Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Two Whole...

...Days Off Work.
Today and tomorrow. Nothing like it.

I was going to post an OOTD today, and i may still if wear something nice to rehearsals later.
But right now I'm wearing some huge M&S knickers and a Transformers t-shirt and i don't feel much like changing.

I've decided to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show in audience participation mode, it tells you when to squirt your water pistol and throw your rice.
What a way to spend some of my day off : )
(I wont be squirting water or throwing rice, my dad would be pissed if he came home to soggy rice all over the living room and our big expensive TV)
I'd like at this point to mention how I've also seen Rocky Horror in a theatre, live and amazing. I dressed up and looked a little something like this:

That's my take on Columbia.
Vertical stripes are slimming don't you know.

The main point of this post was going to be that I've seen this, and think it is quite lovely.
But as per usual i couldn't keep focused.

Anyone want to tell their favourite ways to spend days off work/school/etc? It's not particularly related to fashion but it's nice to share.
: D


  1. Morgaine you is looking goood girl. :) and I spent my day of at library, not interesting, but i'm so proud, I feel I should share this.