Monday, 31 October 2011


On Friday night me and my lovely uni flatmates went on a pretty major night out. It was a Halloween/Birthday mash up night as Bex (next to me in the above picture) said goodbye to her teens and we celebrated the spooky holiday (due to a lot of us being away from Worcester for actual Halloween).

We donned Togas made from Primark bed sheets constructed mostly by yours truly and had what can only be described as an epic time involving Raspberry Jelly-Vodka Shots and out favourite Worcester haunt - Cellar Bar, if you're ever in this little city please check this place out!

Thought i'd spare you guys (and us, actually!) the pictures from after we left the flat and just g with pre-drinking jelly guzzling pics :)
Oh and a wee Nail Design picture of my Greek Inspired patterns!

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