Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Beauty Post: Good Things

So me and my skin have a love //  hate relationship. I love it because it y'know, encases all of my muscles, bones and organs and i hate it because it seems intent on being an ass.
"An ass you say?" Let me explain.
Actually, I'll skip the BORING details and just say i have quite sensitive combination skin that doesn't like 90% of what i put on it.
Good Things however, is in the 10% that Mz Face can deal with.

I love these three products, a whole lot. My favourite probably being the moisturiser. So I'll start with that.
 I wouldn't say it makes me skin shine free but in general it's just a lovely moisturiser (and i have never had a mattifying product that worked on me for more than an hour, ever, so i'm not dissapointed on that front really.). Once I've rubbed it in and left it for a couple, my skin is soft and makeup glides on. It smells lush and yeah, i just like it a lot!

Second favez is the scrub which also smells good, but very very sweet, and works really well with my Clarisonic.
 It's so gentle but cleans really well and leaves my face soft but not dried out. A little goes a long way with the Clarisonic but using it "manually" might take a bit more product.

Last but not least is my latest Good Things purchase. The Deep Pore Cleanser.
 It says it's anti-blemish but I can't comment on that because A] I haven't been using it long enough and B] I'm fairly lucky in that i don't break out often at all. What i can say however is that a really small amount of this removes crap of my face and tones at the same time so it's perfect for the lazy times :) Oh and like the other two it smells lovely!

The price of these ranges from £4.99 to £7.99 which isn't super cheap but doesn't totally burn a hole in my wallet either, and they last hella long so i'm cool with it :) If you've got sensitive skin and like me you prefer more natural products then i can't recommend this brand enough, everything is paraben, sulfate and mineral oil free and on top of that it's suitable for vegans and veggies too.

Good Things, why yes they are.

(ahaha, my dad would make that closing statement, kill me, kill me now.)

Friday, 13 July 2012



I lost my shit when i saw these leggings in Primark. How long have i wanted galaxy/nebula print stuff? ONLY, LIKE, FOREVER! FOREVER!
Just look at them:

Sometimes, just sometimes, the answer to my happiness is in Primark.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I'm a Bore, Mostly


So, this is pretty standard hoody/tee/jeans combo. I'm wearing it a lot of late, to the point i might have to implement a Mean Girls Fashion Rule, y'know jeans once a week kinda thing.
This hoody is my absolute favourite thing ever and i want all the other colours and it's actually Primark Men's because all good hoodies come from the section made for dudes. But hell, if 14 year old emo boyz can buy women's jeans then damn it i can buy a hoody that is supposedly somehow different because it;s made for a bloke...

The next couple of pictures are me attempting to show you mt Barry M Mint Green Nails and the shoes i would wear if i was leaving the house.
I am such a dufus. I <3 it.


Monday, 9 July 2012


Right now seems to be one of those rare periods of time where i can actually find shoes i like in my size (that i don't have to sell my organs to afford). Because, y'know, i'm not a fan of kitten heels and comfort fit so wide size 9's that don't make me dry heave are about as easy to come across as a needle in a haystack.

SHOES:NEW LOOK -  £17.99 (-10% student discount)

For some (probably shitty and probably 100% my fault) reason i can't embed the video i wanted to so y'all had better CLICK THIS OBNOXIOUSLY LARGE TEXT TO SEE IT!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Beauty Post: Neon

This is kind of a mini post because there's not much detail but I just thought i'd share my current love for neon make-up and nail varnish :)

This is my face & nails as of 10AM this morning.
It's all Barry M, only because that is mostly what I own, it wasn't a conscious effort!
The colours are as follows:
Nails: Acid Yellow (there's a big number (300) and a small number (211) on the bottle in case that matters)
Lips: Liner in number 12 (dunno if they still make this, it's kinda old now) and Lipstick in 145 which is called Punky Pink (as far as i remember, the writing has rubbed off :/)

I have loved this lippy for ages, it was the first colour i bought that wasn't red & although the liner is a lot brighter than the lipstick with a bit of crafty blending it looks awesome :)
The nail varnish looks rubbish here compared to real life, i think it comes out more yellow than it really is in photos. I will say this though, i do a base coat of the Barry M Foil Effects Silver under this because it is not as opaque as it should be and purely by accident i discovered that the silver brought out the neon-ness the most.

I've spent a bucket load on neon nail varnish recently but I don't ever pay more than £5 per pot so i opted for this instead of the American Apparel neons which seem to be raved about everywhere i go. And yeah it was a bummer that it didn't come out perfect but hey ho, that's life. Even the Models Own Neon Blue i got was pretty dissapointing (especially compared to the red and orange which are awesome!).

I don't see my addiction ending any time soon, in fact i want some of that neon UV matte lippy, anyone know where i can score??

What do y'all make of the neon make-up? Or just neon in general? Yay or Nay?
I think we all know my opinion, but don't be scared to disagree :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Certain Romance


Well this is my "It's Sunday & I can't be fucked." Outfit. Not bad for the stuff that was literally closest/easiest to put on :)
After a long time really hating shorts, diy-ing all my old jeans into cut offs has made me fall pretty hard for them,  if only we had some sunny weather for me to feel like they were appropriate (LOL, i am never appropriate!) but seriously though, it's July now, we've had about 3-4 weeks of nice weather in this whole year, i dunno, it'd be nice to have some more, kthx.

These trainers are my ultimate super awesome bargain trainers. Sometimes i get a bit pissed that i have large feet because i never really like the colours they make in my size but at £25 in the sale down from like £80, i freaked out when i saw these and made a lot of my male friends prettttyyyy jealous by snaggin' the last pair, sorry boys!

seriously, i might even try and find a reason to leave the house today (smoking in the garden doesn't count!) i'm diggin this whole get up. It's amazing what a pair of earrings and some nice shoes can do to bed hair and a tee i grabbed of the floor (no shame)

Speaking of no shame, here's some outtakes:
1: Balance Issues
2: Out of focus face