Friday, 31 December 2010

Two Thousand & Eleven

2010, a year of:
hearing words like "austerity" and "coalition" more and more, making new and amazing friends, trying new things just for shits and giggles, planning my travels, tears, good food, beautiful music, reading brilliant books, behaving like a child, worrying about tax for the first time ever, applying to university, learning that although i want my family to be happy their happiness cannot come at the cost of my own, being afraid, realising that you have to know you're hurt before you can heal, starting my beloved blog, reeling in my shopping habits (i am proud of this), taking more pictures than you can shake a stick at, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, switching to an all new as natural as possible skin and haircare regime and damn it's good, a new found confidence, remembering that as long as i tried my best then that's all that matters, bike rides, rum, mud wrestles, pantomime, being inspired, dedicating more (but still not enough) time to being creative, sunshine, snow and everything in between, living in the moment, a new bedroom and much much much much more.

I make no rules and set no boundaries for 2011.
I have a lot planned; a month in the states, university, London + Blogger Meet, but i want to go with the flow. After 2011 i will be a student and then hopefully a career woman of some sort. This could be my last chance to let go control of my life almost completely and that is an opportunity i am not willing to miss.

I wish every person who reads this all the love and luck and joy in the world for 2011.
Be fearless, break rules, have fun, love, laugh, cry, eat, drink and be merry.
This is your year, your life, your time to shine : )

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hope Your Christmas Was Button-Bustingly Brilliant!

: )

I got a variety of things including a new camera, some Lush goodies, chocolate, time with my family, A NASTY TOOTH ACHE (LAME), two books and a dvd!

I feel amazingly grateful, lucky and thankful and i feel a bit overwhelmed (it's probably the mix of hormones, pain killers and alcohol that's doing this)

I'd just like to add that one of the best presents ever is this blog, it was a gift from life and the internets and the constant inspiration and drive it gives me is a blessing i will never cease to be thankful for!

Love to you all ♥

Monday, 20 December 2010

Five Favourites and Lessons Learned

Keeping it short and sweet this week!

Lessons Learned:
1. I am very good at singing other people's praises but never take enough time to consider my own achievements and good points, this is something i must work on!

2. I have taken to closing my mouth and am slowly learning to listen more, it's rather lovely.

3. I have come to realise that some of the best things happen when the advice you take or plan you stick to is the one that sounded the maddest and craziest.

4. The British Mindset/Attitude + Snow + a Retail job = Me convinced that the world is mostly full of wankers!

5. I am a sucker for acoustic versions. Loving this and this and this. Don't get me wrong i still love the originals but these are just awesome.

1. SNOW! Hating the media hype of the "Chaos" caused by it but loving the snow, i took nearly 100 pictures on my walk to work.

2. The cast of Panto. I never expected to meet so many genuinely wonderful people and become friends with them. I've loved the whole thing really; can't wait to actually perform now (1 week to go!)

3. Christmas Songs. Good ones anyway! I usually dislike these but this year they've been appropriately timed so i'm not sick to death of the things!

4. Christmas/Winter Solstice. Feeling very festive! I can't wait, my family arrives in 4 days. I feel good about the whole thing, hopefully it runs smoothly! (i'm cooking for 7 people!)

5. Articulate. Played this game for the first time yesterday and 10 minutes ago i reserved my one of own to pick up on Thursday! Can't wait to play it with the fam!

What are yours guys!?! Hook Me Up!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

OOTD: 60's Snow Fun

It snowed yesterday and i was sure it'd be gone by this morning but i opened my curtains at 8:30AM to a blanket and a blizzard of snow.

I popped and did more crimbo shopping, i'd like to say i'm done but alas, i am not!


Pretty standard warm, winter outfit right here. These tights are amazing and cost £3 so i literally love them, tons. I nearly threw this coat in a charity shop bag once, i'm still not 100% sure i like it, but it suits me for the cold days when i want to be Jackie O.

it's all pictures from here on out.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ramble On

I don't refrain from being political on my blog.

I just don't often talk about big Fat Acceptance things on here (like the Marie Claire controversy) because i like what i post to be concise and educated and well written, not a 2 page gabble about how angry i am fat people get treated like shit.
Because we all know fat people get treated like shit without me blowing my nut over it.
I also hate, and i mean hate this hypersensitive culture that has come to my attention recently, where everything has to be P.C for fear of upsetting someone and even then somebody complains.

I say i don't refrain from being political on my blog because the bare fact that i am a fat woman, putting nice clothes on my big ass and posting pictures of it (sans self deprecating captions) means that i am hugely political.

But this isn't just about how hard it can be to be fat because lets face it, life's no picnic for anyone.

From the moment you're properly aware of the world around you, you're constantly told you're not good enough. And this goes for everybody; men, women, fat, thin, black, white etc etc.
We are all victims of a culture that revolves around making us feel bad so we can be sold a product that makes us feel good. You know it's true.

Even if you have amazing family and friends who love you and make you feel beautiful, there will always be someone to knock you down a peg, especially if you don't quite tick all the boxes on the "what makes a person pretty list" and that person is probably someone you don't know at all and they will probably launch an unprovoked attack on you in the street/playground/workplace/other public venue.
I have said this before and I maintain the opinion that every single person is beautiful, or at the very least has the capacity to be so.
It is unfair that we make life harder for ourselves by being horrible to each other, as if life isn't hard enough.
This isn't about fat acceptance. This is about acceptance.
Diversity is key. People are what they are, weight or race or religion or sexuality should not affect the respect we have for each other and our right to exist and to live.

This video inspired me, because it represents people like me. But the message of it can be applied to everything; race, gender, sexuality, religion...
So give it a watch, or a listen.
And the next time you judge someone or make a comment consider what it is you're saying and why.

fat body (in)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


New Shoes. Booya!

Link to the red version of my shiny lovelies here. Black is sold out online!

Looking a bit messy here but i was going to rehearsals, not dinner at Buckingham Palace so no apologies from me : )

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

OOTD: Hammer Time

Yeah, my new trousers make me feel a bit MC Hammer-y. Hence the title.

I'd like to start by just getting this semi-negative (and quite long winded) bit out the way first.
I ordered these trousers a couple weeks back, along with these. I got 20% off code and they had a buy before 5PM and get free next day delivery thang going on so that was lovely. However...
First up, unless my eyes are messed up, they look quite brown in the photo, sandy-browny-greenish. In real life these are bona fide army green. Like standard issue washed out uniform green. Which is fine, because i can roll with that, but the picture fo shiz mislead me. So yeah, be warned all is not as it seems. I will also add at this point that the other pair, briefly mentioned above, but not pictured in this post are less shiny and less pink that the photo, a friend called them camel, i'd agree but say with a hint of pink.
Secondly, the pair i'm posting on today are my second pair of the same ones, the first either came ripped or ripped as i put them on. Basically they're made of very soft cotton twill, which in my humble opinion is a free spirit sorta fabric and when you try and hem it, it pulls. Which incidentally is what happened with mine, the whole side seam on the left leg went. I emailed ASOS asking if i could still return even though i'd removed the tags, they sent an email back straight away informing me they'd sent out a replacement pair and given me 10% off my next order. This is obviously great customer service but if they'd have given me a choice i'd rather have exchanged for something else (i've got trouser paranoia, i keep checking the seams), and also the replacement pair were a size smaller than my original order, they still fit but they're less roomy, i couldn't be arsed with sending them back and emailing again so left it.
All in all i am still perfectly happy to shop at ASOS and still love the trousers but i felt the need to explain everything, especially about the colour.


Despite the above issues, i do love these trousers. I think they're very true to size, comfy and easy to wear. Like this took me two seconds to throw on (i'm wearing less than 5 layers for the first time in weeks, we've had solid ice in our garden for ages but it melted this morning).
I went Christmas shopping, ugh, i hate huge crowds of people and looong queues for everything. I'm nearly done now though so hopefully i can just avoid town until Christmas. The only pre Christmas shopping i like is the big supermarket shop, for two reasons. One: fancy alcohol and food, being able to put anything in the trolley with the excuse of "It's crimbo!". Two: it's crowded and people are rude and ignorant so i get to put my war face on, i'm tempted to actually paint myself blue or something this year, i march through Tesco getting my stuff and take no shit, it's the best way to blow off steam : )

You'll notice i have once again taken my photos in a slightly different way. Basically from now on it will hopefully always look like this, now i've worked out that i can rest my tripod on my bed and still take level pictures. Please excuse the mess of clothes in the corner, i'm a proper messy madam sometimes.

Oh, yeah, i got some awesome £10 shoes today and new beauty stuff so i will likely add these to the "Stuff i need to post on" list. (I christmas shop for myself as well as everyone else, do any of you do this?!? : D)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

OOTD: Adele


This is my newest clothing purchase, i've been after some pretty blouses to layer over tanks for a while and this is the perfect start to my collection. The bird print sold me, and the fact that it had £10 off the £30 price tag helped.
It's not exactly blouse weather here so i did wear a black faux fur over this which you can see hanging off my wardrobe to the left.
I've decided to switch to this system of OOTD photography because i was getting tired of my cramped in the corner full body shots and doing it this way gives me more light as well. Legs and Shoes if they are important or cool will be shown in separate lower body photos, but y'all know what skinny jeans or leggings look like so half the time it doesn't really matter!

Right, now just to clear this up, my post is called Adele today because:
Someone thought i was her!
I'm sat on a bench outside a shop today, resting after a Christmas gift dash around, i'm sipping my chai, i'm smoking my cigarette, i'm taking in the view and hoping a bird doesn't shit on me and then i see this guy walking towards me. He's making a beeline for my bench, i look away assuming he's after someone behind me or whatever, at the last second i look up and he curves off looks back and says "You look like Adele!"
Seriously, i was so happy i had a smile on my face for the whole 2(ish) mile walk home.
I love Adele, her music, her attitude, her style. Honestly i can't think of any other person i'd rather be mistaken for, dude in Exeter Princesshay, you made my day!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Radio Silence Over.

After the busiest couple of weeks (and it aint all over yet, but thank god for the slowdown!) i am back.
And boy, have i missed this : )

I'm 100 posts deep. I feel like this is way past going steady, me and blogging are in a serious relationship now!

You may have noticed the new header, my own artwork thankyouverymuch, very heavily influenced by Hilda.
It's not quite finished, i'm getting some much needed html help from D at The Merry Traveller, she is an angel and if you don't visit her blog a fiery hell will rain down upon you and your wicked soul, well not quite you'll just be missing out on a lovely lady and her lovely blog, but in my eyes the two are virtually the same!

This is going to turn into a bit of a links sorta post. I feel it in my bones.

I posted a reply on Apricot Tea today, to a post asking the readers of said blog to quickly sum themselves up as best they could. Ev'Yan, the author, replied to my post (and everyone else's, what a trooper, clearly another angel)
I love this sense that i now have a kind of friend. We've never laughed together, i've never touched her, we haven't sat and eaten a meal whilst discussing a trivial subject like how expensive vending machines are becoming but we know tiny little facts about each other and have things in common and if all of a sudden we were stranded alone on an island together it wouldn't be terrible : )

My friend Lauren posted today. I've mentioned her a lot before. This post is beyond awesome though and i love discovering new artists through her blog.
She's at Uni right now, i visited her on Wednesday, words cannot explain how much i miss having her within walking distance of me. (not that we ever walked anywhere what with her handy yellow car and all!)

I bought these and these this week. Expect major postage on them trés soon!

I skipped a 5 favs and lessons learned post, these posts will be regular from now on. Every other Monday.

Errrr, what else what else!?!?
Oh, yeah, this is LUSH!

Mink or Black? please tell me what you prefer because i'm totally stuck!

Okay, i think i'm done.
You know you haven't blogged for a while when i post like that tires you out : )
Love to you all!!!

Monday, 22 November 2010

I Had To

this is honestly the most exciting giveaway package i have ever seen, i kid you not, everything about this tickles my pickle.
and without sounding like a total bumlicker, this blog has introduced me to so many good things.
Seche Vite
Matte Topcoat
DIY Leopard Print Nails
(all nail related, err, whoops)

So here it is, me really trying to win a giveaway, even though i very rarely enter them and all because i want some cherry vimto, which i could just go and buy but the prospect of winning it makes me too giggly inside to not enter : )


i'd encourage you all to enter, but i want that stuff, so just check the blog out instead yeah. or i'll get you!
: D

Sunday, 21 November 2010


The Style369 Edition.

This e-store still has a ways to go as far as i'm concerned. I wanted big girl's Topshop, thus far I'm getting Evans with a Hint of Big Girl's Market Stall and the occasional beautiful product mashed in.
I'm not wildly disappointed, yet.

On to the good shit.

Is there anything you guys really like from this website? And do you feel similar to me about the range of things they're selling?

On a side note i am far less rushed and panic-y than i was and have done a whole load of uni application stuff hence why i had the time to research and create this little post : )

Friday, 19 November 2010

Just a Quickie

I'm honestly so stressed and busy right now it's insane!

I have uni applications to finish by next Friday! Ahhhh!
Lots of work.

Panto lines to learn. A costume to make. Friends to see. A room to tidy. And a job to keep the cash flow going.

I honestly have not had the time to do OOTD's for a few days now. Hell i haven't even had the time to put my camera on charge!

I hope you can all understand that getting my university applications in has to come before anything else in life right now, i'm so sorry that my own silly "yeah i'll be fine leaving it till the last second" attitude means i can't blog for a little bit but i will be back as soon as i can!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Five Favourites and Lessons Learned

Two blogs i follow/read do this little thing every week and i totally loved it so decided to do it too. So yeah, credit to Sound Bites and Definatalie for inspiring this!
It's basically a really nice way to reflect back on the week that has just happened and take stock of all the things you've gained and learnt.
Explanation, done.


1: Agave Nectar. Oooh lord! I'd heard of this before but couldn't get it locally so when i saw it on the supermarket shelf i went for it. BEST. MOVE. EVER. It's all caramel-y and yummy and amazing and so much better for you than sugar. I got this one:

2: Sylvia Ji I can't for the life of me remember how i first found her but i forgot about her work until something triggered a flash of one of her paintings in my head. After an hour on google the other day i finally re-discovered her (you wouldn't believe the search word combos i was rattling off!) Her work is stunning and has given me lots of tattoo inspiration!

3: Katy Perry - Firework. I heard this on the radio a little while back and didn't think much of it because the vocals weren't as good as what i had previously heard from Miz Perry (or Mrs Brand i should say) but having listened to it more and heard the lyrics i really love it. I think it has a beautiful sentiment and message and for sure makes me feel more positive when i hear it!

4: Jasmine Incense. Agave is my taste of the week, Jasmine is my scent. It's been a long time favourite smell of mine so having my room stink of it is heavenly. I'm now budgeting for £1.40 every two weeks to buy 14 sticks of the stuff so i can burn it every day.

5: Moustaches. Beards. Facial hair in general. Movember has created a large boom in eye candy for me. Because i love a man with a hairy face. When i was a baby i screamed the first time a cleanly shaven man held me and i spent a lot of time as a child surrounded by bikers, rockers and other generally awesome types who like to rock the face fuzz. Add to that the fact that my dad could beard double for Gandalf (well a younger less grey Gandalf) and you've got an explanation. If i was a dude I'd totally grow a tasche, it;s on my top 3 list of things to do if i wake up male.

Lessons Learned:

1: Patience is a Virtue.
I was in work and a few things got me thinking about the speed of modern life and how greedy over time we all are. I'll be the first to admit i can be impatient but i'm also of the opinion that if you don't take some time to slow down and chill you'll speed through life so quickly that you'll end up missing it.
The main thing that set me off was a fairly elderly lady apologising for being slow she said "You'll see as you get older, you get slower." and i replied "I don't know that you get slower, the world just speeds up around you." She told me i was a lovely child, laughed and walked away. But i really meant it, i think a lot of people have become a lot less generous with their time and it bothers me. So now i'm really trying hard to be more patient with everything and everyone in my life and although challenging, it has made me appreciate every day a little more and work towards making sure i don't waste a single moment.

2: I've had a rough ride but i have a lot to be thankful for.
The last two years have been insane. And i'm still dealing with a lot of not so nice things. But despite those things i have gained so much. Closer and better relationships with family members. A better understanding of myself and what i want and who i want to be. Errr, this blog! A new bedroom : ) I place a much higher value on my life and every second of it than i did before and i'm not sure I'd feel this way if things hadn't gone exactly how they did, even if there were times when everything looked bleak and horrible. It's true that the good doesn't look nearly as tasty without the bad to compare it to.

3: I don't get the nations obsession with The X Factor.
I just don't. I'm not a music snob or purist or anything. But i just don't understand it. I'm not sure i ever will. The appeal of it is totally lost on me and i can't believe how bad i feel sometimes, when I'm sat up on my "i don't watch reality tv" high horse unintentionally stomping on my friends who base their lives around Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Come Dine With Me, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here, etc, etc. I don't wish to know the names of the contestants but I'm forced to if i want to know what every fucker around me is talking about!

4: I've been making Matzo Balls wrong.
I did wonder why they tasted funky. I thought it was because i can't get Schmaltz in Exeter (we probably have one Jewish family, if any. I know i could make it, i tried and failed) Turns out i'm under cooking them! Jewish Penicillin is back on the menu!!! Thanks go to the handy little video on YouTube that popped up in my suggestions box, random, but useful!

5: I have OCOSD.
Obsessive Compulsive Online Shopping Disorder. This is not a fictional problem that i have made up a name for, it is a real issue! Checking your favourite clothing websites religiously every day to the point that you know what time they update, any tech glitches there may be and how to overcome them and how much everything on the "New In" page is, is a horrible, horrible affliction.
Thank God OCOSD doesn't include always having to buy something else i;d be 100% broke 100% of the time!

Please Please share your favourites and Lessons Learned. Even if it is just in a comment and not a full blown post. I'm super interested to hear and always find stuff like this a pleasure to read.
Hope you guys like this because unless it is hated on scale similar to that of the Nazi Regime i'm gonna keep going : )

Thursday, 11 November 2010

OOTD: Kickin It Autumn Style

What does one do when a lovely clear and crisp autumn afternoon/evening rolls around?

One goes for a bike ride with one's bestie of course!

Our route went a little like this:
My House, the local Valley Park (a favourite with dog walkers, kids and junkies; what a mix) down to the river then up to Tesco to buy food and a triumphant return to my house for a good strong cuppa tea with the previously bought scones and 3 different types of jam!
Reckon we did at least 4 if not 5 miles, with plenty of hills, i think i earned my scones, don't you?


In terms of shops bought from, this is the most varied outfit I've worn in months, which really says something about my shopping habits.
The boots pictured are the much raved about new boots, purchased in Birmingham. I wanted to dedicate a whole post to them but despite being comfy, beautiful and amazing they are not photogenic so i decided to leave it.
Here's a link though.

Considering they are not real leather, deep down inside i know i paid too much for them. But i honestly couldn't stop myself. I normally wear a size 9 or 10, i got these in an 8 (they didn't have 9's in store so i didn't know they even went up that far until i saw the website). I was so excited to fit into "normal sized" shoes i nearly cried. Plus these make a nice realistic replacement for the totally out of my league Erdem Floral Hikers.
(just because i picture them in that linked post i'd like to mention that New Look are also doing some pretty good Burberry Shearling Boot knock offs)
The other thing i love about these is the fact that the sole and whole heel are made from rubber: hello comfort! I've walked, cycled, stood, danced and rehearsed for panto in these and although my feet were a little sore-er than in flats, it was marginal. From now on i will be forever in search of more rubber heels (no fetish connotations meant)
The last praise i will give to these boots is that wearing them with the above outfit on my cycle ride, made me feel a little bit like i could give this lady a run bike ride for her money:

Just to round off, here's some scenery:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tired of being unable to grow a beard?

Fear Not! Make it look like you've got one with this nifty winter wear. The all new Beard Hat solves all your facial fuzz woes!


Found Here.

Monday, 8 November 2010

The Return Of The Morgaine

Sorry if you were hoping for Morgaine to be Jedi and a that this was going to be a Star Wars inspired post. I'm gonna have to leave you sorely disappointed.

It's just me, back from my trip to Birmingham.

I had a really good trip, seeing lovely people, spending too much money and drinking too much alcohol.
I was hoping to return with a shed load of pictures but i really didn't take many, too much exciting stuff going on i guess!

Here's a selection of pictures:
 Yo! Sushi
 Chicken Katsu
Tofu Salad, in case you haven't guessed yet, i'm not a big fish eater!
Urban Outfitters
Man Repeller
I Make...
...Amazing Pizza
Phillip, not intoxicated at all.

I only managed to take one set of OOTD pictures, which is a shame because i think i made a pretty good effort clothes wise, but what happened happened and here is my one OOTD shot from the day we went to visit Cath's Dad (who's totally like an uncle to me) we also popped to Tesco to buy pizza stuff and hangover brekkie food, you all know supermarkets are the place to showcase your amazing style.


Showing off my new brogues! Now they're all worn in and the leather is all buttery and warm they are so comfy, any of you thinking of getting a pair of these or other real leather shoes do not be scared if they feel a fraction too tight, in my experience leather shoes always stretch out and mould to your feet.
I've worn this dress a ton of different ways, between that, the fact it was £15 and the quality of it; i for sure consider it one of my best buys from ASOS Curve.
The blazer is nothing super special, just a black over sized number. Sometimes i love it, sometimes i think it makes me look so broad i could be The Incredible Hulk's shoulder stunt double.
My face is all moody and what not here, i was in a rush to get out the door and had taken quite long enough as it was, and even though i'd taken my time i still forgot mascara, pfftt.

I hit up the Bullring whilst in Brum and had a lovely time shopping, bought myself the most amazing pair of boots (they're so great I'm doing a separate post on them) and a fisheye camera (took shit loads of pics on that but it's film so you'll have to wait until they're developed).
Stephanie mentioned on my goodbye post that i should look out for the Forever 21 location, i didn't get her comment until yesterday but i did spot it and promptly had a fit of excitement in the shopping center, thank god it was a Thursday and not very busy. Catherine, my host for the week and beautiful friend (pictured above) is probably gonna have to deal with me visiting way more often once the store opens.

I'm 99% sure i have said everything there is to say and shown all the pictures there are to show so i'm off.
After nearly a week of not blogging, or even going online, all this typing and looking at a screen is hurting me, tea break well and truly needed!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I Really Should Be...

...aimlessly stuffing clothes into a bag despite the fact that I'll probably just buy a whole new wardrobe when i go to Birmingham tomorrow.

Yes, Morgaine is once again off on her travels, turns out I'm actually quite popular and have at least 4 friends in Birmingham who want to see me, which is very nice.

I'm going to stay with a very beautiful and dear friend of mine who i don't get to see often, so that in it's self makes the 4 and 1/2 hour coach journey worth it, but i'm also seeing a friend from home who studies in Brum and other people who are all converging on the city for the weekend : )

I'm going to take my camera and document my trip, outfits well and truly included. However i may not take my laptop because i don't think my friend has Internet access and also, it is a bit of a beast to carry around.
So basically, i probably won't be posting until Monday, but you'll get shed loads of stuff then!