Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Seeing Red

Jeans - £30 - ASOS Curve

As much as i adore the colour red i actually do not own one single piece of red clothing. I have some patterned stuff with red in it and i wear red lipstick but i think red is a seriously hard colour for me to pull off! I always felt like a 14 year old punk-pop addict when i wore my now long gone red t-shirt with black jeans, there's something about the colour combo. I guess the point, or question i'm trying to get to is what do you guys think?
I've been wanting to try the whole coloured jean thing for a while and i'm desperately in love with these. I just worry about [A] Looking like my 14 year old self and [B] only ever wearing these with a plain white tee for fear of [A]
Maybe you have some outfit suggestions? Any help would be appreciated so that i can successfully own colourful denim without reverting to my emo baby-punk fashion mishaps!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Morgaine: 20 Today

It feels so strange saying 20. I'm not so sure i like it just yet. I already feel like i can get away with less mischief : /

Here's a whole bunch of pictures of this evening starting with my outfit and then some shots of my meal with dad. We went for Moroccan food and a hookah pipe then on for one (un-pictured) drink.


I actually wore flat shoes with this in the end because the restaurant is all cushions blankets on the floor and sitting cross legged with wedges on for a meal is tricky. I am currently living in black tube skirt based outfits, it's just easy and comfy and i really fucking like it : )
For anyone interested the wedges are SO comfortable. It's like wearing flat shoes, honestly, i love them.

And now for lots of random pictures like the books i got as presents and the decor of tonight's food venue!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

OOTD: Brian Fantana

So i didn't get a single shot of my clothing last night, i was having too much fun, i hope this makes up for it though! I'm not actually that hungover, more tired due to sleeping on my friend's floor for less than 6 hours, but whenever i wake up from a night out i always think of that scene in Anchorman


Yeah, still wearing yesterday's make-up, rock and roll baby.
I have been dying to show y'all this dress. I bought it the weekend i got back from the states for £9, god i missed Primark; yes it's busy and messy and not exactly consistent but you can score some serious bargains! I bought the top in America and saw no one wearing it there but since i've got back i've seen 10 people in it, random fact but i thought you should know : )
I really need to learn how to knot t-shirts better, this one ain't to bad but sometimes it looks terrible when i do it, srsly terrible.
I'm not wearing any shoes, because i'm a free spirit flower child (as i announced to the whole of Topshop yesterday when i walked around the store wearing 3 flower headbands which, for the record, i did not buy)

The more i look at it the more i am loving double stripes! And the thing about it is i threw this on. I packed the dress in my bag yesterday to wear on the drive home and when i got in i put the t-shirt over it. I didn't plan it or think about what i was doing i just chucked it on.
I swear some of the best outfits happen when you put no conscious effort into dressing yourself : )

Saturday, 21 May 2011

OOTD: Lazy


This is what i wore today for a quick shop and coffee avec mon papa. I'm going out later to see a friend's band so i'll be showering and getting changed, hence why i decided to throw on a very easy outfit.
Just realised how surprised i look in the 1st picture, like i found something in my top knot that doesn't quite belong there (i didn't, by the way).
I love the colour of these jeans so much but they're getting seriously worn out. The fabric they're made from is more jersey than denim so it's not long wearing at all: gutted!

Here's a close up of the bracelet, i basically haven't taken it off since i got it. Super cheap and simple but i likes it.

I will post tonight's outfit tomorrow if i get the chance to take pictures of it. So far the whole evening is a bit disorganised and i'm not 100% sure what's going on. I know i could take some whilst i'm out but if i'm really honest, it aint gonna happen - i'll be too drunk. Tonight is also a birthday drinks thing for little old me and i'm never one to shy away from an excuse to drink tequila : )

Even if it is 2 days before my actual 20th...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Seattle: Final Post

Almost a year ago i decided to spend a month in America, more specifically Seattle, Washington.
Everyone i speak to asks "Why Seattle?" or just simply "Why?" and mostly i answer with "why not?" My choice of city is fairly random, i just gravitated towards it, no real conscious reason as to why, let's call it destiny. I took my savings, i booked my flights, i found a place to stay and i put it to the back of my mind.
A good few months later, excited and scared i boarded a flight.

I have travelled before, sometimes alone but often with friends or family. I had never gone for more than a week and i had never gone more than 1000 miles away from home base.
I left with no defined purpose, no "this is what i want out of this trip" list and no idea of what it would do to me. Much of my trip was spent coasting on adrenaline and adventure. I did tourist-y things and shopped and explored my new city.
I also spent a lot of time observing.
Observing a culture i've had a little obsession with for quite some time.
Culturally, nothing shocked me. I was momentarily taken aback by some things, people's attitudes or actions, the fact that TV is more adverts than shows. There were lots of things i liked though, people seemed more open and friendly. I ended up staying with the coolest woman in her 70's, she knew the guy i originally booked accommodation with who bailed on me and said yes to having me in her spare room knowing only my name and age. She turned out to be such a wonderful part of my trip. People approached me on the street to say they liked my clothes, or my bottom (thank you again to the men of Seattle who publicly appreciated my "ass") random conversations would start in shops and go on for ages and not get boring!
There was in general a quite relaxed attitude and I got the impression that Seattle is quite liberal, which i liked.
The one thing i really couldn't understand was how separate i felt from people my own age. Obviously i spent a comparatively small amount of time in the USA but i felt very mature. Maybe it's the 21 drinking age thing but i mean, people my age seemed to be acting the way i did at 15 - 16 and the people i met in their early 20's were more like myself. I hung out with a group of 21 to 23 year olds one time who pretty much froze me out the second i said i was 19 (they were all going out to a bar later that night, i knew i couldn't but wanted to chill with them before they left). I just sat there thinking "I've been drinking legally for longer than you, and don't even get me started on illegally!" It sounds silly but i felt pretty shit that it was such a big deal!

At this point i kinda just have to totally un-smoothly cut to another subject.
The personal journey that the trip became.

I always had an inkling that one month alone in Seattle would be a good exercise in finding myself and it really, really was.
To break it down, i don't know if i really came back the same person at all.
When you're alone, which i was (aside from facebook the only contact i had to home was one phone call to my dad) you really have to get to know and like and love yourself, else you're fucked. F U C K E D. I'm serious, if you are the only company you have and you can't even say "i like you" you're in for one rubbish time.
I have always been independent and pretty good at alone time but the first week broke me.
I cried and i wallowed in my own self pity and i brooded and i cried. And i realised how shit my life had got because i'd gotten too lazy to live it, i was in a constant state of waiting for something good to happen; so focused on the future i was missing the present. I noticed how ungrateful i'd become, how little i appreciated the small things that every person should appreciate openly and loudly so everyone knows!
I could go on listing but let's just say i realised a lot; a whole damn lot.
I found comfort in the lyrics of this song: Can't Go Back Now by The Weepies, i don't know the band i just found the lyrics on a blog and looked it up. As cliched as it may be, the line "In the end the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself" really saw me through some tough moments. I think that lyric, finding the ability to love and praise myself and keeping a journal may have been the things that stopped me from losing my mind at times.
It was hard. But it was amazing.
I laughed just now, remembering how much i cried in my first week and then i saw this in my journal
"I remember looking out of the plane window on flight here, seeing Seattle lit up below me
and crying. Because i was proud of myself, because i had done it. I think those might have
been the only tears worth crying."
They really were.

I encourage anyone who wants to travel or see a place to go alone, just do it. Be scared and lost and alone and scared and excited. Please. Because honestly, it will do you so much good. I learnt so much about what i can achieve, from start to finish i financed, organised and did the trip alone and more importantly i recognised how amazing it was that i managed it. For the first time i was able to say to myself "i'm proud of you" and "i love you" and there is no feeling like realising your own awesomeness : )

It's really hard to write this down, because it just doesn't come out of my head well, but i hope i've got the general feeling across.
I do love talking about it in detail to anyone with the tiniest bit of interest so if you have a specific question then please please feel free to ask it and i will endeavour to answer as best i can.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

b is for bracelets



Just two of a selection of bracelets/cuffs I've seen recently that really appeal to me. I'm loving a lot of High Street jewellery at the moment but my judgement always stops me from buying much that is priced above £5. I just don't think it's worth it when half the stuff breaks or turns you green. It's hard to resist though, when they make it so pretty!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I'm doing a little bit of re-decorating on the blog. So please excuse any mess that might appear : )

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bust My Buttons on Tumblr

 Pretty sure i've mentioned this before but there has been a big increase in traffic between my two blogs so i thought i'd mention it again!

It's not really an extension of this blog so much as my own personal Tumblr. I do post a lot of fashion related things but you also got a fair amount of film, music and my general thoughts mashed up in there too. If you're a fan of a simpler set-up or you just need something quicker, check out the Tumblr (and of course come back to here when you have the time/patience : D)

And just a warning, yes, sometimes on my Tumblr i reblog pictures of : O Naked People! & : O Drugs! & : O i have a bona fide Potty Mouth.
I'm just another corrupt and filthy human being so please do not visit if this don't float your boat : )

Monday, 9 May 2011

Skirt Season

Well i can't speak for "all the ladies" but i know i'm loving skirts of the shorter variety right now. I adore seeing the midi trend on everyone else but i can't dig it on my fine self, i think it's the shortening affect that seems to really go to town on me, it's like i put a calf length skirt on and suddenly i could be one of Santa's helpers! I have a couple of recently purchased shorter skirts but i really want to add more and these are three that i found on today:

Black Panel Bodycon Skirt - £22
(wayyy behind the trend with this style)

Blue Mini Weave Bodycon Skirt - £25
(really love this one)

Becka Skirt by Motel - £32
(i love it but not for thirty two pounds!)

So i think i will undoubtedly end up with the black and hopefully the blue seeing as how my birthday is coming up and i can put them on wish lists.
Do you guys have any particular trends/items you're really getting into right now? Or maybe you're re-cycling stuff you already had? Either way, speak up : )

OOTD: Last Day of Freedom

After 5 weeks away i am back at work tomorrow, so i spent my day being indulgently lazy. I actually only got dressed to go and buy nacho ingredients so i could have an awesome lunch! (for the record, they were damn tasty nachos) I'm looking a little mardy in my pictures, it's not representative of my mood, i guess i was just trying the whole serious model bit : )


aaand just to prove i'm not totally moody

This dress is really easy to just throw on, it's comfy and simple and great for just running about in. It does however have one drawback, shown here, click if you're interested. The boots are so amazing, i already spoke about them a couple posts ago but seriously, if you're a bit of a high heel retard like me then go for a pair of these.
Nails are painted with Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream and Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Top Coat.

I'm working on my Seattle round up post. I'm drafting right now then i'll hopefully just do one session of final writing up and post. Hopefully you'll be seeing it by the end of the week.
Happy Monday Everyone, hope yours was as nice as mine!

Friday, 6 May 2011


A new style of wishlist.
To cover those items that i see and immediately NEED. Like i need air, water and cake.



Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Logged in today to a good handful of new followers : )

So this is just a little post to welcome you to Bust My Buttons!
From the bottom of my heart (and this goes out to "old" followers too) thank-you. I find it constantly inspiring that my little alcove of the Internet is interesting enough for people to spend time in.
I'm feeling more and more motivated to invest time and effort into keeping things rockin, not just because of growing numbers of buttonettes or busters (like my little names for ya?) but also because i'm getting so much out of this. I don't know if i've had a shift in the way i think about blogging or what but i really really want to make Bust My Buttons as awesome as i can.

Any suggestions for what to post on are always welcome but the big thing on my mind right now is what do you guys want to see?

I've had a good few comments about me posting on beauty products and think this could be a winner, would y'all be down with that? And if so what kind of things would you want to see, maybe there's something you don't see on other beauty blogs/posts?

So yeah, voice your opinions people, this is my baby but it's yours too!

image credit

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shopping in Seattle: Vol. 3

These are the things i've picked up on my last couple of trips out to the main shopping area of Downtown Seattle, i'm shocked at how much i've spent but i wanted all these things, will use all of them and i earned the money i came with so no buyers remorse here. All prices are before tax which from what i can work out is just under 10% here. It took me a long time to get used to the whole adding tax gig.

I don't normally spend this much on deo, but i've wanted this for ages and you can't get it at home so i figured why the fuck not? Not used it yet but i'll let you know how good it is. I loved how they wrapped it in tissue, i'm like "that shit is going on my pits, it's not diamonds"

I didn't even know they made sharpies this colour! I always carry a black fine line without fail. I guess now my toilet graffiti err i mean drawing, is gonna get interesting.

 TOP & DRESS - $17.80 & $19.80 - FOREVER 21
F21 literally just opened in dowtown Seattle so i went in and decided these'd be perfect additions to my summer wardrobe. The thing i can't get over is that the top on the left is a 3X and the dress on the right is an L, yet they both fit pretty spot on, i mean the L is a little small but not as small as it should be judging by how the 3X fits.

These are my real: holiday splurge/early birthday present to self/i'm not taking dollars back home purchase. They are the Dr. M's Darcie boot in a size 9 and if any of you want a comfortable, long lasting and nice lookin pair of boots i recommend these.

TOP & SKIRT - $9.95 & $5.95 - H&M
Just a basic baggy short tee in navy and white, size L and a striped jersey mini skirt size M. The whole baggy top with tight short skirt is probably gonna be my summer uniform (aside from the usual printed dresses).

SKIRT & TOP - $5.95 & $24.95 - also H&M
Same as before with the skirt except this is plain black, i get these in a Medium because after a couple washes they stretch and the Large doesn't stay as tight as i like for tube skirts. The top is cute, the detailing you see is on the chest and the scalloped edges are on the sleeves which are batwing.

BAG - $20 - H&M
Yeah, i went a bit wild in H&M huh? It was nice, i don't get to go crazy shopping often and didn't even get to do it here at the start of my trip (sensible spending at the start has lead to sprees at the end!) This was on the sale pile and i liked it so i got it, simple. 

So this, i'm told, is a Washington Wizards jersey. I bought it purely so i can look gangsta while i clean or go to the supermarket or do my hair or chill in my garden. I would have got a Bulls or Lakers jersey because i actually know those teams but they wanted crazy money for those. Poor Wizards, banished to the sale!