Monday, 16 August 2010


I have a love hate relationship with this shop.

First up, the obvious thing i guess, is that they make stunning clothes but not in my size.
It doesn't stop me going in, for example I'm probably purchasing this top
because it's "oversized" so therefore the M/L will fit me.

The other issue i have with Topshop is the general attitude of the staff.
The eyes that look at me when i walk in alone, the "nothing will fit you" eyes.
I swear i get them in every Topshop. And I've been in a few.
Obviously there are members of staff who are helpful and friendly and i don't know how much of this is my paranoid nature but even friends i speak to say they feel a stuck up atmosphere in Topshop.

Anyone had an experience in there? Or maybe you feel the same way? Or maybe you think I'm being a fool, and that there's nothing wrong with Topshop Morgaine you're totally making it up!?!

Now, switching subjects a little, i just read on Let Me Eat Cookies that Evans is launching a website directed at plus size teens.  Maybe this website will solve my Topshop woes by basically selling the same clothes in my size?!? YES PLEASE!
That would end so much heartache.



  1. 1. I love your blog, you are so cute!
    2. I can't believe you don't fit into Topshop clothes! I am generally a size 18 but there are lots of things in there I can still fit into.
    3. I'm so glad Evans are going to introduce younger styles to their site, i'm 20 but I feel like a lot of their clothes are aimed at 25+ so I never shop there, even when I go into their stores it's always people in their early thirties plus.
    and lastly, I agree that the Topshop staff are generally horrible. I don't think its anything to do with me being a fat girl and shopping in a store where 99% of their products look better on a size 6, but I think it could be a requirement to be a meanie on their CV's or something. I mean I have yet to enter a Topshop store (out of the 5 I have been in) where the staff are actually nice.

  2. Thankfully the two Topshop's in my town seem to have reasonable staff. There's the odd few who think they're God's gift to fashion (LOL NO) but I feel it's usually the other customers who give me the 'what are you doing in here?' sneer.

    I've never experienced anything like the staff in the flagship Topshop though! Sophie & I went in on the Friday. The boy & girl on the Topshop make up counter were openly mocking, bitching & sneering at customers, then the second the customers turned round they'd smile and be all 'can I help you?' - as if people don't have eyes!? Then on the Saturday (blogger meet) we all went in and a few of us were in the Topshop make up bit. Same 2 fools were there with the same dirty looks, I seriously just stood there glaring at them the whole time LOL. Self entitled little pricks, UGH.

  3. On a happier note, I am excited for this new Evans thing, fingers crossed it is like Topshop, or at least up to the standard of ASOS Curve! :D

  4. Ugh, horrid staff is the worst! Why be in a customer service position when you suck as a human being? Annoying.

    Anyway! I'm totally thrilled to hear that Evans is launching a younger line. It's definitely needed! :)

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  5. such good feeback from this! thanks people : )
    i'm so glad it's not just me!

    thanks for all the lovely things said, i'm wearing quite the grin.
    I'm totally thinking of getting a job at Topshop now just to start a revolution where the staff are actually more than glorified clothes horses with a bad attitude.

    Hopefully this Evans line will be amazing. I shop there but i know a lot of people feel like it's very much an older womans shop and a lot of the clothes support those feelings. But Evans responding to that feedback, as the UK's biggest plus sized retailer, is awesome and i can't wait to see what they come out with.
    And to be perfectly frank stephanie if it doesn't match Topshop or ASOS Curve then epic fail from Evans right there : D

    we should all bombard the Evans FB page with pictures of the Topshop stuff we want in plus size : )

  6. "we should all bombard the Evans FB page with pictures of the Topshop stuff we want in plus size"


  7. BTW, this top is absolutely amazing... and u can buy at topshop... I'm from Barcelona but I go very often to London to buy clothes, and one staff girl at Topshop was very unkind because my size and my bad the end I buyed a lot of clothes and I told her: i'm fat and my accent is bad, but you're ugly and u can't change it.

  8. AGREED! what is it with topshop and snooty staff?
    in my local branch, i walked in and got a proper elevator lookoff the girl standing next to the door doing absolutely nothing expect trying to pose...i was so angry i nearly walked out the shop. but luckily the 4 items i purchased and the lovely girl on the till restored my faith. has anyone ever seen a plus size topshop assistant? i've seen them in primark, new look, dorothy perkins and obviously evans...

  9. never seen a plus sized assistant in a topshop, i thought about applying once but it seemed futile considering i'd only be able to use staff discount on a few things and they'd want me to wear topshop clothes.