Thursday, 20 December 2012

fix up, look sharp

[I was meant to schedule this but I'm a ditz so here, have it now!]

I am gifted with friends who, quite frankly, are nuts. So when I start having a few pictures taken for Le Blog (in my glamorous kitchen of all places) one of the aforementioned nutters decides to jump in on the action. Readers of Bust My Buttons, meet Elliot. Psychology Student, music enthusiast, my dear friend and if these pictures are anything to go by, future model.

I'd post where Elliot got his clothes from but I have no clue and lord knows I'm not calling to ask. I do know however, that he's only wearing those shoes because they were, and I quote "The only ones without a hole in the bottom". The No Hole rule probably applies to his jeans as well!
He'll probably kill me for saying that :)

Looking at these pictures made me decide I need a fringe trim, look at that mop!

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