Monday, 31 December 2012

A Fond Farewell

I'm never quite sure how I feel about New Years. I mean, nothing is really changing is it? We say it's a new year, but that's only because of how some ancient dude decided the calendar should work.
So it seems silly to lament the passing of a brilliant time in my life.
Because it's not really passed.
And I don't really want to get worked up, just because western society loves the new.
A new month, a new week, a new day.

But then again, being the fickle creature I am, perhaps I do want to say goodbye to 2012.
And really give 2013 a nice, clean slate to go from.
Even though the slate was dirty in a good way.

Before anyone thinks "Oh, Morgaine's popped a few to many Cold & Flu pills and gone bonkers." This is genuinely how my head works.
And sometimes it's refreshing to get it the fuck out and onto paper (or a blog, as the case may be).

2012 was quite frankly, a wonderful, exciting, beautiful and inherently positive year.
Now I tend to be very optimistic about these things and look for the good in life, but really, it's been amazing.

I finished my first year of University, passing with flying colours and leaving for my summer at home having met people who I now feel rather happy to count as friends.
I turned 21. Which is actually not a very relevant birthday in this country but still got celebrated in possibly excessive amounts with lovely people by my side on all occasions.
I visited Edinburgh for the first time and lazed about on various benches reading and being one of those very cool loners we all admire so much.
Speaking of reading, I read some great books. But not nearly enough.
I gained a rank and a medal, in that hobby I rarely speak about where I pretend to be a soldier in the English Civil War.
I had adventures in the vast and beautiful countryside of Devon, a place I am very happy I lived in for so long, even though I've decided that for the time being, it is not quite home.
I moved into my first house that wasn't owned by a parent and Worcester became home, for now, although I throw the word about frivolously.
I nearly won two games of Scrabble against my father, who has a fairly perfect record of wins.
I discovered I liked Avocados, and I haven't stopped eating them.

This could go on.
But I'll nip it in the bud.
Because I think you get the picture.

2012 had its sombre moments too. Undoubtedly, for there's always a bit of sorrow.
But as a lady I met in Seattle would say "If you get hurt, rub some dirt on it and carry on."

So, after a full 12 months of delight, it's onwards and hopefully upwards to 2013.
I'd like more phony end of the world things for the internet to make fun of.
I'd like more brilliant times with brilliant people.
I'm going to read more books and watch more films and smile at more strangers (0 fucks given if people think I'm a loon, they're probably right and I definitely don't care!).
Maybe I'll finally become a pirate.
Maybe lots of charming things will happen and hopefully, I shall witness them all.

Farewell 2012, hello 2013.
And really, there's no difference, because I intend to have just as much fun.

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