Sunday, 5 December 2010

OOTD: Adele


This is my newest clothing purchase, i've been after some pretty blouses to layer over tanks for a while and this is the perfect start to my collection. The bird print sold me, and the fact that it had £10 off the £30 price tag helped.
It's not exactly blouse weather here so i did wear a black faux fur over this which you can see hanging off my wardrobe to the left.
I've decided to switch to this system of OOTD photography because i was getting tired of my cramped in the corner full body shots and doing it this way gives me more light as well. Legs and Shoes if they are important or cool will be shown in separate lower body photos, but y'all know what skinny jeans or leggings look like so half the time it doesn't really matter!

Right, now just to clear this up, my post is called Adele today because:
Someone thought i was her!
I'm sat on a bench outside a shop today, resting after a Christmas gift dash around, i'm sipping my chai, i'm smoking my cigarette, i'm taking in the view and hoping a bird doesn't shit on me and then i see this guy walking towards me. He's making a beeline for my bench, i look away assuming he's after someone behind me or whatever, at the last second i look up and he curves off looks back and says "You look like Adele!"
Seriously, i was so happy i had a smile on my face for the whole 2(ish) mile walk home.
I love Adele, her music, her attitude, her style. Honestly i can't think of any other person i'd rather be mistaken for, dude in Exeter Princesshay, you made my day!


  1. LOVE THIS! You're SO beautiful Morgaine, in absolutely every single way ever. xx

  2. now you just made my day! i've got that sad happy face on, know the one i mean, you kinda make an "awww" noise when you do it.
    i love you.x

  3. I tried this on! And really wanted it... but as I'd just bought a warehouse blouse featuring birds, I decided to put it back :( Now I wish I hadn't as you look fabooo!!!

  4. well first up thankyou : )
    and second, it's not too late, pretty sure it's on the website. xmas pressie to yourself maybe?!