Monday, 9 May 2011

Skirt Season

Well i can't speak for "all the ladies" but i know i'm loving skirts of the shorter variety right now. I adore seeing the midi trend on everyone else but i can't dig it on my fine self, i think it's the shortening affect that seems to really go to town on me, it's like i put a calf length skirt on and suddenly i could be one of Santa's helpers! I have a couple of recently purchased shorter skirts but i really want to add more and these are three that i found on today:

Black Panel Bodycon Skirt - £22
(wayyy behind the trend with this style)

Blue Mini Weave Bodycon Skirt - £25
(really love this one)

Becka Skirt by Motel - £32
(i love it but not for thirty two pounds!)

So i think i will undoubtedly end up with the black and hopefully the blue seeing as how my birthday is coming up and i can put them on wish lists.
Do you guys have any particular trends/items you're really getting into right now? Or maybe you're re-cycling stuff you already had? Either way, speak up : )


  1. yeah im into the short skirts too, i was actually looking for some new ones.. like the ones you picked out. I'm also starting to be all about the harem pants im afraid of not being able to pull them off though :/ they are super rad....


  2. babe you need to get shopping for harems! don't be scared, take your time and try out different sizes and styles. you can rock 'em, easy : )i only have one pair of kinda harems but oooh, they are comfy and breezy i.e. perfect for summer.