Monday, 20 December 2010

Five Favourites and Lessons Learned

Keeping it short and sweet this week!

Lessons Learned:
1. I am very good at singing other people's praises but never take enough time to consider my own achievements and good points, this is something i must work on!

2. I have taken to closing my mouth and am slowly learning to listen more, it's rather lovely.

3. I have come to realise that some of the best things happen when the advice you take or plan you stick to is the one that sounded the maddest and craziest.

4. The British Mindset/Attitude + Snow + a Retail job = Me convinced that the world is mostly full of wankers!

5. I am a sucker for acoustic versions. Loving this and this and this. Don't get me wrong i still love the originals but these are just awesome.

1. SNOW! Hating the media hype of the "Chaos" caused by it but loving the snow, i took nearly 100 pictures on my walk to work.

2. The cast of Panto. I never expected to meet so many genuinely wonderful people and become friends with them. I've loved the whole thing really; can't wait to actually perform now (1 week to go!)

3. Christmas Songs. Good ones anyway! I usually dislike these but this year they've been appropriately timed so i'm not sick to death of the things!

4. Christmas/Winter Solstice. Feeling very festive! I can't wait, my family arrives in 4 days. I feel good about the whole thing, hopefully it runs smoothly! (i'm cooking for 7 people!)

5. Articulate. Played this game for the first time yesterday and 10 minutes ago i reserved my one of own to pick up on Thursday! Can't wait to play it with the fam!

What are yours guys!?! Hook Me Up!


  1. I LOVE BRITISH SLANG first of all. I've been watching The Inbetweeners and other BBC shows, and have picked up on calling my mother "mum" jerks "wankers" and so on and so forth. So that made me laugh!! As far as acoustic versions of songs... its just so unadorned and raw. You can hear an artists true talent when its done acoustically, so I agree 1000%. CHRISTMAS SONGS!! oooh honey, that day after Thanksgiving when the airwaves are ripe with (good) Christmas jams!! I love them all, yet oddly I am not a huge Christmas person. Hmm. Good post!

  2. you have to love brit slang! it throws a lot of people off, like they don't know what is going on, but i love it.
    the inbetweeners is so funny!
    try misfits, it's on channel 4 over here but amazing for a good dose of raw britishy-ness, shameless is good for that too.
    There's an american version staring on showtime in jan. should be good but nothing on the original!

    thanks for all your other comments on the post, i'd agree and reply to every bit i'd be here forever. glad you like it though : )