Saturday, 10 July 2010

well hello there

I'm like a child, i see other kids doing something & having fun so i want to do it too.

But I'm actually an adult and so i now call it being inspired : )

Basically, for a couple of years now fashion and style and clothes and accessories have been something I've become more and more passionate about and interested in.

Inspired by many wonderful ladies on here who are passionate about fashion and who are also plus sized, like myself, i have decided to blog about my experiences with and opinions on fashion and clothes and style and accessories.
I might not pull a lady gaga everyday and go to tescos wearing platforms or to work wearing a bow made of hair but i do love clothes and pulling different outfits and looks.
And if nothing else I'll add another body shape and opinion and individual style to the long list of lovelies all ready blogging their hearts out.

So here is to fatshion and blogging and peace & love and i'll post again soon!


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