Friday, 31 December 2010

Two Thousand & Eleven

2010, a year of:
hearing words like "austerity" and "coalition" more and more, making new and amazing friends, trying new things just for shits and giggles, planning my travels, tears, good food, beautiful music, reading brilliant books, behaving like a child, worrying about tax for the first time ever, applying to university, learning that although i want my family to be happy their happiness cannot come at the cost of my own, being afraid, realising that you have to know you're hurt before you can heal, starting my beloved blog, reeling in my shopping habits (i am proud of this), taking more pictures than you can shake a stick at, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, switching to an all new as natural as possible skin and haircare regime and damn it's good, a new found confidence, remembering that as long as i tried my best then that's all that matters, bike rides, rum, mud wrestles, pantomime, being inspired, dedicating more (but still not enough) time to being creative, sunshine, snow and everything in between, living in the moment, a new bedroom and much much much much more.

I make no rules and set no boundaries for 2011.
I have a lot planned; a month in the states, university, London + Blogger Meet, but i want to go with the flow. After 2011 i will be a student and then hopefully a career woman of some sort. This could be my last chance to let go control of my life almost completely and that is an opportunity i am not willing to miss.

I wish every person who reads this all the love and luck and joy in the world for 2011.
Be fearless, break rules, have fun, love, laugh, cry, eat, drink and be merry.
This is your year, your life, your time to shine : )

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  1. Dear Morgaine, Happy New Year to you and it looks like you already have 2011 planned out for you so of course, here's wishing all the best for the new year and we will get to look back next year and say proudly that we had a good one!