Thursday, 26 August 2010


That's how I'll be for the weekend. Until Tuesday evening.

Every August Bank Holiday Weekend my reenactment society The Sealed Knot has its biggest event of the year and it is my duty to be there!
Basically I reenact the English Civil War, it's an amazing hobby and i have had the best times and met the best people doing it. I was born into it, my dad was the first family member to join and he pulled everyone including Grandma and Grandad (i get to see them in one day, yayyy!) into it. Some call it geeky, some call it sad but don't knock it till you've tried it, or at least been to an event to spectate.
It's about educating people about a really crucial part of English history that is so often overlooked (for some unknown reason) in schools etc.
But for members it;s about socialising too and like i said i have met some great people and made some amazing friends and a lot of my regiment are like family.

I won't go into more detail, if you want to know more ask me, I'm happy to chat about it : )

Upon my return i will post lots of pictures and lengthy paragraphs about my weekend!

I know some fellow Brits are going to Reading or Leeds, i don't think those of you outside of the UK get a long weekend (correct me if I'm wrong) but whatever you're spending your time doing have a lovely and amazing time.
Love to all of you!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Evans Facebook...

...just linked to the Evans Blog post on Crystal Renn being in a Chanel ad. I read the post and the comments on it. It ticked me right off.
Annoyed at the constant raging debates that grip every post this group makes i posted a comment. I guess i was sick to death of all the Evans bashing going on on the frigging Evans Group. Women are posting how they want to wake up tomorrow in a plus sized utopia and see size 30 women modeling for Evans. And how Crystal Renn (big love to her) is not plus sized but just another girl "airbrushed to the point of anorexia" and how Evans don't make nice clothes, or how Evans are too expensive.
I want to see girls in a size 32 modelling in major campaigns, but i know it ain't gonna happen overnight (if it ever happens), i want more companies to make better clothes in bigger sizes, i want huge women to be adored in the same way thin ones are but god damn it I'm not going to bust my butt complaining about how I WANT IT NOW AND IT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET AND IT IS YOUR FAULT! I'm gonna be happy with my self and my style and my life and rejoice at the little victories while letting the world catch up to my ideal at it's own pace (well, i might try and give it a nudge once in a while) rather than be aggressive and ungrateful.

Here is the comment i posted:
"as great as it is to see you ladies getting passionate, why does every post put out by evans always become some massive political debate?
can't we all for one second just appreciate the fact that:
karl lagerfeld choosing crystal renn is a big step in the right direction to getting plus sizes noticed?
that crystal renn, regardless of who considers her plus sized, is an amazing ambassador for real beauty and body acceptance?
that companies are driven by capitalist and consumer culture and have a need to please share holders and make profits and so won't make changes (like using real women, or size 26 models) overnight?

I'm massive in the eyes of the fashion industry, positively whale sized, but i make it work and wear clothes and outfits i want to and that, not to toot my own horn, are fashionable and suit me.
Evans is doing a really good job of modernising it's lines, pushing positive images of women and spreading news about plus size fashion but everyone is so quick to complain and dismiss the positive things they do.

I get that it's hard to see a size 14 girl on posters when you're a size 24, i understand that it's hurtful when famous people poke fun of fat people like everyone overweight is the same but does no one think it would just be nice to spread a little love, instead of hate.

Plus sizes may have a way to go before we're properly represented in the media but i think it's time we step back and appreciate the victories we have had and thank the people who need thanking."

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

OOTD: H&M Skirt and new do

Got my hair did today, a friend from school who now works at Jeff Goodwin Hair in Exeter cuts it for me. She used to come over when we were 14 and cut my hair in the living room and I'd make tea and be a great hostess in return : )
I have a phobia of hairdressers in general because i tend to build an image of what i want and it's never quite right when i leave a salon (mostly my fault i know but hey) plus i hate that silly holiday small talk and the following hour of me trying to explain what historical reenactment is (because that's what i do instead of traditional holidays) and half the time i do not have the energy to do that so i end up lying and going "oh yeah, I'm going to Spain, it'll be great" and i don't go to the hairdressers to lie.
Wow, hair salon rant there, whoops.

Back on track: i took myself along to the salon on my bike and this is what i wore:

I hate this picture, partly because i had to use flash, partly because I'm having an off day when it comes to accepting my face and partly because i really feel like the photo doesn't do the skirt justice. It's a new addition of mine and i think I've seen other bloggers in it. It has the best big slouchy pockets on the front and cream chiffon lining (I'm a sucker for cute details). Rest of the outfit is pretty basic. Got the rose cameo necklace in the online sale, shoes in the sale, top in a sale, cardie in a sale. Bargain clothes day really.

I'm loving my new hair. I've had a full fringe before so it's not a huge change but it has been a while. I'm lusting after a really full Bettie Page fringe a la Beyonce and Katy Perry but that will have to wait until the dead of winter because it'll be impossible to pull back on hot days.

What do you guys think of my do? I know a few of you have had haircuts recently, consider yourselves inspiration : D

Peace Out.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Totally dedicated to Gogol Bordello
I love this band a hell of a lot. I'm lucky enough to have seen them live and it was one of the most amazing, trippy, hot, sweaty and fun nights of my life. It was completely electric.
I've been listening to them non stop this weekend and felt the need to post on how much i love the way the band dresses, all of the members, not just the girls. (i hate the idea that "style icons" have to be the same gender as you, rubbish)

Seeing these pictures makes me want to hit up the local army surplus store, raid my bead collection, cut up some floral sheets, blindly grab items from a charity shop, stick it all through a sewing machine and wear whatever comes out with a pair of retro Nike's and and hand fulls of Indian jewellery and whatever shit i can find from my pop punk days (studded cuffs, skull print everything, etc)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

OOTD: Big Baggy Dress


First of all excuse the mess that is my bedroom. Too busy looking damn good to tidy : )

Went for a bike ride into town with my dad today. Had a massive lunch, had beer, went shopping, came home. All in all a lovely day!

This ASOS Curve dress is a winner for days when i want to look good but can't be bothered. It's huge, comfy and i feel like putting a belt round it is all you need to do to make it perfect. I've worn it many different ways and I'm sure as this blog continues you'll see this fella time and time again.
(I'd like to add that is was very humid when we cycled home so I'm now sat wearing this dress, with no belt, waiting for my amazingly good homemade mac & cheese to cook : D)
This is one of my favourite ways to wear boots - with massive knitted woolly socks. Comfy and warm, an A/W must have!
I've talked about the belt/boots/sunnies before so I'll skip right to the necklace.
Dunno how many of you are familiar with Afflecks Palace in Manchester but it is one hell of a place to shop and on one of the floors is a massive and awesome bead shop where i bought everything i used to make this necklace. It is a string of slightly pink fresh water pearls mixed with black metallic glass beads.

Nothing really to report except i think i have an idea for a new feature that will run for a couple weeks. I'm still working on it and hopefully i can start it asap. It's nothing hugely exciting but better than nothing at all!

Peace & Love.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Hello Cleveland

I'm a massive Spinal Tap fan so this t-shirt speaks to me, and tells me to buy it. I have no idea if the design team at Topshop knew what they were doing putting Cleveland on a top. Or if it has some other significance, across the pond perhaps??!!
But anyway, i'm more than likely going to blow a not so hard earned £20 on this.


Thursday, 19 August 2010


As lovely as it is to be tagged in things like this by fellow bloggers, if the questions weren't on point, i don't think I'd have done it. So good questions Miss Elizabeth! (I feel the need to point out that Elizabeth is my middle name and it is awesome)
(regardless of what the post is as long as i know about it i will, always, post to say how grateful i am for being tagged)

1. What is your favourite smell?
I don't want to run off a list of cliches but freshly cut grass is up there. I also love Nag Champa incense, beer and most strong, rich woody perfumes.
2. What is your favourite mode of transportation?
At the moment, my bike! As long as it's fairly flat and it doesn't matter how i look at the other end of the journey. I do love boats and trains though. I always said if i won the lottery I'd buy a pirate ship!
3. If you could only live in one country for the rest of your life, which country would it be, and why?
Probably England because although I'm a big traveller, there really is no place like home. If it had to be somewhere else I'd go for Ireland, i love it there and it's close to England so no long trips to see the fam. I love the British countryside too much to leave forever.
4. What is one thing that you absolutely have to do before you die?
This is hard to answer. I have a lot of things i want that are essential, like they have to be done. But i guess if i had to pick one it would be to be truly happy and at peace. I think people place too much value on what you do and where you go and that making you happy. When really happiness is very personal and comes from yourself.
5. How do you feel about a woman changing her name when she marries?
It's a personal and individual choice, i don't think it should cause quite as much of a political ruckus as it does. Personally I'm torn about what I'd do. There are no men in my family to carry on our name and heritage so i quite like the idea of keeping my name and passing it on to my kids. But the whole thing gets complicated and double barrelled and so I'm really not sure.
6. What is your favourite way of keeping up on current events?
Mozilla Firefox Latest Headlines is a godsend. Plus MTV news is pretty good for pop culture news.
7. If your significant other had a terrible habit that you couldn't stand, would you tell him/her?
Not that i currently have a significant other but i think i would say. If it was something that could change, if their terrible habit is something big I'd question whether i should really be with them.
8. How do you deal with body-negative people in your everyday life?
I bite my tongue. I can't stand size 10 girls who stand in front of me moaning about how fat they are. That really hurts, less now than when i was younger, but still. I just hate the fact that society has actually done this to people. But i also hate that some people just do it for attention and quite frankly they can just do one, it's pathetic. I try and talk some people round but it just turns into some philosophical, political, social debate and i haven't got the time or the energy.

Thanks again to Elizabeth, please check her blog out.
I'm tired from all the thinking and typing : )


Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The "I couldn't afford one thing from this wish list even if i sold all my possessions" edition.
Why do i feel the need to torture myself? Why don't i have a rich relative? Why? Why?





Images from NET-A-PORTER.
Blind faith in the hope that maybe one day I'll own these things from MORGAINE.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Work It Out

It's been one week and 3 days since i bought my first adult bike.
And I'm hooked.

I'm motivated, I'm exercising because i want to, I'm getting fitter because i want to, I'm mellow yellow because of endorphins. It's great.


Errrr, where are the pretty and practical plus sized work out clothes?
Oh lord tell me where!!
And I'm sorry but the leisurewear section of Evans really does not cut it.

I want Stella McCartney for Adidas in a size that fits me, not just my left ankle.
I want to look pretty as i pedal along, sweating my face off, breathing like an elephant in labour.
Is it too much to ask that the fat girl on the baby blue bike can look less like a middle aged mum of 4 and more like a 19 year old?
Short answer, no.

If anyone knows of a good plus size sportswear retailer. Holla.

Peace Out.

Monday, 16 August 2010


I have a love hate relationship with this shop.

First up, the obvious thing i guess, is that they make stunning clothes but not in my size.
It doesn't stop me going in, for example I'm probably purchasing this top
because it's "oversized" so therefore the M/L will fit me.

The other issue i have with Topshop is the general attitude of the staff.
The eyes that look at me when i walk in alone, the "nothing will fit you" eyes.
I swear i get them in every Topshop. And I've been in a few.
Obviously there are members of staff who are helpful and friendly and i don't know how much of this is my paranoid nature but even friends i speak to say they feel a stuck up atmosphere in Topshop.

Anyone had an experience in there? Or maybe you feel the same way? Or maybe you think I'm being a fool, and that there's nothing wrong with Topshop Morgaine you're totally making it up!?!

Now, switching subjects a little, i just read on Let Me Eat Cookies that Evans is launching a website directed at plus size teens.  Maybe this website will solve my Topshop woes by basically selling the same clothes in my size?!? YES PLEASE!
That would end so much heartache.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

OOTD: My New Boots



These boots are what i ended up with when the black ankle boots in this post didn't really live up to my expectations. I realise as far as the tan boot trend goes I'm a bit behind, but up until Friday afternoon i hadn't found a pair that floated my boat. The real leather ones were too much much money and not enough pretty and the non-real leather ones all looked a bit cheap to me and I'm very picky about my fake leather.
These are not real leather but they're a good enough imitation for my snobby ways.
And when i saw them i immediately had a million outfits to put them with so that was a good sign.
Also, they were cheaper than the black ones so i had £5.50 going spare that got spent on a very nice bottle of rosé wine. All for me!

I spent yesterday shopping with Zeke, he bought jeans and a frozen yogurt and i just bought frozen yogurt because i am pretty strapped for cash right now. Being so happy with my new boots i decided to wear something different for the evening when i went to catch Rat Attack play, i know them through Lauren, check them out HERE and HERE. It was the first gig they've done since getting a new singer , they rocked it, and the new singer didn't disappoint, boy knows how to please a crowd (take of your clothes mid set to reveal comic strip undies and your bands name written on your bottom).
It was a good day : D


Saturday, 14 August 2010



Only 3, it's not like i want the world : )

Top one from Evans, other 2 from ASOS, Price £morethanicanafford.


Friday, 13 August 2010

OOTD: Plaid

My French is pretty bad so excuse me if that actually says "please can i touch your teapot" or something.

After work today i popped into town to exchange some boots at Evans. I won't go into much detail on the subject as I'm so in love with the pair of beauties i got I'll be posting specifically on them very soon.
I don't quite know why i feel the need to do these little intros and background "today i..." stories in OOTD posts, I'm guessing it's because otherwise the whole thing would be a bit soul less, just straight up pictures of clothes, cold, boring and not very good.
And we can't be having that now, can we?


This is my favourite plaid shirt, it's soft, light, fits great, warm in the cold, cool in the warm, it's the bomb. I think it became my favourite because it's similar fabric to one i used to have that was my dads (it was baby blue plaid, horn buttons, men's cut, beautiful) that unfortunately went out at the elbows beyond repair.
I'd forgotten how much i love acid wash until today, i think it's very punk rock and i must acquire more acid wash items.

This is a pretty basic ensemble really. But comf. as hell, easy to wear and not to shabby in my personal opinion : )

That's all on clothes for now.
But i do have to add (on a non fashion related note) that i just finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and I'm so utterly blown away by it that I'm currently convinced all my kids will be named after characters.

Peace & Love.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

OOTD: Similar

Okay. I SUCK at blogging this week.
I have a very busy brain, besides all the usual day to day things i have some family issues going on that also require processing. I'm not about to get all personal or anything, i just feel like i owe an explanation to the lovely people who read this blog of mine!

I'm currently wearing an almost identical outfit to the one seen in THIS post except the jeans are blue and the top is black.

I can't stress my love for these jeans enough. I worship them, like a deity! And the top was love at first sight so when i went back and saw it in black, i was smiling from ear to ear.
I swear i form relationships with all of my clothes, no joke, i fall in love with items of clothing. I'm this close *hold fingers 1 inch apart* to giving some of my dresses names : )
I made the earrings from two necklaces i bought in Tesco ages back, they're just big and shell, nothing amazingly special but go well with tons of things.

Once again i am sorry for being a rubbish blog lady right now. I am trying but I'm sure you all know how it is when you're mind is like a box full of fireworks all going off at once, it's hard to concentrate.


Sunday, 8 August 2010


I can't recommend this blog enough, but this page alone is a real boost.

Stumbling across things like this really re-affirm my faith in the human race. And give me the hope and patience to sit tight and wait until the day when the majority share these views and the world is a better place for it.
It's nice to know that there are some women of substance out there, and if it was up to me they'd be on the list for a woman of the year award (because Cheryl Cole never said or did a damn thing to help or inspire me, I'm not hating, just making a point)
I think I'm lucky to be on a really good path right now in regard to my self confidence and finding out who i am and realising that i don't need the world to think I'm stunning, or a lover to validate me, or any of those things people tend to crave, to realise that I'm beautiful. To realise that everyone is beautiful.
When i was younger i was so ashamed of how i looked, i had to imagine a different reflection in the mirror just to get by. Gone are those days my friend.
I'm not 100% there yet, and i can't say i ever will be, but at least now i can actually live my life and do what i want to do, rather than be confined by the world's opinions.

Share the Love people.

You Know How It Is

You get a new bike, you can't stop riding it, all of a sudden it's been a whole weekend and you haven't done one single post!

I am sorry, but the old clothes I've been wearing out on my bicycle really don't make for good OOTD's
: D

And i am absolutely addicted to my bike!
I bought it so i could cycle to work; saving money and time. Also i do actually like the feeling i get from doing exercise (energy levels go up, i sleep like a baby and my mood lifts like a balloon!), fitting it in however is hard so this kills two, or maybe three birds with one stone.

My bike has a sort of 1940's ladies style frame, yes i am getting a basket for the front (not straw though) and yes i do feel like when I'm riding it i should be wearing a hat and a tea dress, or a white blouse and some knee length culottes.

Peace & Love

Friday, 6 August 2010


The Coats Edition.

First up I'd like to champion Burberry Prorsum and Christoper Bailey for the amazing outerwear they churn out all the time. I know that is how Burberry started and it's awesome to see a design house nodding to their roots whilst also managing to stay ingenuitive and current season after season.
Not that the opinion of a Overexcited Fat British Girl matters that much but i admire it : )
Photo Credz to Top 3 pictures are Fall 2010, bottom one is Resort 2011, all Burberry Prorsum.

I've been looking, searching, scouring for the perfect coat for a while now. I have my old faithful, a black Evans knee length duffel with faux fur trim on the hood but she's old now (it was bought in 2003/2004) and isn't something i enjoy wearing anymore. It does the job but it isn't me. Know what a i mean??


What i really want is a military style, black, wool or wool mix coat. Tailored with a belt, like a mac. If there is no belt I'd like to be able to put one with it. Big collar, maybe even double breasted and if i can get a hood too that'd make my year. Good quality is a must, i want this baby to last, and no skimping on details (i thought I'd found the coat last year but some wisecrack at Evans decided plastic buttons painted to look metallic was a good idea!) Pockets are non-negotiable, i can't be reaching in and out of my bag for i-pod/lighter/phone all the time. Did i mention it has to be black? If some kind of fur/sheepskin detail has been added somewhere (collar/cuff/hood) this could work and if it does it would make me smile the biggest smile ever seen on a human face. Finally, i need this coat to fit like a dream, i want structure but movement and the option of being able to put on at least one thick jumper underneath. It should pinch in at the right place and flare out at the right place creating the oh so desirable Femme Fatale in a Film Noir silhouette I've been lusting over for too long.

This is a good start Evans. But I'm afraid it's a case of close, but no cigar.

I know my demands are unlikely to be met. But i do have to say that as much as i appreciate Evans and what they do in terms of relatively affordable plus sized fashion, the coats up until now have been fairly uninspiring. That being said, the future looks bright and if the coats I've seen for the upcoming season make it to stores i will be making at least one purchase, it just won't tick all the boxes in one go.

What is your dream coat? Do you own it already? Or are you, like me, still searching?

I feel like a coat is an investment. As nice as it would be to buy all the coats and jackets i like, it;s not practical or economical. I don't have the room and they wouldn't get worn often enough. The best option is to own one coat that does everything, goes with everything, and lasts for ever, but finding that is, thus far, impossible. And to be honest that is probably what has created the coat monster within me. So: it's not my fault!!



Am i CURSED with size 10 feet?

Hand me a bottle of tequila and a hacksaw. The toes are coming OFF!

Peace Out.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

OOTD: Stripes from Yesterday

I meant to post this last night but lost track of time drawing up the tattoo i went and booked today : D

I had a reading for a pantomime with my theatre company ELTC. I haven't seen ELTC people for a month so it was lovely.
Anyways, a reading mostly consists of sitting and, yeah you guessed it, reading for two hours. So i dressed with this in mind and this outfit was a winner.

Another all evans OOTD, and i bet the next one will be all ASOS Curve, man i need some new shops.
Any reccomendations ladies?
Or like me, do you stick to a few choice favourites.

Peace & Love.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Both from Evans both £35 both amazing!

I will be buying the second pair, this week because they're perfect for a costume I'm putting together.
The top pair are the boots I've been looking for for a while but i want them in black so I'm holding out to see if they do a black version!

I'll hate Evans for weeks at a time for not having the shoes i want, and then i hate them even more for bringing out all the shoes i want at once!

Peace Out.

OOTD: Mimo and Lola

My friend Lauren came over tonight for a catch up and to make cheesecake! What a fun time we had : D


This dress was bought as a costume for an AS Drama Exam and now i wear it to death. It's easy to wear and so comfy. Plus, i bought it on ebay so it cost next to nothing. I know it's a bit odd to be wearing jeggings with a dress but i liked it and they're an old worn out pair that i don't mind covering in cheesecake ingredients so i rolled with it.

I've mentioned Lauren a few times before. She's a beautiful friend of mine who has awesome style that floats between a sort of urban/girly/vintage thing and on occasion; a hardcore punk thing. She's amazing and if you have the time check her blog out:

Short but sweet post tonight, it's time for bed!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Crystal Renn Tells Me What To Buy


Except i don't have the budget for her amazing taste : (

Someone get this woman a clothing line, stat.
I know she wants one, and god knows i do, and i'm pretty sure a lot of you do too.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work but got sidetracked.
Probably because my uniform is about as chic and comfortable as, well, a major retail chain's completely man made fibre trouser/polo shirt/fleece combo.

More posting later.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

OOTD: Foxy

I meant to post this yesterday but completely lost track of time. Like one second it was light outseide and i was reading, next thing you know it's 10:30 i'm cooking myself a curry and sitting down to watch Valentines Day then after that i was totally wiped so it was time for bed!

Anyway, i went and had a shop and saw my friend Hayley while she was at work. I'm okay with what i wore, i dressed for comfort and with changing rooms in mind but it took me ages to get dressed. I had one of those mornings where if the clothes didn't look awful i still didn't want to wear them because i wear them too often, ughh, it was bad times. But here's the picture.

I did wear shoes but just plain black flats, nothing special. I take my OOTD pictures before i go out in my room and my everyday shoes are downstairs so a lot of the pictures feature me barefooted. (someone commented saying cool tattoo; thankyou, it was done by Matt Butler at Glory Bound Tattoo in Exmouth, i really really reccomend him and the shop!)

So many people have this tee and it doesn't surprise me because it's amazing. Such a good throw on top and if you got it on the sale for £3 like i did, absolute bargain too! Not much to say about the rest except that the jeans are the comfiest things ever! They're more like a jegging but with a proper zip and waistband and pockets, seriously, Dorothy Perkins if you're listening DO ANOTHER RUN OF THESE PLEASE and i'll but 3 pairs in every colour.

My shopping trip wasn't interesting, oxfam had nothing and there are no vintage finds to report either! I did however buy the top featured here in plain black bcause i love it so much.

Until next time (probably tomorrow : D)
Peace & Love.

Accessories Sunday No. 4

This is the last one.
I have enjoyed having a running feature, because it is oh so lovely to have some structure in my life : )
... i feel like this is just a glorified way for me to document the huge amount of things i own and i know that if i give myself some time to think i can do something way more creative and interesting and valid.
I don't like to do things and not give it my all so I'm calling it quits and going out on some sort of high!

The final installment is purely on Autumn/Winter Accessories. With a bucket load of stores releasing their previews for A/W along with some of the actual collections too i feel like it's a good time to cover this. Also i am a massive fan of the colder months, i have no idea why but i have no qualms about screaming like a child when it snows and kicking up leaves in my red wellingtons just to see them whirl about in the wind.

I had a look at the Fall Trend Reports on and selected some pictures from the trend they called Under Wraps. It basically showcases the looks/collections/designers which had lots of layering which is something i love. I feel like these pictures show awesome use of accessories and some seriously gorgeous pieces (lace up ankle books, socks, legwarmers, belts, etc, etc.

 I have quite a substantial collection of winter accessories, mostly hats and socks (socks not pictured here because, well to be honest it would take me hours to do it!)
I love a good hat. It's cold, you chuck it on, no effort, no 45 minutes doing your hair, just BAM. HAT. DONE. OUT THE DOOR.

Once again, due to adverse weather conditions, i had to use flash.
From Left to Right: New Look, Eco Shop in Glastonbury, H&M

From Left to Right: Accessorize, Market in Exeter, Next

I realise 2 out of the 3 pictures in the second set are silly, i just felt like being a kid. Basically the purple hat got mauled by my cat when he was a baby and so I'm mourning the loss of the pompom, and the Russian hat is hard to be serious in, it really is.

From Left to Right: H&M, River Island, Dorothy Perkins
The cream scarf was a Christmas present that i asked for, it's so warm and perfect for really cold days. The Scarf/Hood was everywhere last year in loads of colours but i went for plain black and haven't looked back. The stripe scarf is one I've owned for about 6 years, it doesn't do too much warmth wise but i love it anyways.

Left to Right: H&M, Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins
Dunno if you've ever tried taking good pictures of your own hands but it's difficult, hence the peace signs. Not much to say about the gloves. The middle ones are probably the best because they have this little mitten flap but which goes over your fingers so you can pull it back when you need to smoke/text/use a touch screen etc.

I'm pretty good for winter accessories as you can see but i know as soon as Accessorize get their collection in I'll buy something. The stuff in there is lovely so it's inevitable.
The only thing i could think of that i know i want is one of these:

In Black please Giles Deacon!

Does anyone have a winter staple that they couldn't live without? Or a favourite shop for buying this kind of thing in?

So that's the end of Accessories Sunday. It has been fun, and a definite learning experience for me.
Photos taken from, Google images and, well, me!

Peace Out.