Friday, 6 August 2010


The Coats Edition.

First up I'd like to champion Burberry Prorsum and Christoper Bailey for the amazing outerwear they churn out all the time. I know that is how Burberry started and it's awesome to see a design house nodding to their roots whilst also managing to stay ingenuitive and current season after season.
Not that the opinion of a Overexcited Fat British Girl matters that much but i admire it : )
Photo Credz to Top 3 pictures are Fall 2010, bottom one is Resort 2011, all Burberry Prorsum.

I've been looking, searching, scouring for the perfect coat for a while now. I have my old faithful, a black Evans knee length duffel with faux fur trim on the hood but she's old now (it was bought in 2003/2004) and isn't something i enjoy wearing anymore. It does the job but it isn't me. Know what a i mean??


What i really want is a military style, black, wool or wool mix coat. Tailored with a belt, like a mac. If there is no belt I'd like to be able to put one with it. Big collar, maybe even double breasted and if i can get a hood too that'd make my year. Good quality is a must, i want this baby to last, and no skimping on details (i thought I'd found the coat last year but some wisecrack at Evans decided plastic buttons painted to look metallic was a good idea!) Pockets are non-negotiable, i can't be reaching in and out of my bag for i-pod/lighter/phone all the time. Did i mention it has to be black? If some kind of fur/sheepskin detail has been added somewhere (collar/cuff/hood) this could work and if it does it would make me smile the biggest smile ever seen on a human face. Finally, i need this coat to fit like a dream, i want structure but movement and the option of being able to put on at least one thick jumper underneath. It should pinch in at the right place and flare out at the right place creating the oh so desirable Femme Fatale in a Film Noir silhouette I've been lusting over for too long.

This is a good start Evans. But I'm afraid it's a case of close, but no cigar.

I know my demands are unlikely to be met. But i do have to say that as much as i appreciate Evans and what they do in terms of relatively affordable plus sized fashion, the coats up until now have been fairly uninspiring. That being said, the future looks bright and if the coats I've seen for the upcoming season make it to stores i will be making at least one purchase, it just won't tick all the boxes in one go.

What is your dream coat? Do you own it already? Or are you, like me, still searching?

I feel like a coat is an investment. As nice as it would be to buy all the coats and jackets i like, it;s not practical or economical. I don't have the room and they wouldn't get worn often enough. The best option is to own one coat that does everything, goes with everything, and lasts for ever, but finding that is, thus far, impossible. And to be honest that is probably what has created the coat monster within me. So: it's not my fault!!



  1. I saw some duffle coats today in H&M's BiB section. I didn't pay too much attention to them but they were heavy and half price from £70. There's one on the New Look website too but it's short and I don't think it has a hood?

    I'm in love with the 3rd coat, it's fabulous. My perfect coat would be a black or navy wool duffle coat, no frills, Paddington Bear style! Or a classic Burberry trench. The problem I have with coats is sleeves. The sleeve length on coats is ridiculous, I'm sick of wrist skimmers ;(

  2. H&M scrapped the BiB section from my local store years ago, i am still mad!
    (Dorothy Perkins recently got rid of the tall section in my store, that also made me mad)

    I love a good Paddington coat : ) Navy is a great colour i'm just all about the black for my basic items.

    I have that problem with sleeves too! Can't believe that didn't get a mention in the coatzilla paragraph! i had to buy long gloves to wear it got so annoying!

    The other issue i sometimes have is coats being too tight across the shoulders, i'm pretty broad so it can be a real issue (i swear they make stuff tiny shoulder wise though!)


  3. My H&M has recently got a kids department and I thought they'd scrapped the BiB section but I found it, an even smaller rack, shoved in the back of the kids department! So ridiculous everything is just shoved in together regardless of what it is.

    I don't think my DP (which has been moved into BHS) has any sections, tall, petite or maternity. In fact, out of the 5 or so around here, I think only one has those sections!

    I have a ridiculously broad back, so I usually end up buying coats in a bigger size for the back + arms but the rest ends up being far too big and looks ridiculous. Oh the woes ;( lmao

  4. seriously what's the point in doing specialist sections only to do them so poorly?
    sort it out retailers!

    i'm the same with the whole buying too big thing.
    as much as we can laugh about it and as much as i realise it is hard to get stuff to fit every body shape, i swear no effort is made into making clothes well proportioned.
    'specially for big girls.


    it's nice (but also quite heartbreaking) to know there's someone else in the same boat!

    : D