Saturday, 21 May 2011

OOTD: Lazy


This is what i wore today for a quick shop and coffee avec mon papa. I'm going out later to see a friend's band so i'll be showering and getting changed, hence why i decided to throw on a very easy outfit.
Just realised how surprised i look in the 1st picture, like i found something in my top knot that doesn't quite belong there (i didn't, by the way).
I love the colour of these jeans so much but they're getting seriously worn out. The fabric they're made from is more jersey than denim so it's not long wearing at all: gutted!

Here's a close up of the bracelet, i basically haven't taken it off since i got it. Super cheap and simple but i likes it.

I will post tonight's outfit tomorrow if i get the chance to take pictures of it. So far the whole evening is a bit disorganised and i'm not 100% sure what's going on. I know i could take some whilst i'm out but if i'm really honest, it aint gonna happen - i'll be too drunk. Tonight is also a birthday drinks thing for little old me and i'm never one to shy away from an excuse to drink tequila : )

Even if it is 2 days before my actual 20th...

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