Monday, 28 February 2011

Pay Day

I literally just placed my order for this lot. It's all from New Look : )

I'm particularly excited about the one on the far right. It totally reminds me of the Alexander McQueen leggings in this post and as long as it fits i'll be layering it over some brightly coloured tank tops in the summer!
Truth be told this is a bit of a risky splurge. As much as i love these items i don't own many bottoms to pair with tees. I've very much become a dress girl.
Perhaps this will encourage me to do the whole separates thing more often, or perhaps I'll end up returning these.
We shall see : )

Friday, 25 February 2011

OOTD: Maxi

I forgot out planet revolved around a sun until yesterday, when for a brief few hours it decided to shine.
This seemed like the perfect excuse to take some photos of what i was wearing so here they are!


So it was sunny but i had nowhere to go, hence the trés grungy plaid shirt over maxi dress posing in neglected back garden look.
I don't know if i mentioned it on here, but i got my hair did. Well, i dyed it myself with two packets of bleach in the bathroom, i got bored and this is the outcome.

Every single bit of this outfit was a bargain, the dress was bought on sale for under £20, the shirt is from the men's section in Tesco and was £14 and the sunnies were £1. Can't go wrong.
I spent a lot of time in this dress last summer because it's such a cool fabric (as in not too hot) and it's really easy to wear.
Downside is; the dress is a tad see through : /
The shirt is 2 sizes too big for me and softer than a baby sheep, that's all there is to it. It's amazing.

I'm now off to Bristol for the weekend for a friend's birthday. Binge drinking and dancing is in order, i can't wait.
I've got lots of things i want to post about next week and i hoping i can do one a day, lovely : )

Have a beautiful weekend lovelies ♥

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Celebration 101

I have been meaning to say "Ohhh Haaiii" to all the new followers i've accumulated of late but i kept forgetting.

It seems fitting to do it now i've hit 101 because it means i can post this and have it look semi related to the topic:

I appreciate all of you guys reading but i'm not hearing nearly enough noise from y'all : )
Obviously you don't have to do this but i think it's be awesome if you just post a comment saying hey and maybe one silly little fact about you (or a whole ton of facts, either way i'm game) and i'll make sure i reply to every single one!

Never ever never ever did i think i'd have 100+ followers, i'm really humbled and grateful and happy to be reaching that many people. I make a thing of saying that the number of followers i have doesn't change my blog, i do it mostly for myself anyways and the other reason i started was because i thought if one person read it and felt more comfortable in themselves for doing so then i'd done my bit, but here i am with 101 people reading and that my lovelies, is a marvellous feeling!

Once again i'd like to say Thank You Thank You Thank You and send out a whole ton of virtual hugz and lovez.
You're all beautiful.x♥

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Colouring In

I've become pretty obsessed with colour and I'd really like summer to roll around so i can get some brights into my wardrobe without feeling too silly.
Here's some visuals, all ripped from Elle Magazine!

Friday, 18 February 2011

I Must...

...Make My Excuses and not Properly Blog until Monday.

I haven't had a weekend that was entirely free for months and so today i made the important, self preserving decision to spend the weekend doing only the things i wanted to do that i hadn't done in a long time due to not having the space in my schedule.
That's not to say i don't want to blog, it's just that i have been pretty consistent at keeping it updated so one weekend with zero postage isn't a biggie.

Basically i'm going to spend the next two days not wearing make-up and probably not wearing proper clothes.
I'm going to enjoy some good wine and cook some good food.
I'm going to smother my face in an assortment of all natural home made face masks.
I'm going to sleep, without setting alarms.
I'm going to watch films and read books and not partake in too much facebook.
I'm going to bake, and i mean BAKE. I'm talking bread, cakes, biscuits, rolls, buns. The Whole Shebang (and i'm going to send my dad out to buy the ingredients!)
and finally I, Morgaine Elizabeth Wilkinson, am going to paint for the first time in way, waayyy too long!

Sometimes it's okay to be selfish & it turns out hella better for everyone if you are.x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

General Update

I have been quite busy of late, in a very lovely way.
I've had a proper social life which has been amazing and made me feel well popular! It's quite silly that i have so many good friends locally who i never seem to see but we have all  started to make a real effort to spend quality time with each other, last week alone i had home cooked dinner with one friend, a baking night with four other ladies and a quick visit to one of my girlies (that turned into 8 hours of talking and Wii playing plus a yummy pork chop dinner).
Add to that the extra work hours i took to save major $$ for the Devonshire Girl in Seattle trip and you're left with a very busy bee indeed.

In other news;
I got an iPhone on Saturday, my contract was ready for upgrade and it turned out to be the best option. It's just a 3Gs as they're still asking crazy money for iPhone 4's but seriously, i have become Apple's bitch in a matter of days! It's just so handy and useful and cool! It has so far lead to me getting a Tumblr, Skype and a shitload of apps and in all honesty i don't think i'm halfway done.
One app i got straight away was the one, i love how i can just spend my lunch hour flicking through all the latest fashion week stuffs picking out my favourites, i shared a buttload on tumblr but here's a couple i haven't posted:
Both from Christian Siriano Fall 2011 RTW, images from

More on Tumblr, i never really understood it before, i figured it was to Blogger what Twitter is to Facebook, but i didn't see the appeal. But now i think it was hand crafted for me.
I am a really visual person, i take photos and i see photos and colours and drawings and paintings all the time that i just love and want to shout about and i'm the same with songs and music videos and films and poems and quotes.
I generally just get quite fixated on small things, sometimes i save them up and do an inspiration bit on here but a lot of the time i just leave it and enjoy it alone, however i get no release from that so now i have a Tumblr i feel kinda satisfied.
It sounds stupid, i know. But i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles.
Here's the address for it if you fancy a peek:

I've got a couple posts lined up. Some stuff on trends i'm laarrrrrvvveee-ing right now. Something with a bit of a summery vibe (rain is pissing me off yo) and hopefully some ootd's.
However i do have a long trip ahead of me tomorrow to an audition for a university and i won't be back until Thursday night so next post will probably be Saturday.
I promise i still got love for blogger and i'll be back on track before you know it.
Love to Y'all ♥

Sunday, 13 February 2011

++ LDN (part four)

Fourth and final part of my adventure, say hello to my journey home!

++ LDN (part three)

Okay, this is likely to be the most unorganised post about Plus London just because i completely forgot to write things down so it's all gonna come back to me in little chunks!
I carry a note book everywhere so i can write this shit down, i feel a proper fool.

So first of all, i am really grateful to those who sponsored the event because it's amazing to know there is support for the plus sized community out there and also because i got to bring home a stack of free stuff which is without a doubt always nice : )

There were some collection previews and I saw stuff from

I've looked at their website a handful of times and was impressed with what i saw but now i've seen the clothes for realz and not just on the internets i am sure i will buy from them. They have a really good mix of garments at reasonable prices and from what i could tell inspecting their samples everything is great quality.
Both me and Theresa loved this shirt:
Detail Shot
I also loved the colours on this, which i think was a dress/top/tunic but it was a week ago so don't hold me to that!
The Carmakoma rep who was there was also lovely, and beautiful (it kills me to say this but i have no idea what her name is!) she wandered about taking photos and asking for people's blog names and just generally being awesome so yeah, props for that, very good job. Carmakoma Blog Link.

H&M Inclusive:
Only 3 pieces from this line there and i didn't take any photos but i do remember being impressed by the focus on detail. There was a white cardigan that got a lot of love from people which had sequins/beading on the front and there was a green dress that had ruffle sorta things that were really well constructed.

Never bought anything from them but have read plenty of good reviews, their stuff generally doesn't appeal to me and i find the website a bit messy so i very rarely even look. However i do remember seeing some amazing promo shots a while back that were styled to perfection and the few items they previewed were nice enough.

Oooohh Torrid. I just feel like 80% of the stuff looks like cheap market fodder. That is very much a personal opinion and i have seen some good stuff on many bloggers but a pink netting and black jersey bustier thing? Not my cup of tea at all. And i haven't heard amazing things about quality either. I'm going to the states in April and plan to check some stuff out in person and maybe then i can do a better review.

ASOS Curve:
Y'all know my love for this brand and the things they previewed just cemented that love. I'll let the pictures talk.
My Favourite!
T's Favourite, I told her she looked like a sexy Inspector Gadget

Anna Scholz:
Okay, i am not a fan of this brand. I can easily see why people are and i think it does what it does amazingly well, however most of the stuff just is not for me. That point aside the reps for Anna Scholz were amazing, helpful and friendly, the amount of clothes they had there was insane and i left with a good handful of leaflets and a cd of high res pictures so i am very impressed. The company is clearly built on having a good relationship with it's customers and i think that is awesome.
I did really love one print they had though because it reminded me on Matthew Williamson's Fall 2008 Digital Flower Print which is one of my favourite prints ever!

So there is my little round up of things, i have probably left some maayyjahhh thing out and if i have i'm sorry, but i'm only human : )

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

++ LDN (part two)

This post covers the day it's self, everything that went on etc. etc.

I planned on getting off the train and walking to Evans for the meeting up but due to my delay, i got the tube (£6-ish for a day ticket seemed like quite a smack in the face but i did use it a whole lot!)
I was totally hit by a wave of nerves upon seeing the shop and a tiny part of me thought, fuck it, just go shopping in London alone for the day, i am so glad i did not listen!
I could be here for hours going into details about meeting all the bloggers so i'm going to genuinely say right now that everyone was lovely.
I didn't chat to tons of people but i made sure to smile at every single person i saw so i didn't look like a right mardy cow!

During the day we all just hit up various shops and tings. I broke off with Theresa, which sounds like a cop out because i've known her forever, but we only see each other like 3 times a year, so i had to take advantage! I spent practically all of my money getting to London (i had to buy a railcard because i have a few other train journeys coming up) so i only spent £19 on two pairs of sunnies from Primark and a Mac Liquidlast that i was gonna buy online anyways, so yeah i don't really have an awesome purchases post lined up, but i do have pictures:

Woaahhh, a whole two pictures! I know it sucks but i got wrapped up in everything and forgot i owned a camera.
Lucky for you by the evening I'd adjusted enough to function properly as a picture taking machine!

 East Dulwich Thugz Fo Life
 How Come Every Time You Come Around My London London Bridge...
Nice, But Boring....
....So We Decided To Be Jessie J
 Theresa's Killa Shoes
I Saw The Word Seattle And Freaked With Excitement (54 days!!!!!!!)
Katie's Super Cute Pin
Getting Scene With Her Freebies
Carla and Stephanie
Pretend To Talk And Laugh, Act Natural
I Can't Remember Your Name, Girl With A Camera!!!!
 ASOS Cape, She Is Buying It

It was a really amazing evening and i spent my time either laughing, talking, eating, drinking or looking at clothes and those are like 5 of my top 10 favourite things to do so yeah; good times!

I'm going to do two more posts on the meet. Not just to make the material last longer but also because it seemed logical to do it this way : )
The next one will detail my thoughts on the sponsors and previews of the event!

Monday, 7 February 2011

++ LDN (part one)

I took a fair few pictchaars so I'm gonna let them do most of the talking.

Part One covers my journey to London which was for the most part uneventful but i took some good photos so here they are.

 I Thought I'd Sat In First Class By Accident, But No, They Have TV on Trains Now.
 You Know You Got An Early Train To London When You Clean Yo Face On It.
The Train Driver Claimed To Know Nothing, Guess You Don't Wanna Shout This Over A Tannoy
 Taking Covert Photographs Of Posh Men's Tweed Is A Well Known Talent Of Mine

Sample of my Soundtrack

 I'll cover the meaty stuff in posts two and three. Sorry if some of you think my journey is un blog worthy, but sometimes i like to document the boring :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

OOTD: Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one of my favourite books and a constant source of inspiration (i never want to grow up!) so therefore i consider it about damn time i jumped on the trend that is Peter Pan Collars.
And here i am, donning one:



I also had earrings from Dorothy Perkins and a ring from Evans on but you can't really see them and i forgot to take close ups, soz!

I had my reservations about buying this dress, i desperately wanted the black and white but had no money, then it sold out. I decided it was okay cos i thought it wasn't quite the right Peter Pan for me (i wanted a bigger collar) but then Stephanie posted herself in it and i decided i needed it, i didn't mind having to get camel, i've been wanting something in this colour for ages!
I really like it, but i do feel like it makes me shoulders look even broader and head look smaller, i dunno. It could be because i was having an off day with my appearance, like my hair wouldn't do what i wanted and felt really blerrgghh (hence the pissing about in the last photo).

This whole outfit reminded me of Sally from Louder than Silence. Pretty rad blog so do have a click yes!

It's only a day until PLUS LONDON now. I am beyond excited to the point that i kept thinking it was Friday today, talk about disappointment, thinking it was and then realising it wasn't 4 times!
I have to be out of bed by 05:30AM at the latest so i am hoping wishing and preying that i can get to sleep early tomorrow night otherwise i'll never make it around London all day, and night!
Any tips that do not involve alcohol or drugs would be appreciated (someone mentioned that they could get me mild sedatives earlier, i was this close to doing it, this is how desperate i am to not be tired people!).

Been listening to this today, a whole lot:

Probably no post until sunday/monday now. Unless i find the time tomorrow, but i'm not sure how that'll happen.
: )