Saturday, 17 July 2010

OOTD: New Skirt

So, this was today's clothing (I'm getting bored of the word outfit, I'm in desperate need of a thesaurus!):
second picture shows the prints in more detail.


The skirt is the one i bought yesterday. It's like a less girlie version of the one i liked from New Look and also the waist band is wider. I really like it, not sure why but I'm going a bit print crazy at the moment which is odd because prints were never really my thing. But I'm glad for the change because they are everywhere at the moment so i wouldn't be buying much if i hadn't adjusted.
Negative points are, it's not really worth the £22 price tag, if i had more patience I'd have waited two weeks to borrow a friends sewing machine, bought the materials for around £7 and made it myself and also it is short, hence the leggings.
The jacket isn't real leather, but it's a damn good fake and the scarf is about 5 years old and bought from a guy who wheeled his stall around the high street selling 3 for £10: barg-ain!
The purple vest/tank top/wife beater/whatever is from the DP Collection, i adore it because it's wool mix jersey and is just generally nicer than your standard cheap jersey (which i hate on quite a lot!).

I did buy another top today in town, which I'm feeling rather guilty about seeing as how i really should have more self control due to payday being 2 weeks away and me being poor.
I'm not a crazy shopper, I'm pretty level headed and if I'm unsure about something it rarely gets bought. And i know that I'll wear this top a lot, it fits well and has details i love but the whole thing got me thinking about shopping.
Now "people" "they" "the strange group of mysterious voices who know everyhting" say that online shopping is bad for impulse buys but i swear, I'm so much more controlled online. I'll see an item, or 10, that i want, but i always wait for a couple days, think about what I have already and weather i need it. Then go back take another look maybe try it on in my local store if i can and usually end up leaving it, either completely or sometimes I'll buy it if it goes into the sale.
Whereas with high street shopping the fact it's physically there in my hands drives me to get it in that moment and it takes much more to not buy something.
Both types of shopping have their pros and cons.
But does anyone have a favourite, and what do you guys think about the whole impulse buying debate?

Looks like i went a bit off track but I'm interested to see what people think. And i am still talking about clothes so it's not completely irrelevant : )


  1. cute skirt! :) i almost buy all my stuff on impulse, lol, like you say, it can have it's pros and cons, I got some stuff that I bought on impulse that I never worn, however...I always save the recite so I can get cash refund or, store credit :D

  2. totally cute! love the outfit! :) I often buy on impulse too, but always go with my gut, that way I see something, love it, buy it, in and out quickly, with more time for the next shop that may have stuff with my name on it LOL

  3. Keeping reciepts is a must. For sure. : D

    I do impluse shop, obviously, i don't know anyone who goes for a look around, buys nothing and goes back after a week to buy stuff.
    But like you said Anika it's about gut feeling.

    I'm just not sure it's true that shopping in store or online really changes how your thought process works. Because regardless of where it is if i'm really unsure i know it's best to leave it.

    I guess what it come down to is the person. Maybe.
    Who knows, shopping is a mystery to me : )


  4. Love this look! I never online shop, I browse but don't buy anything. Im too worried about things not fitting correctly or not liking an item and having to go through the hassle of returning it. Stuff I buy at the store I tend to return/exchange a lot. Once I bring something home I try it on again and there are times when I realize I don't love something as much as I thought, or need a different size.