Saturday, 30 October 2010

OOTD: Brand Spanking New

I did an uber bumper post on all my current ASOS Curve Cravings the other day, be sure to check it out if you haven't already, let me know what you like and leave links to other stuff, i love hearing what everyone is feeling or not feeling.
Anyways, as i was doing that post the site updated and this beauty of a dress appeared from nowhere and yesterday i got an email saying "Have this 20% off code, and free delivery if you order before 6PM today", which is virtually the same as an Internet fashion being was personally hand delivering this dress to me, lets face it.


So yeah, about 27 hours ago i ordered this baby and paid under £30. I'm quite impressed and could not wait to get it over my head when it arrived this morning. I wore it around and about today, i went to Lush to buy all natural face lovelies and all the chicas there were painted up for Día de los Muertos which despite the fact i'm not Mexican, has got to be one of my favourite holidays ever. I'm forever reading shit loads of info. about it and looking at pictures. I'm actually really interested in religion and religious festivals, i wouldn't call myself religious but i find it really awe inspiring a lot of the time, the things people get up to in the name of a god or saint or spirit and the traditions that come with it. Another favourite is Holi, beautiful.
I threw my leather on over this for warmth and wore my basic black Evans pumps and a few silver rings:
pretty simple really, thought I'd let that awesome print and my bright red lips do all the talkin'.

I'm still wearing it now, seriously, talk about comfy. However the weather has gone nuts here so i've put a big chunky black cardie on, some nice thick and fluffy bed socks over my tights and my face is currently like this:
Can you spot the stamp from last night?

Am i turning into Terry Richardson? Prepare for a blog full of thumbs up, plaid shirts, tits and jared leto.

What Friday Night Taught Me

I went out for a friend's birthday last night, and a quiet drink quickly turned into several rather noisy but very enjoyable ones.

I'm posting a picture of what i wore, even though looking back i was/am not really feeling it.

I always think of my style as being pretty concrete, yet i can never really describe it and it's not something at the forefront of my mind when i shop, i buy what i like and it somehow all fits together. But having the childlike nature that i have i am prone to random bursts of wanting to play dress up or just letting things like clouds (yes, clouds) inspire my outfit choices.
Last night was a cloud night. The sunset was a stunner, big fluffy golden and pink clouds and big patches of bright blue sky, the kind of blue you want to eat 'cos it looks so good.
I threw on my new H&M dress (which I'd like to say is for sure more of a top and i shall not be wearing it out with anything less than leggings) and then decided to wear a long forgotten waistcoat and light tan cowboys with it. I liked it, but something felt a bit odd, i put this down to the large glass of wine I'd had and carried on.

I enjoyed my night thoroughly and my outfit in now way held me back, but it is definitely one that i'll look back on and it'll stick out as not being in line with other stuff or not being as well put together or not being as flattering, that doesn't bother me, it just made me think.

What Friday Night Taught Me is that i will never be able to pin my style down exactly, some days i have the balls to wear two prints, others i go for simplicity, sometimes i feel girlie others not, and sometimes, just sometimes; i want to dress like a pink sunset cloud mixed in with a train conductor and a cowboy ballerina. Style is a extension of your personality after all, an expression of who you are, so does it really matter if every day you dress like your from a different decade? Nope. As long as you're happy and doing your thaang.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


And on the month i really need to save money. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


The blue one reminds me of my other similarly coloured ASOS Curve dress but i'm loving the different sleeves. The black showcases my love for texture if i'm working an all black thing.

I have a strange thing for hook and eye fastenings. I think it's to do with my love for corsets where you often see them. I also like the blue version of this'un.


There was a Musings of a Fatshionista Facebook post on the top pair. Agreeing with the post i wish they came in black; aside from that the cut and fabric are on point. I've posted on the bottom pair before, not a lot of love for these but now i've seen them on real people, other bloggers in fact, i'm so in love it hurts, i spy another frugal month.

Old. School. Glam. Nothing else to say.

I'm not sure what the obsession with shiny fabric is about, it's not like it tends to be hugely flattering (i want to eject this word from my style consciousness, and I'm trying, but stick with me) but i have to admit i think the strong studio lighting used in these shots amplifies the shiny a whole lot. And also, when you look at the construction and style of the garments i think shiny is becoming something i'm much less afraid of.
ASOS Curve has given me so much already, and now it's curing my shineaphobia. I'm rather grateful for this online gem of a store.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bird is the Word

I intended to do a proper post today but then one of these decided to fall down my chimney and get stuck in my room for an hour:

I love birds. But not when they're all up in my grill chimney and then my room pooing all over the place and knocking paintings off the walls.
I went to a lot of trouble to save the birdies life, and it did eventually find it's way out of the window, but not until after i had called my grandmother, my place of work, the RSPCA and my dad to get advice, not much of which helped. I also ended up stuck on a mini roof thing on top of a bay window outside my bedroom after reaching in through the window to get my mobile because I'd left it there.

The whole experience has left me exhausted, hungry (i was in the middle of lunch when the whole thing began) and way behind on what i wanted to get done today. So i shall save my energy now, and return to you all refreshed and ready to write tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blog Me

I remember when i first started blogging. It was a random diary style thing and i did it because a friend of mine said "You actually have an opinion on shit, you sound smart." but i also did it because i needed a new outlet, a way to give my brain a work out that wouldn't get boring or crazily difficult.

I switched to focusing my blog efforts not long after introducing myself to this little online world and decided i wanted to contribute to the fatshion blogging community.

Doing this has genuinely become a gift. I know i have learnt a lot already, but at the same time i know i still have more to gain. My brain is on fire with questions that i ask myself because of things i see and read online. And i love being made to think, more so than that i love that i'm being made to think by someone just like me: some "different" kid who was  made to feel they weren't worth shit their whole life because regardless of your brains and personality if you aint white and skinny you're wasting oxygen.
Maybe i'm getting a little hasty, a little extreme, but it's so, so liberating to read posts from people that reduce me to tears or make me laugh or silence me and know that maybe my post could do the same to them. It's truly inspirational.

Brains aside, the other thing I have gained is that for the first time since i was very young i feel beautiful and not just because people comment OOTD posts but because my whole outlook on beauty has changed. It's beyond crazy to me that in less than a year of blogging something so deep rooted, my perception of beauty, has changed completely.

I'm not 100% sure what compelled me to write this post. THIS was a contributing factor for sure (please click the link) but in all honesty i think this has been building up in my brain for a while.

I want to progress, i have come far, but baby, i have way further to go. I'm on a mission with this here blog. The last thing i want is for this to just be pictures of me in my clothes but at the same time any change has to be organic, i'm not going to force myself to do something, it wouldn't be genuine and i don't think it would be worth reading. The reason i'm saying this is to set you all up, i decided that i wouldn't know how to react if one day a lovely clothes etc. blog i followed suddenly started doing really personal posts so this is a heads up. I'm going to be more open and hopefully your reading experience will improve!
I just realised i'm making it sound like all my posts will now follow the theme of "Serious Subject Such as Mortality in the 21st Century and oh look, here's my new shoes! Lovely!" I'm pretty sure that this will not be the case : )

I've tried hard to be concise and clear but my brain has a habit of being like a sparkler sometimes so please stick with me.

I'd like to finish by saluting every one of you for reading, for blogging if you do so and if you don't i think it has a lot to offer so consider it!
I am once again stunned, i think i'm on 54 followers, it's nuts. I love you all ♥


I've been silent for 3 days, but with good reason.

A couple friends came back from uni this weekend so i have been quite the social butterfly, well, more social moth but still; I've actually had a life (home alone face).

I've spent the majority of my time in my new pajama pants this weekend. Get ready to have a fashion orgasm when you see the print.
£12 TESCO and according to the label some money goes to a children's charity so these are the PJ pants that just keep giving. Also don't you love the clash of my zebra bedspread and cookie monster : )

I'm wearing them now, because last night i went out, and i don't do proper clothes on mornings following nights when i manage to drink half a bottle of Sailor Jerry's.

Speaking of last nights shenanigans, here is me posing.

Got this top in the sale a couple weeks back and I've been wanting to wear it out since. I based the outfit around it and felt like it came out very grown up smart casual, i liked it though! I tried so many different jackets and cardigans with this but settled on the blazer because it was the most practical and i always feel like a good black blazer in the right material can smarten up any outfit.
I actually ended up wearing flats out because my friend Hayley didn't bring heels home from uni so she was like a foot shorter than me and i don't know if it was the rum or what but i didn't feel much less dressed up sans heels and i normally do.
The fabric of this top is lovely and the fit is spot on, so much so, i may buy it in black as well (the one I'm wearing is described as khaki, and I'm confused as to what khaki actually is because there are so many conflicting opinions so I'm gonna go ahead and call it grey!).
I've got a bunch of other outfits i can revolve around this top and i love getting stuff that instantly becomes a good wardrobe staple so I'm a happy shopper!

Moving on from the clothes. My night out was really good and I'm so glad to have actually made it out (even though right now i am REALLY broke and quite tired) i didn't think i would because i was due to have a rehearsal all day today but it was cancelled so drunk i got and good times i had.
Speaking of rehearsals i think i said I'd post a picture of what i wore to Wednesday's one if i made an effort. I did make an effort but not one single photo of my whole body was nice due to being rushed and having a bloodshot eye. Hot.
I went 90s crazy and wore my polka tea dress with white tights and docs, i told my dad it was called Ode to Stefani and Love, but he just gave me one of those indifferent looks and carried on walking down the stairs. He thinks I'm silly.
I am.

So i think this quite large post makes up for 72 hours of silence, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and has a lovely Sunday. I myself am now off to eat some well needed toast.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Today I

Went to the fabric shop.
I won't get into a long bllaeerrrrhhhh about how much i love haberdashers/fabric shops, but lets just say i for sure do!

Anyway, i was there to buy costume making things for panto and happened to notice that they sold really nice faux leather.
I had a fit.
Because I've been dying to get my hand on a pair of nice faux leather leggings that don't look cheap and are not described as "wet look". Why would i want my legs to look like they're wet? Why?
(No offence meant if you own a pair, it's a personal preference that i like my legs to look dry.)

Pay day is in about a week and I'll more than likely get some of this lovely fabric. Would you guys be interested in seeing a DIY post and the outcome?

Please, please say yes : )

Via Gabi of YFF's youtube

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Two Whole...

...Days Off Work.
Today and tomorrow. Nothing like it.

I was going to post an OOTD today, and i may still if wear something nice to rehearsals later.
But right now I'm wearing some huge M&S knickers and a Transformers t-shirt and i don't feel much like changing.

I've decided to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show in audience participation mode, it tells you when to squirt your water pistol and throw your rice.
What a way to spend some of my day off : )
(I wont be squirting water or throwing rice, my dad would be pissed if he came home to soggy rice all over the living room and our big expensive TV)
I'd like at this point to mention how I've also seen Rocky Horror in a theatre, live and amazing. I dressed up and looked a little something like this:

That's my take on Columbia.
Vertical stripes are slimming don't you know.

The main point of this post was going to be that I've seen this, and think it is quite lovely.
But as per usual i couldn't keep focused.

Anyone want to tell their favourite ways to spend days off work/school/etc? It's not particularly related to fashion but it's nice to share.
: D

Monday, 18 October 2010

It's like, a fashion entity heard me

Just days after i bitch and moan concerning trousers, not one but two pairs turn up on the ASOS Curve website that i like.


Even though the top pair are shiny, i still like. And I've been thinking about getting a pair of black skinny cropped numbers, for 50's inspired outfits where a circle skirt and full blown petticoat is not appropriate, but jeans just will not do.

I find it quite amazing that this has happened. I wonder if whoever/whatever heard is working on those velvet trews for me? Yes. Please.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Spending Money Is Naughty

I'm not in debt or anything, i just don't want to reach the end of the month and have nothing. I undoubtedly will though.
Oooh, look, pretty things, just what i need to ease the pain of being poor.

Numero Uno. I bought these beautiful shoes yesterday. How long have i desperately wanted brogues? Too Bloody Long. These are less detailed than i would have liked in an ideal world, but the deal breaker for me was the fact they were real leather with a good solid heel and sole, which will hopefully equate to years of use!
Animal PJ Bottoms in the background, maybe I'll wear them with my new shoes?!

The three words i love to see.

Next Up is my new dress. £14.99, H&M, size 18.
My very much loved ASOS Curve cream floaty number got stained when my silly father thought it was pink and washed it with a red sheet (i actually shed a tear). No amount of wishing or colour remover would restore it and it was sold out in cream so I decided to keep an eye for something to replace it.
This dress in many ways is better. It's longer in the back (love) and has sleeves (love). I did have to adjust the seams on the sleeves, they were way too tight and i know the quality isn't as good as ASOS but i think despite those things, it's a winner.

Finally another H&M purchase in the shape of a scarf.
Isn't it just amazing!?! It's got a weird ass new and fresh from the sweatshop factory smell but seriously, it is stunning.

These items will undoubtedly feature in many future OOTD's so watch out for em.

Pretty successful shopping trip really. I'm right out of ££ now though so frugal living for the rest of the month. I did however get £5 off the shoes because it was like, shoe day in Evans or something. Awesome.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

OOTD: gone shoppin'


I have this top in black and grey too. I'm not as wild on it as i was when i went crazy and bought it in three colours but it's still something i love to have in my wardrobe. I like to have fairly simple tees with a bit of detail so i can make outfits like this more interesting. I don't consider myself one of those people who can wear a really basic jeans and tee and make it look amazing.
I'm sure I'm breaking some rule with this top, like, I'm broad shouldered so shouldn't wear shoulder detail. But this is pretty subtle, i don't think i could rock massive shoulder pads.
The belt is real leather (mmmmmm) and it is less of a gift and more something i borrowed of a lovely lady i know that i never gave back, I'm not a thief, she doesn't mind!
There's my new ASOS Curve coat hanging up in a picture again. I did wear it today and i did take a picture of me wearing it but i wasn't feeling the whole photo shoot vibe and deleted a lot of what i took, one of those days y'know?? I'm not sure i even like this picture but it'll do.

I matched my nail varnish and lippy today. I was quite proud. It's MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Colour in Extended Play and Ciaté Paint Pots in Dangerous Affair: it came free with a magazine this month.
I took a picture of my face, it was okay, then i noticed my massively blood shot eye from where i got a bit crazy with the powder brush this morning (trying to buff Bare Minerals on in a hurry is a dangerous sport).

I finally got my hands on a pair of shoes i have been wanting FOREVER today and picked up a couple other treats along the way. Trying to get it home on my bicycle was hard work though. Ever tried carrying shoe boxes in very thin plastic bags draped over handle bars for 3 miles? I wouldn't recommend it.
Speaking of my bicycle here are some pictures i took on the way into the city center, i take a path that makes my journey longer but is less hills and more scenery:

I'm going to post on my purchases tomorrow so y'all know what's going on.

Yay for late night posting. I'm out for the count. Good Night : )

Trouser Me

Standing outside in the freezing cold the other night wearing a beautiful but not so warmth retaining outfit i came to the stark realisation that i might not make it through winter with only tights or leggings to cover my legs. I decided that this winter, i want, some trousers. I want to be this well trousered:
Image From Fatshionable.

I planned to shop around for trousers today. And to spice this post up a bit there was going to be changing room pictures and little captions and everything. But after trying on one pair in Evans i cut my trouser shopping short.
I tried on a pair in what is normally my size and as per usual with trousers, they looked like utter shiz.
It's a mixture of my weird as hell hip shape and being in between sizes that makes them all look so rubbish. I tried on a 24, they fitted, but, as i may have previously mentioned, looked nasty. I could size up but they'd be too big, and i don't like having to pull my kecks up every two fucking seconds. WELL LOOK AT THAT TROUSERS, YOU MADE ME SWEAR ON THE BLOG, WHICH I TRY NOT TO DO, THANKS!
These horrible things mentioned above also tend to apply to jeans a lot of the time, i know i am in no way alone with jeans, i feel your pain if you too are never happy with your denim leg covers.(jeans also present the other problem of not being able to get my calves into skinnies so i have to buy straight cut and sew them to fit how i like)

I really want to wear trousers, and i feel sick to my stomach with envy every time i see someone wearing them well, like that girl in the fabric shop with her green cotton military inspired peg leg numbers; wide waistband and antique gold buttons included, *cries*.

I've seen a few pairs i like but each present a different problem.

This Style369 pair are 100% viscose, which could well mean jersey, the mother of all cheap clingy fabrics, and not my best friend in trouser form.

This ASOS pair could have been the holy grail of trousers, i could have kept my legs warm and rocked the velvet trend but oooh nooo, guess what, they only go up to an 18. BOOOOOO, make them for the curve range now!

This ASOS Curve pair are what i may buy next month. But i may not. Because being an actual human being, my thighs touch and hell, they even rub together when i walk, which can mean bald patch thighs on these bad boys as they're made of cord. And I'm not just guessing that it'll happen, I've had the problem before.

Have i dragged you all down with my moaning and ranting yet? I don't mean to be a debbie downer but it gets frustrating.
I'm not completely defeated by the whole situation, i can live without trousers. And if i really feel like my need for a pair is crucial i can try making some.
Just being the impatient madam that i am, i want them now, in a lovely style at a reasonable price.

God I'm a nightmare. Damn You Trousers!

Friday, 15 October 2010


I have nothing better to do than to tell all on my plans for the weekend.

I'm home alone. Cue wild Ke$ha style Drunk Tank 3 day party?
Well, no.

Cue me and my cats enjoying oven chips, home made soup, cheese, TV and Dr Pepper Zero.
Well, yes.
Grandma Morgaine is in the hizayy!

I'd get messy if i had the funds or the energy, but i just don't. I've cycled a good 20 miles this week, had 2 rehearsals and work. I don't know why I'm justifying myself, i don't have to, I'm 19 and I'll go on 89 if i want to : )

I'm going into town tomorrow to have a look around at some things. A lot of pretty has appeared on Evans website this week and i want to check it out in the flesh.
Tomorra night will be another wild one, like, i might watch a film!!!

Sunday is cleaning day for me but i do have a friend coming over that night so it's all good.

Then back to the grind Monday.

Basically I'm aiming to do 2 or 3 posts including OOTD's and other sexy stuff so stay tuned.

What are your plans? Are you wild/close to needing rehab like me?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I went...

...out last night. For dinner with 3 guys from work. Fun times were had at the all you can eat buffet, because we're classy people!
I wore my floral culottes featured here (one of my first ever OOTD's!!) the fashion-y-ness of them probably went straight over the boys heads and I'm sure the man repeller would have something to say about culottes but to be honest i don't care, i was there to pig out and they have a comfortably large waist band!


You may have noticed i have re-painted my bedroom door, no longer is it an annoying shade of gloss bleerrggghhh, but now a shabbily painted on shade of satin white!
Door aside, i loved this outfit last night but i must say if I'm going to don this again before next June i need to invest in thicker and warmer tights, these tesco ones just did not cut it! Froze my bum off!

Seeing my old OOTD with these baby's and a pose in the garden made me realise how i never vary where i take my pictures. Let me explain, i get ready in my room, stick my camera on self timer and pose away from judgemental eyes of other people who think I'm vain or strange for taking my own picture. The lighting is best in my bedroom, my laptop is in there too so i can upload super quick and in all honestly, my room is the nicest one in the house! I am genuinely sorry if it gets boring but it takes a lot to inspire other locations for outfit photos!
My bedroom doubling as my studio is also the reason why half the time i don't have shoes on, they're downstairs! (I wore silver Evans pumps with this)

Quite a quick post as I'm off to rehearsals for panto.
More posts soon, cross my heart!

Boots Are My Favourite

They really are.
And i find these quite desirable:

STUNNING! I've adored these boots since the second i laid eyes on them. I NEED BIGGER WAGES AND SMALLER FEET.

Also, more sexy boots.
 Oh loooooooorrd.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

OOTD: Clashing Prints


Okay, so, most subtle example ever of clashing prints but still; I'm wearing two different patterns people, huge steps have been made!
Not entirely sure what i'm doing in the top picture, probably trying to look all nonchalant despite the fact that inside my head all i'm thinking is 10 second self timer is too fast, must buy remote, must buy remote.
I only put a nice outfit on today because i went to town to pick up my new bike (£200 gone because when i bought my original one i was too stupid to know that I'd need more than 6 gears) I honestly haven't left the house much recently apart from work (sad, i have no friends) so there have been no missed OOTD opportunities.
I've posted on this dress before here, in case you want some back story! The scarf is lovely, someone waiting in the loooooong line to pay had just left it on a rack and i stumbled across it and gave it a home. The colours in it inspired my little thumb nail flower:

Quick thing to mention: hit up the ASOS Curve sale ladies because it is amazing. Just bought a new coat and top. You can actually see a bit of the coat hanging up behind me in the top two pictures. But seriously, i paid less than £50 for the two, and the prices have since gone down again (GRRRR) so yeah, crack out the plastic!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I've got cycling, tidying and film watching planned, wild; i know!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I haven't abandoned my blog. And i am alive.

I feel like a day without blogging is bad, so if you're a follower you may have noticed if two or three go by void of posting, i apologise profusely.

I am working a lot of extra hours at the moment because i need the money.
Being forced into a corner by The Man gets me down but money makes the world go round i guess : (

I also just started rehearsals for this years Pantomime.
It's Cinderella and I'm playing the deliciously evil Grizelda; Cinders' Step Mother.
I've never done panto before, so to be playing quite a big part in my first is daunting. Especially because it's what makes the most money for my theatre company so I'll be doing a lot of very packed out shows.
Add to that the fact i don't consider myself a singer or dancer and there's plenty of both to be done, I'm quite nervous.
So yeah, I'm currently practicing my scowls and frowns, highlighting my script and generally getting into character.

Being busy is hard but I'm also lacking inspiration right now.
Transitioning from Summer to Autumn is always hard on my fashion-y-ness. I have to learn how to dress myself all over again and often i can look like a homeless person because my layering skillzz are being re-honed.

All in all I'm busy and a fashion mess.
But fear not, i will recover. Probably after the clocks go back and i feel less tired all the time.
This wasn't meant to be a "Bum You Out" post, and I'm not depressed or anything, i just like to explain myself. I made a commitment to blogging when i started this and i don't like to do things if I'm not going to give it my all, no sir.

I hope everyone is great, i love you all and I'll be back to regular posting soon : D


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

Crazy, crazy collection for Spring 2011.

This lady rocked it though:

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Everything featured is from Evans.

Not to put a downer on the post but i do wish that coat was made of wool. Then it would be as close to pefect as i'll ever get.