Sunday, 1 August 2010

OOTD: Foxy

I meant to post this yesterday but completely lost track of time. Like one second it was light outseide and i was reading, next thing you know it's 10:30 i'm cooking myself a curry and sitting down to watch Valentines Day then after that i was totally wiped so it was time for bed!

Anyway, i went and had a shop and saw my friend Hayley while she was at work. I'm okay with what i wore, i dressed for comfort and with changing rooms in mind but it took me ages to get dressed. I had one of those mornings where if the clothes didn't look awful i still didn't want to wear them because i wear them too often, ughh, it was bad times. But here's the picture.

I did wear shoes but just plain black flats, nothing special. I take my OOTD pictures before i go out in my room and my everyday shoes are downstairs so a lot of the pictures feature me barefooted. (someone commented saying cool tattoo; thankyou, it was done by Matt Butler at Glory Bound Tattoo in Exmouth, i really really reccomend him and the shop!)

So many people have this tee and it doesn't surprise me because it's amazing. Such a good throw on top and if you got it on the sale for £3 like i did, absolute bargain too! Not much to say about the rest except that the jeans are the comfiest things ever! They're more like a jegging but with a proper zip and waistband and pockets, seriously, Dorothy Perkins if you're listening DO ANOTHER RUN OF THESE PLEASE and i'll but 3 pairs in every colour.

My shopping trip wasn't interesting, oxfam had nothing and there are no vintage finds to report either! I did however buy the top featured here in plain black bcause i love it so much.

Until next time (probably tomorrow : D)
Peace & Love.


  1. I pretty much wore this exact outfit today.. well, right now! Haha. It's so comfy and cute :)