Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Seeing Red

Jeans - £30 - ASOS Curve

As much as i adore the colour red i actually do not own one single piece of red clothing. I have some patterned stuff with red in it and i wear red lipstick but i think red is a seriously hard colour for me to pull off! I always felt like a 14 year old punk-pop addict when i wore my now long gone red t-shirt with black jeans, there's something about the colour combo. I guess the point, or question i'm trying to get to is what do you guys think?
I've been wanting to try the whole coloured jean thing for a while and i'm desperately in love with these. I just worry about [A] Looking like my 14 year old self and [B] only ever wearing these with a plain white tee for fear of [A]
Maybe you have some outfit suggestions? Any help would be appreciated so that i can successfully own colourful denim without reverting to my emo baby-punk fashion mishaps!


  1. I love these too, but have problems with the fit of Asos pants, so I'm wary of them...

    I would wear them with florals, or black and white patterns, or navy blue and white stripes, even leopard print would work, I think.

  2. leather jacket, cropped top, loose silk/cotton shirt, shirt tucked in at the waist, florals as Elizabeth said. Sheer materials up top would work too. I think I may have to buy the jeans myself!!

    XO Rebecca.

  3. thanks lovelies; lots of ideas now! guess no money shall be saved this month : )

    i'm wary of fit too elizabeth, that's why i LOVE the free delivery and returns! x