Tuesday, 6 November 2012



This post is all about these leggings.
I love them.
I physically have to stop myself from wearing them every day. I mean i'm a sucker for fashion but let's face it, comfort comes before anything really, at least on a day to day basis. And you don't get more comfy than leggings. I don't care if that makes me sound like a 1980's housewife!
I guess the pattern and colour is a really good way to make my outfit more interesting and they make me feel so 90's; i swear i had a pair like these as a kid. I told my friend Elliot they're my 90's Interpretive Dance Leggings, pretty accurate description if you ask me!

The lipstick i'm wearing is a wicked matte coral colour in the Kate Moss Rimmel collection, i can't really be bothered to grab it and write the details now but i'm gonna post on my new lippys this week so you'll find out soon enough :)

Today i am mostly listening to: The Skints


  1. oh yes, the leggings are awesome! aaand i like your haircolour!

  2. Amazing leggings, I have a few pairs of Primark printed leggings and I always wear them on dress down Fridays because they're so easy! Love the necklaces in the last post too, glad you're back blogging! xx

    1. they're amazing right? and thanks sweet :) it's good to be back! xx

  3. those leggings! those darn leggings! they are wonderous. I love the way you styled them too...simple and awesome :)