Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Logged in today to a good handful of new followers : )

So this is just a little post to welcome you to Bust My Buttons!
From the bottom of my heart (and this goes out to "old" followers too) thank-you. I find it constantly inspiring that my little alcove of the Internet is interesting enough for people to spend time in.
I'm feeling more and more motivated to invest time and effort into keeping things rockin, not just because of growing numbers of buttonettes or busters (like my little names for ya?) but also because i'm getting so much out of this. I don't know if i've had a shift in the way i think about blogging or what but i really really want to make Bust My Buttons as awesome as i can.

Any suggestions for what to post on are always welcome but the big thing on my mind right now is what do you guys want to see?

I've had a good few comments about me posting on beauty products and think this could be a winner, would y'all be down with that? And if so what kind of things would you want to see, maybe there's something you don't see on other beauty blogs/posts?

So yeah, voice your opinions people, this is my baby but it's yours too!

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