Monday, 31 December 2012

A Fond Farewell

I'm never quite sure how I feel about New Years. I mean, nothing is really changing is it? We say it's a new year, but that's only because of how some ancient dude decided the calendar should work.
So it seems silly to lament the passing of a brilliant time in my life.
Because it's not really passed.
And I don't really want to get worked up, just because western society loves the new.
A new month, a new week, a new day.

But then again, being the fickle creature I am, perhaps I do want to say goodbye to 2012.
And really give 2013 a nice, clean slate to go from.
Even though the slate was dirty in a good way.

Before anyone thinks "Oh, Morgaine's popped a few to many Cold & Flu pills and gone bonkers." This is genuinely how my head works.
And sometimes it's refreshing to get it the fuck out and onto paper (or a blog, as the case may be).

2012 was quite frankly, a wonderful, exciting, beautiful and inherently positive year.
Now I tend to be very optimistic about these things and look for the good in life, but really, it's been amazing.

I finished my first year of University, passing with flying colours and leaving for my summer at home having met people who I now feel rather happy to count as friends.
I turned 21. Which is actually not a very relevant birthday in this country but still got celebrated in possibly excessive amounts with lovely people by my side on all occasions.
I visited Edinburgh for the first time and lazed about on various benches reading and being one of those very cool loners we all admire so much.
Speaking of reading, I read some great books. But not nearly enough.
I gained a rank and a medal, in that hobby I rarely speak about where I pretend to be a soldier in the English Civil War.
I had adventures in the vast and beautiful countryside of Devon, a place I am very happy I lived in for so long, even though I've decided that for the time being, it is not quite home.
I moved into my first house that wasn't owned by a parent and Worcester became home, for now, although I throw the word about frivolously.
I nearly won two games of Scrabble against my father, who has a fairly perfect record of wins.
I discovered I liked Avocados, and I haven't stopped eating them.

This could go on.
But I'll nip it in the bud.
Because I think you get the picture.

2012 had its sombre moments too. Undoubtedly, for there's always a bit of sorrow.
But as a lady I met in Seattle would say "If you get hurt, rub some dirt on it and carry on."

So, after a full 12 months of delight, it's onwards and hopefully upwards to 2013.
I'd like more phony end of the world things for the internet to make fun of.
I'd like more brilliant times with brilliant people.
I'm going to read more books and watch more films and smile at more strangers (0 fucks given if people think I'm a loon, they're probably right and I definitely don't care!).
Maybe I'll finally become a pirate.
Maybe lots of charming things will happen and hopefully, I shall witness them all.

Farewell 2012, hello 2013.
And really, there's no difference, because I intend to have just as much fun.

More Christmas

These are just pictures from my phone which I snapped over the few days of Christmas (despite being very busy!). Starting off with Christmas Day Morning, featuring the traditional family brekkie of biscuits and my smashin festive PJ's!
robin mug christmas biscuits
christmas nails christmas tree
christmas pyjamas christmas presents
Cooking for everyone this year, as much work as it was, was actually really lovely and made me really appreciate how much my Grandma usually does for everyone. Anyway, here is some food (there was no holly left to decorate the pud).
sprouts and bacon christmas pudding
These last two pictures are just favourites from all the ones I took. The first being my favourite tree decoration and the second being the EPIC den I built.
decoration den
You can just about see BFF Zeke's face in the last photo. He came to pick me up from my Grandparent's and take me back to Worcester. We've spent the last three days lazing about something chronic. Abusing Netflix and eating far too much. He left this morning to got to Hull for New Years and, well quite frankly I can't believe it's the 31st already.
The days between Christmas and New Year have apparently been non existent!
I'll write a goodbye 2012 post later. Even though I'd rather stay in denial about New Year.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry XMas

This is me, right now, ASOS Playsuit and White Wine :) It might be Boxing Day but I'm still on duty: SO MUCH COOKING! (We have 4 straight days of roast dinners!). I've been snapping away on Instagram if you fancy having a gander and as of the 28th i'm back to regular life in Worcester so shall resume posting properly.
Christmas has come around so quickly this year and has passed with just as much haste, it's a shame but I've had a lovely time and hope you all have too!!!
<3 xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

fix up, look sharp

[I was meant to schedule this but I'm a ditz so here, have it now!]

I am gifted with friends who, quite frankly, are nuts. So when I start having a few pictures taken for Le Blog (in my glamorous kitchen of all places) one of the aforementioned nutters decides to jump in on the action. Readers of Bust My Buttons, meet Elliot. Psychology Student, music enthusiast, my dear friend and if these pictures are anything to go by, future model.

I'd post where Elliot got his clothes from but I have no clue and lord knows I'm not calling to ask. I do know however, that he's only wearing those shoes because they were, and I quote "The only ones without a hole in the bottom". The No Hole rule probably applies to his jeans as well!
He'll probably kill me for saying that :)

Looking at these pictures made me decide I need a fringe trim, look at that mop!

moon in the water


This is just a mini post with some details for an outfit I wore a couple weeks back. I love moonstone and this necklace is especially pretty, the photo doesn't do it justice.

I've been performing for one of my modules of late (hello second biggest part in the play!) on top of doing the farewell for xmas rounds so basically, it's been a bit manic. I'm at home in Exeter now, sans tripod and 99% of my clothes so as soon as I'm at Grandma's with more luggage and equipment I'm gonna post more often.
Apologies for the absence, if you even noticed it :)

To cover me for the next couple of days i'm going to schedule some random picture posts from nights out where I managed to capture an outfit, or most of one anyway!

Hope everyone is having a good run up to Christmas and if you've already celebrated some or all of your winter festivities then I hope they were brilliant too <3

Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting Festive


I went to Birmingham Christmas Market again this year, just like last year. There's a shit load of pictures from the day on Instagram (check the links to your right!). It's become a tradition for me and my housemate :) I bought a stupid amount of warm winter-y goods including this jumper and then, as we decided it was apt to do so on December 1st, when we got home we put the tree up. We called it Uni X-Mas Eve and the next day we had a pretty epic roast cooked by moi as it was, obviously, Uni X-Mas Day (that's when these pictures were taken).
It's really nice to set aside a bit of time to spend with my Worcester Family for christmas-y things, we played board games and everything, before heading back to Exeter for the actual holidays :)

sudden urge to blog



So i'm sat watching Miami Vice (the TV show) and I get the sudden overwhelming urge to blog. So I scramble around my hard rive and find these beauties from a couple of recent nights out.
Where I basically wore the same outfit.
Oh well, if it aint broke, don't fix it!

The belt in the top picture and dress in the bottom are recent additions that I truly love and intend to get LOTS of use out of. What you cant see in this picture is that the ASOS dress has a lovely wrap style design to the front so is quite different from the H&M fit and flare number :)

Gotta love your boozed up friends and the fact that, even after a few too many lemonades, they can still take a decent outfit shot!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter Wishlist Vol. 2

Coats & Jackets




Normally, I spend my winters lamenting my lack of money because there are so many wonderful coats I want. This year, as per tradition, is no fucking different!

I decided to post these because they're a little different to my usual choice of coat which is black, wool and hooded (for practicality reasons).

I'm also really liking the leather sleeve coats that are back this season and as far as retailers go, ASOS Curve is smashing it coat/jacket wise for me!
Anyone else got a personal favourite style of coat or store to get a coat from?