Thursday, 26 August 2010


That's how I'll be for the weekend. Until Tuesday evening.

Every August Bank Holiday Weekend my reenactment society The Sealed Knot has its biggest event of the year and it is my duty to be there!
Basically I reenact the English Civil War, it's an amazing hobby and i have had the best times and met the best people doing it. I was born into it, my dad was the first family member to join and he pulled everyone including Grandma and Grandad (i get to see them in one day, yayyy!) into it. Some call it geeky, some call it sad but don't knock it till you've tried it, or at least been to an event to spectate.
It's about educating people about a really crucial part of English history that is so often overlooked (for some unknown reason) in schools etc.
But for members it;s about socialising too and like i said i have met some great people and made some amazing friends and a lot of my regiment are like family.

I won't go into more detail, if you want to know more ask me, I'm happy to chat about it : )

Upon my return i will post lots of pictures and lengthy paragraphs about my weekend!

I know some fellow Brits are going to Reading or Leeds, i don't think those of you outside of the UK get a long weekend (correct me if I'm wrong) but whatever you're spending your time doing have a lovely and amazing time.
Love to all of you!



  1. Have a good time lovely!
    Ill try and come see you next week... its not long till i go now! :( x

  2. okay bubs : )

    i'm not letting you leave, and if i do it;s only cos i'm in your suitcase!

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