Monday, 18 October 2010

It's like, a fashion entity heard me

Just days after i bitch and moan concerning trousers, not one but two pairs turn up on the ASOS Curve website that i like.


Even though the top pair are shiny, i still like. And I've been thinking about getting a pair of black skinny cropped numbers, for 50's inspired outfits where a circle skirt and full blown petticoat is not appropriate, but jeans just will not do.

I find it quite amazing that this has happened. I wonder if whoever/whatever heard is working on those velvet trews for me? Yes. Please.


  1. not too keen on the first pair if im honest! but LOVE the second pair! I really hope asos curve are listening to me too as i'm in desperate need of a dress for my birthday!

  2. Haha I saw the second pair today and immediately thought of you! I also quite like the pair with the suspenders.

  3. I don't like the first pair :/. The second one is ok :). I'm not a trousers lover actually. The second pair would really look fantastic in the retro kind of outfit but you have to pair them with high heel shoes and I can't wear such shoes since I'm quite tall as it is :/.

  4. i think i got a wee bit excited at the sudden influx of trousers because the more i look at the top pair the more i think "neerr" pretty on the model though.

    second pair are a winner (Elizabeth, i like the suspender ones too!) and i think anyone can rock these. I'm tall and i'll be wearing them with flats. Like cute daytime 50's, housewife doing the gardening 50's : ) x

  5. Paints are always hard to find! I am also on the hunt, but I love the second pair!

  6. I am loving the the color of the 1st pair but not the cutting. =) Good luck with the search! Trousers are always a tricky thing to shop.