Sunday, 8 August 2010

You Know How It Is

You get a new bike, you can't stop riding it, all of a sudden it's been a whole weekend and you haven't done one single post!

I am sorry, but the old clothes I've been wearing out on my bicycle really don't make for good OOTD's
: D

And i am absolutely addicted to my bike!
I bought it so i could cycle to work; saving money and time. Also i do actually like the feeling i get from doing exercise (energy levels go up, i sleep like a baby and my mood lifts like a balloon!), fitting it in however is hard so this kills two, or maybe three birds with one stone.

My bike has a sort of 1940's ladies style frame, yes i am getting a basket for the front (not straw though) and yes i do feel like when I'm riding it i should be wearing a hat and a tea dress, or a white blouse and some knee length culottes.

Peace & Love


  1. oh jealous! i've been looking for a bike like that forever! preferably some pastel colour... ohhh that would be amazing!

  2. I cycle leisurely! I thought of cycling to work a couple of times but the thought of arriving there with a 'helmet head' made me pause.. *LOL* Road Rule in Oz: No helmet, No bike!