Monday, 31 October 2011

Home Time

For the first time since i moved up here about 7 weeks ago i am going home to beautiful, lovely Devon AKA The Shire.
I'm very excited to have 5 days in very comfortable surroundings and i'm even more excited to spend a huge amout of time with my Dad : D and of course my greatly missed friends too!

Thought i'd do a little OOTD today and drafted my flatmate in for help taking the photos (TIP: don't mention you did photography A-Level to a blogger who's having issues taking self portraits, you will become an unpaid member of staff) It was proper grey and raining so we only took a few but i'm pretty happy all the same.


I have pretty much lived in this cardigan since buying it, it's so easy to wear in a million different ways, i just can't help myself. The booots are new too, at £15 they were quite the bargain and i'm pretty happy that Primark has started doing wide fitting size 9 shoes! I Made these earrings years ago out of two shell necklaces from Tesco and i tend to wear them a lot when i have my hair up.

I'm gonna aim to do an OOTD every day until Friday whilst i'm back at home with my lovely spacious room and blank walls and i'll either post as i do them or leave it til next week.


On Friday night me and my lovely uni flatmates went on a pretty major night out. It was a Halloween/Birthday mash up night as Bex (next to me in the above picture) said goodbye to her teens and we celebrated the spooky holiday (due to a lot of us being away from Worcester for actual Halloween).

We donned Togas made from Primark bed sheets constructed mostly by yours truly and had what can only be described as an epic time involving Raspberry Jelly-Vodka Shots and out favourite Worcester haunt - Cellar Bar, if you're ever in this little city please check this place out!

Thought i'd spare you guys (and us, actually!) the pictures from after we left the flat and just g with pre-drinking jelly guzzling pics :)
Oh and a wee Nail Design picture of my Greek Inspired patterns!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Better Late

Than Never!

I guess that applies to this post and also to the wintry weather we've been getting. After a good solid week of sunshine at the start of the month it is now fuurrr-eeezze-ing, queue shopping trip for knitwear and coats and of course a cheeky chai latte, i'm clearly settling into my new life well :)


So this cardi was a purchase on my recent shopping trip! Apart from the fact it is 100% acrylic it's pretty perfect and i have to admit i was SRSLY impressed at Primark's autumn/winter stuff. I managed to nab a wool mix blanket coat for £10 in the sale and i love it, can't wait to post about it!
Anyyne else noticed how awsome it is at the moment, or maybe you're hating it?
Taking OOTD pictures in my flat kitchen was a slightly awkward experience for me but i just do not have the space for full body shots in my room so it was necessary. Getting back into the swing of this is undoubtedly going to be a challenge but it's one I'm ready to take on; mercilessly :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011


So my week started out well - dressing up, dancing and drinking. It was all very fun and messy and awesome. Then on Monday i felt a bit worse than just hungover but in true "Morgaine" fashion decided to party through it... didn't work out too well. Turns out i have tonsillitis, again! For the first couple days i was back on the penicillin and ice cream diet before deciding a rehab weekend at my Grandparent's house was the best idea...

...and so here i am. At Grandma & Granddad's getting looked after. I also seem to be getting shit done too, how very productive of me. Monologues and Knitting (grandma just taught me, i'm loving it!) totally Rock and Roll!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dans Ma Chambre

Making sure my room looked and felt home-y and comfortable to be in was my number one priority when i moved to uni. My room at home is my sanctuary and i wanted my space here to be the same. These are a few photos i took yesterday morning when the lovely (albeit a bit late) sunshine was streaming in through my window.
From top to bottom:
Hand carved and hand painted wooden owl (with books behind)
Buddha and my crystals
Some English Civil War Propaganda i made, the frame was originally grey!
Bears, Books and a Bottle of Rum
a pin board that showcases art by the likes of Banksy, Duane Bryers, Me and a 5 year old i babysit.
Bird, Flowers, Sunglasses
Día de los Muertos figurines & make-up
Tea and a re-used soup can (high five for recycling)

Saturday, 1 October 2011



September has undoubtedly been the most crazy month of my year thus far. I feel like i have possibly written that before but this time; i really mean it.
How many emotions/life changing events/bottles of wine etc. are supposed to go into 30 days? Because i feel like i have taken more than my fair share!

Obviously, the biggest thing that has happened to me this month (not even counting how it acted as catalyst for several smaller things) was my move to Worcester to start my Drama & Performance BA at university.
I'm two weeks in now and i've done one full week of proper "lectures" i use the old inverted commas there because i don't really have lectures in the traditional sense, i mostly spend my sessions on my feet in a studio space doing anything from reading Oedipus for 10 minutes to spending an hour doing Yoga and Capoeira.
It's all very new and exciting and awesome but simultaneously, because i've been out of education for two years, it also makes my brain hurt :)

Not much in the way of pictures i know but i'm going to do a few posts this week which will all be picture heavy. Moving here and finding the days just slipping away un-noticed has definitely made me realise how on the ball i am going to have to be if i want to be able to juggle all the different parts of my life, blogging included. Time to learn how to schedule posts i guess, then i can spend free time making lots of posts so y'all are never without your BMB fix!

Just to round up this round-up i'll tell you that i haven't seen any new films or re-discovered anything i haven't mentioned before, TV has pretty much been non-existent except for last night i looked after a friends kids and crammed in as many episodes of Criminal Minds as possible whilst i had access to a TV and Music wise it's been the usual!