Friday, 30 July 2010

Taking Advantage

I got me an email saying ASOS had a nice little free next day delivery offer on. Which i felt obliged to take advantage of. So now, on top of the fact i get a lie in & i don't have to work I'm now getting a delivery tomorrow.

I went with this dress:
Which is featured in THIS post.

I also got a pair of plain black leggings as i love the jersey ASOS Curve use and £5 is a damn fine bargain.
In all honesty i wanted to spend a whole lot more ££ however in an exciting turn of events i have just paid for a months worth of accommodation in Seattle next April. It's a trip I've been planning for ages and something I've been saving for/am still saving for. And as lovely as new clothes are, one month in the US of A is for sure going to exceed any combination of dresses/tops/shoes/etc.
Well it better had anyways, the money i'm spending on it : D

So i will be posting and OOTD tomorrow as I'm off into town, i am going alone which isn't uncommon but gets boring (i am one of the only people out of my friends who doesn't work weekends) but I'm going to my two favourite vintage places and oxfam so i may come back with something pretty.

I'm off now, for an evening of cake, beer and DVDs. Amazing, i know!

Peace Out Lovelies.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

I saw this, screamed...

and decided the best way to express my lust was through a post.


I really can't afford this but it's so amazing that just looking at it makes me happy. For now at least.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Okay so when it comes to clothes/bags/shoes/etc and deciding what i want need i get inspiration from a ton of different places.
Sometimes it's stuff i already own, or a picture in a magazine or on a web page. A lot of the time it is blogs run by you lovely people out there and people on the street.
Other sources of inspiration include famous people, films, books and TV and things like Pirates or a certain historical period or theatre costumes or cultural style.
I told you, a ton of places, the list goes on and on.

Really this post is mostly a jumble of pictures of stuff I'll buy, pretty things and expensive things but personally this is an important process for me, i work out what i love and how I'm going to work things into my current wardrobe and mash trends into my personal style.

I know the ripping up magazines and mood boarding method is quite common but what i wonder is if anyone has other methods?

I don't religiously do this but it certainly helps me be more realistic about what i can afford and fit into my existing collection, especially when there are a lot of amazing things like there are this A/W.

This week is super quiet for me hence the lack of OOTD posts. I know i look forward to those posts quite a bit on blogs i follow so i hope this stuff I'm writing is quality, I'm pretty happy with, and proud of how much it makes sense considering the mess it is in my head : D

Peace & Love.

OOTD: Mesh Leggings On The Roof

Photo credit goes to this guy:
His name is Zeke and i know he aint plus size, but the boy has style and he surely makes my evenings and outfit posts more interesting.

Now for the self portrait and better for showing what i had on picture (taken by me with help from my tripod)

I bought these leggings a couple weeks back and aside from trying them on i haven't worn them but; ohh man they are comfy. I wanted them so much when i first saw them (being a serial leggings wear and wanting to own some that were slightly different to plain black or grey) but was unsure about the placement of the mesh so held out until they went into the sale and to be perfectly honest, even if i had of paid full price they'd have been worth it. But i didn't pay full price so I'm 50 million times happier!
The other thing i wish to rave about is this shirt. It was £16 in tesco, it has amazing stud detail on the shoulders, the length is great, it's comfy and it sure as hell makes the DP plain black skater dress more interesting!

I know a lot of ladies bought these leggings. Did y'all like them? Or have you discovered some other interesting pairs? Because I'd love to expand my collection!

Peace & Love.

Monday, 26 July 2010

It Kills Me...

...when i have an item of clothing in mind.
The item of clothing.
The garment to end all outfit panics.

And i can't find it anywhere. Never mind in the right size.

Damn it.

I'm calling my seamstress.
Yeah Right.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Accessories Sunday No. 3

So what I've decided to do this week is show some of my favourite pieces of jewellery. They are all sterling silver and/or semi precious stones.
I don't completely ignore high street jewellery and i do own a few things but i do pretty much live in silver.
All of my stud earrings are silver and the majority of my rings and necklaces are.
I think sterling silver is an affordable luxury. It's not hugely expensive, it's beautiful and it's a pleasure to know that your necklace won't turn green or leave a massive mark on your skin.
Plus silver jewellery goes with almost everything so it's a faithful ally.

I bought this ring in Glastonbury when me and dad went Christmas//Solstice shopping there. Some of the best silver shops ever are in that town!

This pendant was a present from my friend, she had been given it but said it didn't suit her so passed it on to me. I can't remember what stone it is but the colour is beautiful.

I bought this because of the shell in it, i loved that big black line running right across, it gets worn a lot!

This is the necklace i wear the most. I clipped two chains together to make it longer. The W stands for Wilkinson, my last name, it reminds me of my family whenever i look at it. The ring is Indian silver and i loved the detail on it but it's tiny so i wear it on this necklace. The box was something i picked up in a tiny little shop in Exeter and i dunno, i just thought it was cute and a slightly different piece of peace symbol jewellery.

This pendant was my grandmother's. I wrote about it in this outfit post.

My dad bought me this pendant. It's green amethyst and it means a lot to me. I don't wear it a huge amount but it's still a favourite.

A couple of things I'd like to get are a turquoise and silver ring, a long silver chain and two charms: an acorn and a thimble.
The acorn and thimble thing is a reference to Peter Pan which is one of my favourite books.

A lot of the jewellery i own is very personal and special to me, i think i choose things that reflect my personality like i do with clothes.
I adore vintage, especially brooches. And i love charms, silver charms, I'm like a magpie for them.
I love big statement stuff for dressing up. It makes me feel like a pirate who's raided the treasure : )
But i do wear smaller things when I'm feeling like a more casual pirate!

I very rarely wear gold. Number one i think cheap gold jewellery is the worst for going green and number two i just don't like gold. If the outfit calls for it i have some stuff i might wear but normally it's silver or nothing.
Do you guys prefer silver or gold? Or are you a lover of both?

The other thing i wanted to cover quickly was size. Being a large person, i have large fingers and so have to have a lot of the rings i buy sized up to fit. I find that clothes store jewellery lines run quite small size wise, especially rings and bracelets. Does anyone else have issues finding stuff that fits?

Until next time.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

OOTD: Saturday Night

Tonight is long overdue.
I'm hitting the town HARD with two of my best girlfriends.

I had quite the outfit dilemma and nothing in my wardrobe was right. (Which in my mind is perfect proof that i must keep buying things!) But i did manage to settle on this:

okay so the picture quality is hideous, terrible and awful all mashed up into one big jar of shit.

This is the picture i added the next day (slightly drunk here people):

It shows the detail on my tops better.

I've owned all of this stuff forever but haven't worn it out before, i was a bit hesitant as I'm not normally a long top and leggings kinda girl but screw it, i feel nice in this outfit.

The jacket was a seriously cool find for Primark, maybe the fact it was the central Manchester branch made a difference but this would have never been in the Exeter store. It has zip edges down the front which just adds a bit of edge to what would otherwise be a very boring peachy/pink jersey jacket.

Time to drink : D
Love the sinner, hate the sin!

Peace Out and have a beautiful Saturday people!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Vogue August

Just some scanned in pictures and personal opinions.

First up, i love the idea that fashion is inspired by not only the eccentricity of people and life and art but also the reality and practicality of it. And i felt like these pictures summed that up quite well. It is pretty strange to read about comfortable simple fashion then to see a model wearing those shoes on the next page.

That is a beautiful thing to say Ralph Lauren but timeless beauty is not this:
You know I'm right.

To end on a high not these are things i loved.
(apologies for the fact this is 3 scanned in pics merged together)

Love how curvy and REAL this model looks. I know it's the fabric but Louis Vuitton's A/W collection, as Marc Jacobs himself said, was all about celebrating the woman and i feel like the cuts and silhouettes did that even if the models were still typically petite.

Shoes by Alexander McQueen. I'll leave it at that.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Evans A//W

Dear Fashion Goddess,
I know you exist and I know you will send me a sign (in the form of CASH or CHEQUE) that I need these items:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

OOTD: Shoulder Detail

So I've been to the cinema once today with my friend and fellow blogger Lauren and now I'm at home.
But I'm off out again later to see Toy Story 3.
Seriously, i can't wait.
I'm half tempted to take my Woody, Buzz and Slinky Dog with me. I AM FULLY OBSESSED!

This is what i threw together today. It was based around having to go straight out from work (so it had to be quick and easy to throw on) and also me desperately wanting to wear my new top. I kept it tonal today, lots of black and grey. For this reason i decided b&w pictures were appropriate. I didn't feel too dull or boring though 'cos i mixed up my textures!


close ups:

I love the top, but was surprised it fitted as it is only a large.
The belt as a bracelet thing is something i decided to start doing when belts got too thin and bracelets were always too small : )
This post was really rushed so sorry if it's rubbish!

Peace Out.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Pretty In Pink

I had myself a little future panic this afternoon, concerning university and other things. I felt the need to calm myself with biscuits and films so sat down and watched Pretty In Pink.

I love the 80's and did a 20 minute version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night for my A Level Drama Exam that was set in the glorious 1980's and one of the things i loved the most about doing it was designing and sourcing the costumes. (I loved it so much I'm hoping to direct//creative direct a full length version some time soon)

Now, the 80's is sometimes referred to as the time that fashion forgot, and i may not completely channel the early Madonna look myself, but i love the styles of the time. There were so many and i love the extravagance and glamour and eccentricity of it all.

These are some stills from Pretty In Pink that show some of the best outfits.

And it's not just this film i love. I'm a massive John Hughes fan.
The Breakfast Club is another favourite.
And Weird Science too.

Anyone else out there love the 80's?
I know i'm not the only one : )


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Accessories Sunday No. 2

The second Accessories Sunday is dedicated to my vast collection of scarves. (I have not included chunky wintry knitted scarves as i wanted to do a separate Sunday on winter accessories IE. hats scarves gloves)
I've just finished photo-documenting my collection and i gotta say there weren't as many as i thought. I was assuming I'd have to split scarfs over two Sundays but i only own 17, which doesn't sound obscene to me.
There are only 16 pictured because one is in the wash.

1: This was a present from Lauren, it's orange one side and red the other. It's one of my favourites.
2: Details on this OOTD
3: From the same place as 2, I'm a sucker for animal print and this was a more subtle way to get it into my wardrobe.

4: H&M men's section, it;s really long and it's actually made of, netting-y stuff. Like really loose knit jersey.
5:Zara Menswear, this is the perfect summer scarf, really lightweight. And fits nicely with the grunge revival that's going on i think.
6: Another H&M men's section find. I own this in plain black too but it's being washed.
I think Menswear is a really good place to find nice scarves, they're always a bit longer (which is how i like 'em, and often; cheaper.

7: This is from New Look. I like patterns based on old embroidery or blackwork which is why i got this. Plus it's another good summer scarf.
8: I got this in H&M and it's the only scarf i own which isn't long. It's a huge square and not what i typically go for but i couldn't resist the print.
9: I love stars a lot so bought this without hesitation when i saw it in Dorothy Perkins.

10, 11 and 12: All from a market stall in Exeter, 3 for £10 pashminas. They're just a really nice length and add a bit of colour and cool to a basic jeans and tee combo.

13: From Zara, it has tiny little stars all over it and the length is really nice but the material wrinkles up way too much, so this might get sent to a charity shop soon.
14: I wear quite a bit of black so love texture or patterns when i buy black stuff hence why this appealed. It was from H&M, i buy a lot of scarves from there and i think the day i bought this i got 2 others too!

15: From a shop i love called Firkins in Exeter. It's actually a sarong and came in a little bag.
16: Is from a beach shop in Exmouth which is the closest beach to where i live (15 - 20 minutes on a train) and it too is a sarong.
I just think that sarongs make good scarves for my because i like length.

My obsession with scarves started when i decided it was the best way to put colour and pattern into my wardrobe, this is a while back, when i was living in dark jeans and t-shirts.
And even as i got more educated about clothes and confident with my style i still loved them.
At the height of my addiction i must have had 40 scarves/sarongs/half saris.
I personally see scarves as being very bohemian and sort of 60's/70's rock and roll. For example look at Keith Richards, reigning king of headscarves. And Steven Tyler and his love for tying scarves to his mic stand. Then there is that scene in Almost Famous where they drape the scarves all over the motel room! (i love that film)
I love shopping for scarves at markets, vintage stores, charity shops and what i call "hippy" stores; these normally smell of incense, sell silver jewellery and have walls lined with scarves!
Okay so i could go on and on but I'm going to very swiftly skip to what I'd like to add to the collection.

For years I've wanted a McQueen Skull Scarf. It's one item from a small select list I'd happily blow a whole bunch of money on. I have however been looking for a really good cheap copy but haven't yet found one I'm 100% happy with.
I also would like a Louis Vuitton Rose Scarf which is also on the very small select list mentioned above.
Apart from those two there are no others i know i want.
But then scarves normally find me as i am walking through a shop or market and tell me to buy them.
: )

So, that is scarves over and done with.
I hope it wasn't too much of a bore. If you guys think there is any way i could make this feature-y thing better, let me know!

Until next time.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

OOTD: New Skirt

So, this was today's clothing (I'm getting bored of the word outfit, I'm in desperate need of a thesaurus!):
second picture shows the prints in more detail.


The skirt is the one i bought yesterday. It's like a less girlie version of the one i liked from New Look and also the waist band is wider. I really like it, not sure why but I'm going a bit print crazy at the moment which is odd because prints were never really my thing. But I'm glad for the change because they are everywhere at the moment so i wouldn't be buying much if i hadn't adjusted.
Negative points are, it's not really worth the £22 price tag, if i had more patience I'd have waited two weeks to borrow a friends sewing machine, bought the materials for around £7 and made it myself and also it is short, hence the leggings.
The jacket isn't real leather, but it's a damn good fake and the scarf is about 5 years old and bought from a guy who wheeled his stall around the high street selling 3 for £10: barg-ain!
The purple vest/tank top/wife beater/whatever is from the DP Collection, i adore it because it's wool mix jersey and is just generally nicer than your standard cheap jersey (which i hate on quite a lot!).

I did buy another top today in town, which I'm feeling rather guilty about seeing as how i really should have more self control due to payday being 2 weeks away and me being poor.
I'm not a crazy shopper, I'm pretty level headed and if I'm unsure about something it rarely gets bought. And i know that I'll wear this top a lot, it fits well and has details i love but the whole thing got me thinking about shopping.
Now "people" "they" "the strange group of mysterious voices who know everyhting" say that online shopping is bad for impulse buys but i swear, I'm so much more controlled online. I'll see an item, or 10, that i want, but i always wait for a couple days, think about what I have already and weather i need it. Then go back take another look maybe try it on in my local store if i can and usually end up leaving it, either completely or sometimes I'll buy it if it goes into the sale.
Whereas with high street shopping the fact it's physically there in my hands drives me to get it in that moment and it takes much more to not buy something.
Both types of shopping have their pros and cons.
But does anyone have a favourite, and what do you guys think about the whole impulse buying debate?

Looks like i went a bit off track but I'm interested to see what people think. And i am still talking about clothes so it's not completely irrelevant : )

Friday, 16 July 2010

OOTD: Lace Dress and a Big Grey Cardi

Hello Lovelies!
Here's what i wore to town today, i had a really quick buzz round the usual shops and bought a skirt from Dorothy Perkins which I'll wear tomorrow so you'll see it!


I love the dress, the only downside is; it's a bit see through so i do feel the need to wear a black tank under it. ASOS Curve is fast becoming the love of my life, and it's one of the only retailers who i have any luck in sales with.
Also, i love this cardigan for throwing over stuff when it's too warm for a coat but too cold for nothing.
I adore layering stuff, might be why winter and autumn are my favourite seasons : )
The boots were bought last year and are great for staying fashionable on wet days, i do wish they were actually black though, not "distressed black" because I'd be able to wear them with more stuff (I'm a bit of a colour coordination control freak.)

Thought I'd also just mention the necklace I'm wearing. As far as i know it was my maternal grandmother's. I never met her but this necklace is beautiful.

It has three pendants, an anchor that says Hope, a cross that says Faith and a heart that says Charity. The message of it speaks to me quite a bit, especially the hope part, I'm a big believer in optimism and hope.
I'm 99% sure it's silver and because it's quite old it has a really nice tarnished quality.
I pretty much only wear sterling silver jewellery and this is one of my favourites.
I have a lot though so will probably do an Accessories Sunday on it.

My Dad's just left for the weekend to play Ultimate Frisbee so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain on him but planning on having a lovely quiet weekend involving reading, lots & lots of tea, probably more shopping and definitely more blogging : )

Bye for now.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

My okay day...

...just got full blown amazing!


I'm amazed at this especially since i've been blogging about fashion for all of, hmm, i dunno, a week!

I'm not entirely sure how to or even if i'm supposed to carry the whole thing on but i will just quickly say:
Thank you LOTS AND LOTS to Jennifer, her blog is awesome and super inspring and lovely.
And thank you to Christina of Musings of a Fatshionista for hers being one of the first blogs that i really connected with and was inspired by.
and also THANK YOU LAUREN! She's a friend who got me into blogging and it's done me so much good so yeah, she needs major points added to her scoreboard.

I'm so grateful and thankful and happy right now i might burst.
Honestly, smiling so much my face hurts!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

OOTD:Film Night

So it's raining like nobodies business here.
But luckily all is well because i have plans to rent a movie with my dear friend Mr. Zeke.
We're going for Shutter Island, as long as Blockbuster have copies left.

So i know film night isn't really a big deal and I'm only leaving the house to rent a film but i love the outfit I've thrown on so I'm showing it off!
Apologies for the over flashed pictures, but the rain = no light.


The t-shirt was part of my recent ASOS Curve haul and i love it!! I have the fox print t-shirt which i also love but this is amazing.
The jersy is so soft and lovely and i love peacocks so the print is, ahh, amazing!
I'm not sure about the purple and yellow colours on it but worn like this with all black it doesn't really bother me.

Oh and due to it being a more moderate temperature (meaning my makeup doesn't melt off as soon as i put it on) i made an effort with makeup today:


i'm so addicted to posting so i'll be back very soon : )
peace and love.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


V.S. stands for Veruca Salt (there's a link for people who think that's a medical treatment : D)
Whenever i want something i say "I'm pulling a Veruca Salt!"
I, of course, don't have a physical tantrum and screaming fit but in my head i stomp my feet quite a bit.
So basically a V.S. is a want list or wish list.

Anyway, this is my New Look Inspire V.S.




I'm now off for a BIG cup of Lady Grey Tea.

Peace & Love from;

Monday, 12 July 2010

OOTD:Lunch in Culottes

It's like Breakfast at Tiffanys. Or, er, not : )

I had work this morning but met my lovely friend Hayley for lunch this avvy.
We went to Wagamama, which i love, really really love, and i wore this...


(those sunnies are the ones mentioned but not pictured in Accessories Sunday No. 1)

I honestly never thought I'd wear culottes but i love these. They're silk and i love the pattern and cut.
They are a bit big due to the fact i ordered a size above what i usually would because i wanted them to be quite floaty and loose. It does mean that the waistband doesn't stay sat where i want it to but it doesn't bother me too much and i can adjust them if it starts to.
I wore them quite casual today but if i threw them on with a blazer and heels it'd be a great smart outfit.

Over all i gotta say I'm a culotte convert. I don't think I'll go out and buy 8 pairs because these are perfect and i don't think I'll find any elsewhere that I'll like as much.
But i felt great wearing those today and I'd have never of even considered them before, which i think is proof of how much fatshion blogs have changed my views and inspired me.
I'm grinning up a storm.


i bought a few things from ASOS Curve which will appear in posts soon no doubt.