Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bust My Buttons on Tumblr

 Pretty sure i've mentioned this before but there has been a big increase in traffic between my two blogs so i thought i'd mention it again!

It's not really an extension of this blog so much as my own personal Tumblr. I do post a lot of fashion related things but you also got a fair amount of film, music and my general thoughts mashed up in there too. If you're a fan of a simpler set-up or you just need something quicker, check out the Tumblr (and of course come back to here when you have the time/patience : D)

And just a warning, yes, sometimes on my Tumblr i reblog pictures of : O Naked People! & : O Drugs! & : O i have a bona fide Potty Mouth.
I'm just another corrupt and filthy human being so please do not visit if this don't float your boat : )

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