Sunday, 22 August 2010


Totally dedicated to Gogol Bordello
I love this band a hell of a lot. I'm lucky enough to have seen them live and it was one of the most amazing, trippy, hot, sweaty and fun nights of my life. It was completely electric.
I've been listening to them non stop this weekend and felt the need to post on how much i love the way the band dresses, all of the members, not just the girls. (i hate the idea that "style icons" have to be the same gender as you, rubbish)

Seeing these pictures makes me want to hit up the local army surplus store, raid my bead collection, cut up some floral sheets, blindly grab items from a charity shop, stick it all through a sewing machine and wear whatever comes out with a pair of retro Nike's and and hand fulls of Indian jewellery and whatever shit i can find from my pop punk days (studded cuffs, skull print everything, etc)

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