Monday, 31 December 2012

More Christmas

These are just pictures from my phone which I snapped over the few days of Christmas (despite being very busy!). Starting off with Christmas Day Morning, featuring the traditional family brekkie of biscuits and my smashin festive PJ's!
robin mug christmas biscuits
christmas nails christmas tree
christmas pyjamas christmas presents
Cooking for everyone this year, as much work as it was, was actually really lovely and made me really appreciate how much my Grandma usually does for everyone. Anyway, here is some food (there was no holly left to decorate the pud).
sprouts and bacon christmas pudding
These last two pictures are just favourites from all the ones I took. The first being my favourite tree decoration and the second being the EPIC den I built.
decoration den
You can just about see BFF Zeke's face in the last photo. He came to pick me up from my Grandparent's and take me back to Worcester. We've spent the last three days lazing about something chronic. Abusing Netflix and eating far too much. He left this morning to got to Hull for New Years and, well quite frankly I can't believe it's the 31st already.
The days between Christmas and New Year have apparently been non existent!
I'll write a goodbye 2012 post later. Even though I'd rather stay in denial about New Year.