Monday, 18 June 2012

famous for nothing


I've posted several variations of this before but i think it's a testament to the shirts wearability that it features on BMB so much. I don't post every outfit i wear and i don't even post all the ones i really like because of time restraints or not having my camera or whatever. I guess what I'm saying is i don't mind kinda repeating myself once in a while and i hope all my lovely readers don't mind either :)

Part of my current inspo is Debbie from The Wild Thornberry's and Darlene from Rosanne. I seem to be constantly attracted to wearing plaid and having an attitude problem...
I'm also wearing my hair in plaits every night and worshipping dry shampoo for its volumising wonderfulness.
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Perm.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Beauty Post: Dark Purple Lips

In my last post I was sporting a pretty awesome (even if i do say so myself) purple lip. This is a really basic post that just mentions the products I used and roughly says how I do it. I don't feel quite confident enough taking pictures of the process of putting it on because A: I'm not a beauty blogger/expert/guru and B: Whilst i do keep to a basic routine when it comes to putting lippy on i'm still trying out new tips and tricks and stuff!

So I start by keeping my lips in generally good condition. I'm prone to sore dry lips in between seasons, when it's generally warming up or cooling down and Carmex is my go to product for everyday use. If i'm gonna wear lippy i apply a small amount of this and give it a while to sink in before carrying on.

Next, i line my lips, I watched a really good MAC video a while back where the artist put lip liner all over the lip and that's something I tend to do whatever colour i'm wearing. I'll always do it with this particular lippy though because it makes the colour a bit more opaque. I love Barry M liners, they're pretty cheap and get the job done well enough!

After i've lined I just slap on the lipstick. Sometimes i use a brush, sometimes not, depends how much time i have. The one in the picture is a GOSH brush that cost 49 pence from superdrug, amazing bargain!! However i'm putting it on, be it with a brush or not, i do one coat and then blot it with a tissue before doing another coat. This lippy is a Rimmel one from the Kate Moss range they have at the moment, it's number 4.

And that's it, done :)
The "optional extras" in the top photo that i haven't mentioned are a sharpener because i think sharp lip liner is very very important and also there is some Benefit Eye Bright which i sometimes put on my Cupid's Bow to highlight it and make my top lip seem a bit fuller because it's kinda skinny compared to the bottom one.

ooohhhh, first Bust My Buttons Beauty Post all done. Aaalllll done.
Hope it wasn't boring and was in some way helpful/entertaining.

Thursday, 14 June 2012



So, so, soooo many pictures i know, but i freakin love this outfit. I dyed the t-shirt and cut up the shorts all by myself :) I was so happy with how the tee came out but the shorts need more work, I'm thinking more rips and some studs...
Considering i am now home for summer, the weather has been abysmal! I'm talking torrential rain and grey skies pretty much solidly since i left Worcester. Part of me is all, fuck you English Summer because i can't ride my bike and my pictures are all dark and fuzzy, then the other part is actually pretty okay with it, cos i can get my goth on without worrying about my face melting off!

The lipstick in this post is new (it's this amazing dark purple grape-y colour despite these pics making it look black) and it has inspired me to start doing some make-up/general beauty products posts. So yeah, keep an eye out for those!

It's good being home because of my beautiful white walls that make a perfect backdrop <3