Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I haven't abandoned my blog. And i am alive.

I feel like a day without blogging is bad, so if you're a follower you may have noticed if two or three go by void of posting, i apologise profusely.

I am working a lot of extra hours at the moment because i need the money.
Being forced into a corner by The Man gets me down but money makes the world go round i guess : (

I also just started rehearsals for this years Pantomime.
It's Cinderella and I'm playing the deliciously evil Grizelda; Cinders' Step Mother.
I've never done panto before, so to be playing quite a big part in my first is daunting. Especially because it's what makes the most money for my theatre company so I'll be doing a lot of very packed out shows.
Add to that the fact i don't consider myself a singer or dancer and there's plenty of both to be done, I'm quite nervous.
So yeah, I'm currently practicing my scowls and frowns, highlighting my script and generally getting into character.

Being busy is hard but I'm also lacking inspiration right now.
Transitioning from Summer to Autumn is always hard on my fashion-y-ness. I have to learn how to dress myself all over again and often i can look like a homeless person because my layering skillzz are being re-honed.

All in all I'm busy and a fashion mess.
But fear not, i will recover. Probably after the clocks go back and i feel less tired all the time.
This wasn't meant to be a "Bum You Out" post, and I'm not depressed or anything, i just like to explain myself. I made a commitment to blogging when i started this and i don't like to do things if I'm not going to give it my all, no sir.

I hope everyone is great, i love you all and I'll be back to regular posting soon : D



  1. good luck with the pantomime, dear! and everything else of course.

  2. thankyou. opening night is like 80 days away but still. need all that luck : )