Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I went...

...out last night. For dinner with 3 guys from work. Fun times were had at the all you can eat buffet, because we're classy people!
I wore my floral culottes featured here (one of my first ever OOTD's!!) the fashion-y-ness of them probably went straight over the boys heads and I'm sure the man repeller would have something to say about culottes but to be honest i don't care, i was there to pig out and they have a comfortably large waist band!


You may have noticed i have re-painted my bedroom door, no longer is it an annoying shade of gloss bleerrggghhh, but now a shabbily painted on shade of satin white!
Door aside, i loved this outfit last night but i must say if I'm going to don this again before next June i need to invest in thicker and warmer tights, these tesco ones just did not cut it! Froze my bum off!

Seeing my old OOTD with these baby's and a pose in the garden made me realise how i never vary where i take my pictures. Let me explain, i get ready in my room, stick my camera on self timer and pose away from judgemental eyes of other people who think I'm vain or strange for taking my own picture. The lighting is best in my bedroom, my laptop is in there too so i can upload super quick and in all honestly, my room is the nicest one in the house! I am genuinely sorry if it gets boring but it takes a lot to inspire other locations for outfit photos!
My bedroom doubling as my studio is also the reason why half the time i don't have shoes on, they're downstairs! (I wore silver Evans pumps with this)

Quite a quick post as I'm off to rehearsals for panto.
More posts soon, cross my heart!


  1. I love this outfit.

    Also, I don't care where you pose at all. I do the same thing, but pose on our deck, because it's the best place too. I know some people get hung up on location, but whatever, a good outfit is a good outfit where ever the location!

  2. thanks hun! i just see bloggers posing their asses off in random but cool locations and worry i'm not making enough effort.
    "a good outfit is a good outfit where ever the location" - love this, may become my new mantra : )


  3. I could be looking at a landfill behind you and still not care, because it's about the amazing clothes and how gorgeous you are. I love how your poses are getting sassy too, rude girl. Love you. xx

  4. oh wow love the shorts and buffets are great...who wouldnt want all you can eat for a good price :) lol

    well make sure and chk my blog out too thanx :)

  5. thaks cara, buffets are the bomb, seriously, love them.

    and theresa, i love you. "rude girl" - this is lush, made my day! x