Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dirty Paws


Another standard, everyday: "I have places to be but they're not the kinda places I need to be super fancy for" outfit.
This one is looking a bit boring boring though, with just the black and grey. Oh wait, what's that? It's a...
 ...brightly patterned scarf/blanket (srsly, this thing is huge).

So, I don't mean to small talk you guys and gals but, the weather here has been shocking! What was Worcester Racecourse is now a lake and the main road up my side of the river is almost fully submerged. And, yeah, you guessed it, it's still raining! I mean i'm not saying send help but, Noah has wi-fi on the arc right?

I suppose the one good thing to come out of all this rain is that I realised I had no warm shoes apart from my DM's. So I got cosy new boots, which i'll share tomorrow.
Wait, those boots cost money, which I don't really have.

Oh well, new boots :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Wishlist Vol. 1

Jumpers & Sweatshirts

I'm gonna do a few of these wish lists. Kinda inspired by my Grandma (good old Patricia) because she called me up a couple of days ago to ask what I wanted for Christmas, and so it got me thinking.

It would seem this volume is sponsored by the ASOS menswear department but au contraire, it is not. I tend to much prefer the fit of men's jumpers to women's. I have broad shoulders, fairly small boobs (compared to the rest of me) and I have a long torso so they feel comfier. I do run into the problem that my hips are too wide, because men's jumpers can sometimes be cut so they narrow towards the bottom, but apart from that, it's usually pretty awesome. Also, have you noticed that menswear jumpers always have nicer patterns?? Not fair.

I tried really hard to find some cardigans, from womenswear departments outside ASOS, but alas, I could find none. Often I get that kind of thing when I go physically shopping as opposed to virtually shopping because then I can not worry about shape and fit which are two things I am very picky over.

Any favourite jumpers that you really want? Or maybe you think one shop is slaying the winter gear this season??
Let me know pleeeaassseeeeee :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012



This post is all about these leggings.
I love them.
I physically have to stop myself from wearing them every day. I mean i'm a sucker for fashion but let's face it, comfort comes before anything really, at least on a day to day basis. And you don't get more comfy than leggings. I don't care if that makes me sound like a 1980's housewife!
I guess the pattern and colour is a really good way to make my outfit more interesting and they make me feel so 90's; i swear i had a pair like these as a kid. I told my friend Elliot they're my 90's Interpretive Dance Leggings, pretty accurate description if you ask me!

The lipstick i'm wearing is a wicked matte coral colour in the Kate Moss Rimmel collection, i can't really be bothered to grab it and write the details now but i'm gonna post on my new lippys this week so you'll find out soon enough :)

Today i am mostly listening to: The Skints

Monday, 5 November 2012

beauty post: necklace nails

As i was getting dressed i remembered the bargain £1 necklace i bought in Edinburgh and decided to wear it.

Then i decided to match my nails to it, because that's what all the cool kids do these days...

I used Rimmel 60 Seconds in 805 Grey Matter as my base as i already had it on. Then I taped off sections and used Rimmel 60 Seconds in 825 Sky High, Barry M 308 Berry Ice Cream, Barry M 320 Foil (gold) and Barry M 300 Acid Yellow to make triangle-y shapes.
It was super easy and came out pretty neat!
I'll be bored of it by tomorrow but if i was in a more committing mood I'd slap a top coat over it all to keep it fresh for a couple days :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

this house is a circus


Two outfits in two days, I've impressed myself!
I love this shirt, in fact I love everything I'm wearing today. But I've got a problem.
I'm freezing cold.
It's winter now and i have completely fucking forgotten how to layer successfully.

I mean honestly, a long sleeve tee and a sheer shirt? What crack am i smoking? I was never gonna be warm!

I need to re-learn my winter fashion skillzz.
Because throwing a fur coat over everything is not good form!

Here's a picture of my face, slightly bewildered is my most used expression:

OH! My lippy is Barry M Punky Pink :)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

gimmie shelter


So i am baaacckkkk, and it feels awesome! I'll spare you the drawn out apologies and excuses. But i will say this, i've missed this so much!
This is just a regular "I'm off to town to spend money i don't have" outfit. I love primark's "mullet" tops; i have a couple and they're good with everything from skirts to jeans and leggings, i need versatile stuff in my wardrobe so i am a BIG fan.

You may have noticed that i have gone back a couple years hair wise and had my block fringe re-cut. I'm loving it a lot more this time round but i do still miss having all one length hair just because top knots are SO much easier that way. But this is cool, the sorta 60's vibe is niceeee.

Hopefully now i'm back in the game, posts will be much more regular, so see y'all soon!