Sunday, 1 August 2010

Accessories Sunday No. 4

This is the last one.
I have enjoyed having a running feature, because it is oh so lovely to have some structure in my life : )
... i feel like this is just a glorified way for me to document the huge amount of things i own and i know that if i give myself some time to think i can do something way more creative and interesting and valid.
I don't like to do things and not give it my all so I'm calling it quits and going out on some sort of high!

The final installment is purely on Autumn/Winter Accessories. With a bucket load of stores releasing their previews for A/W along with some of the actual collections too i feel like it's a good time to cover this. Also i am a massive fan of the colder months, i have no idea why but i have no qualms about screaming like a child when it snows and kicking up leaves in my red wellingtons just to see them whirl about in the wind.

I had a look at the Fall Trend Reports on and selected some pictures from the trend they called Under Wraps. It basically showcases the looks/collections/designers which had lots of layering which is something i love. I feel like these pictures show awesome use of accessories and some seriously gorgeous pieces (lace up ankle books, socks, legwarmers, belts, etc, etc.

 I have quite a substantial collection of winter accessories, mostly hats and socks (socks not pictured here because, well to be honest it would take me hours to do it!)
I love a good hat. It's cold, you chuck it on, no effort, no 45 minutes doing your hair, just BAM. HAT. DONE. OUT THE DOOR.

Once again, due to adverse weather conditions, i had to use flash.
From Left to Right: New Look, Eco Shop in Glastonbury, H&M

From Left to Right: Accessorize, Market in Exeter, Next

I realise 2 out of the 3 pictures in the second set are silly, i just felt like being a kid. Basically the purple hat got mauled by my cat when he was a baby and so I'm mourning the loss of the pompom, and the Russian hat is hard to be serious in, it really is.

From Left to Right: H&M, River Island, Dorothy Perkins
The cream scarf was a Christmas present that i asked for, it's so warm and perfect for really cold days. The Scarf/Hood was everywhere last year in loads of colours but i went for plain black and haven't looked back. The stripe scarf is one I've owned for about 6 years, it doesn't do too much warmth wise but i love it anyways.

Left to Right: H&M, Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins
Dunno if you've ever tried taking good pictures of your own hands but it's difficult, hence the peace signs. Not much to say about the gloves. The middle ones are probably the best because they have this little mitten flap but which goes over your fingers so you can pull it back when you need to smoke/text/use a touch screen etc.

I'm pretty good for winter accessories as you can see but i know as soon as Accessorize get their collection in I'll buy something. The stuff in there is lovely so it's inevitable.
The only thing i could think of that i know i want is one of these:

In Black please Giles Deacon!

Does anyone have a winter staple that they couldn't live without? Or a favourite shop for buying this kind of thing in?

So that's the end of Accessories Sunday. It has been fun, and a definite learning experience for me.
Photos taken from, Google images and, well, me!

Peace Out.


  1. I like your hat collection! and omg those oversized scarfs...I want to see what they look like in person.

  2. hmm...nice hats xD and I practically do the same as you do: bad hair day? Put a hat on and it's done!x) Summer as Winter, it doesn't really matter to me x)
    the cream scarf is nice and already looks like he could be a good friend during an ice cold winter =) I never heard about the Scarf/Hood but I think you made a good choice picking it in black, I would do the same =)