Thursday, 21 October 2010

Today I

Went to the fabric shop.
I won't get into a long bllaeerrrrhhhh about how much i love haberdashers/fabric shops, but lets just say i for sure do!

Anyway, i was there to buy costume making things for panto and happened to notice that they sold really nice faux leather.
I had a fit.
Because I've been dying to get my hand on a pair of nice faux leather leggings that don't look cheap and are not described as "wet look". Why would i want my legs to look like they're wet? Why?
(No offence meant if you own a pair, it's a personal preference that i like my legs to look dry.)

Pay day is in about a week and I'll more than likely get some of this lovely fabric. Would you guys be interested in seeing a DIY post and the outcome?

Please, please say yes : )


  1. Yes, definitely!

    I really want to make my own velvet leggings so maybe if you do a tutorial then I could make some myself!

  2. awesome. just hold out for pay day and the post shall be here : D x

  3. I love D.I.Y. posts. I am definitely looking forward to your DIY post ;).