Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Wishlist Vol. 1

Jumpers & Sweatshirts

I'm gonna do a few of these wish lists. Kinda inspired by my Grandma (good old Patricia) because she called me up a couple of days ago to ask what I wanted for Christmas, and so it got me thinking.

It would seem this volume is sponsored by the ASOS menswear department but au contraire, it is not. I tend to much prefer the fit of men's jumpers to women's. I have broad shoulders, fairly small boobs (compared to the rest of me) and I have a long torso so they feel comfier. I do run into the problem that my hips are too wide, because men's jumpers can sometimes be cut so they narrow towards the bottom, but apart from that, it's usually pretty awesome. Also, have you noticed that menswear jumpers always have nicer patterns?? Not fair.

I tried really hard to find some cardigans, from womenswear departments outside ASOS, but alas, I could find none. Often I get that kind of thing when I go physically shopping as opposed to virtually shopping because then I can not worry about shape and fit which are two things I am very picky over.

Any favourite jumpers that you really want? Or maybe you think one shop is slaying the winter gear this season??
Let me know pleeeaassseeeeee :)


  1. I love the bear ones. so rad! :) i have noticed that the mens department have nicer prints sometime, but sometime i'm very happy with hearts and polka dots too :)


    1. the bear is cool right?? :) I do love me some dots and hearts, I just don't see as much of that kinda thing that appeals to me, probably because I'm so fussy! xx