clean up really well, i like it when you switch from the tees and jeans thing, it's nice.
Dallas Green; because i love a man in plaid.
J Timberlake and D Beckham you guys get props. And so do you Robert Pattinson (but if the stench rumours are true, you are soo not having a slice of my pie, you're probably too busy eating Kristen Stewart's anyways; if those rumours are true!)
Jay Z, well done to you sir. Kanye West, same.

Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, you've been slammed in the past for your beardy hobo lookin ways but i remain in firm support of your personal styles.

Keith Richards, coked out god of pirate fashion.
Hendrix, HENDRIX!

These are just a few, I'll stop now before this turns into a "50 best dressed" list. As if i haven't objectified men enough this evening!
This is quite a lengthy post i've done on something that doesn't really rank hugely highly in my list of things i first look at when eyeing up the opposite sex, i've done it because i was inspired to and because it's great to see anyone with good personal style, male or female.
Not because i turn away any man who "hasn't made an effort"

Any favourite man things when it come to their style ladies?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Five Favourites and Lessons Learned


1. Quesadillas.
The best way to get a shitload of vegetables on my plate without it being boring! I'm on a proper healthy food kick right now, i went a bit nuts over crimbo and panto with booze and chocolate (but still lost 10 lbs?!?!?) My energy levels aint so fly and my skin isn't loving me either so hopefully sorting my food and getting back into a good exercise routine will help!

2. Performing.
Nothing new here really. What it comes down to is the fact that i'm an attention seeking show off, i want everyone to laugh at my joke, cry at my speech, listen to my story! The reason i'm listing it as a favourite this week is because i've just finished panto which was the longest and most tiring run of shows i have ever done but the thing i'm missing the most right now!

3. YouTube.
I think it's a given that anyone who spends as much time on the Internet as me loves YouTube (either that or has a serious online porn addiction) but seriously this website has really become an invaluable resource for me, make-up tutorials, news videos, vocal warm-ups, yoga training vids. Whenever i get stuck about how to do something the first place i look for help is YouTube. A-MAZE-ING!

4. Sleep.
You think you know what tired is, then you do 16 performances of Cinderella, celebrate Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Years, continue on with your normal job, try to socialise and stay up late applying to uni all in a just under three week sized window. After that your so tired that you can't sleep and you feel like your limbs may fall off at any second, you'd walk over hot broken glass to get a good night's rest and you get sent home from work because you can't stop yawning.

5. My Friends.
I am a truly blessed lady when it comes to the people i have in my life. I may have had a terrible relationship with my mother, but i honestly believe my compensation has come in the form of amazing friends. I have been completely taken by surprise by some of them this last week in the best way possible. I may not have a whole ton of people but i have a handful who i  know i can count on and that my dears, is a wonderful feeling!

Lessons Learned:

1. Root Canal SUCKS! I didn't have a dentist for like, 8 years! And never once in that 8 years did i get toothache. Since having a dentist, pretty much all my teeth have been filled, i've paid god knows how much for massive amounts of pain and now i've had toothache for 3 long days whilst the nerves in my tooth are supposedly killed off. For all the good things in my life i am very grateful, but damn it i'm gonna moan about this because anything that means i can't chew caramels is lame.

2. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk is awesome! Just wrapped on the reading of this book. It is the bomb, i kid you not. If you like the film please read the book, please! I nearly started reading it again the day after i read the last page. Partly because i desperately need new things to read and partly because i loved it that much.

3. Sometimes it is okay to buy a box of chocolates for yourself. It really is. The ones i got were stupidly reduced in a "shit, we ordered to much for Christmas and now we can't shift it" sale and i am forcing myself to make them last in an effort to A: curb my chocolate eating and B: re-learn what eating nice chocolate is actually like (as opposed to just shovelling it in because it's there and grandma might eat them all if i don't).

4. It was good that i didn't blog for a while. I spent a long time feeling hugely guilty that i hadn't managed a post a day or even every couple of days but in all honesty i am so glad i just left it silent for a while. It means i now have a whole ton of inspiration and enough time to get it out in a semi-eloquent way. I would have hated to have read late December/early January's posts back in a few months and have just seen posts for the sake of posts.

5. It's not really a lesson learned so much as a skill or ongoing set of skills. But basically after the longest time of just putting it on auto and pointing and clicking i am now teaching myself how to properly use my camera and also how to do different techniques with it. My photography knowledge is okay, i did half a year of the subject for AS Level (i had to drop due to it being wayyyy too expensive) but i have lots of friends who take amazing pictures and i am a pretty quick learner so the only way is up!

As always i want to read your Favourites and Lessons Learned so make sure you post a comment or link me to a blog post!
: )

Friday, 7 January 2011

Just Keep Holding On

I'm sure none of you have died because of my blogging silence. So this is more a message to myself. But just keep holiding on until next week and i will be back.

My other lover (panto) takes up most of my time, i then have work as well and the tiny empty sections of time i have are spent trying to keep up to date with reading blogs, sleeping, eating, washing, going to the dentist, trying to see people and sleeping some more.

I will return, tiumphantly, on Monday.