Saturday, 21 August 2010

OOTD: Big Baggy Dress


First of all excuse the mess that is my bedroom. Too busy looking damn good to tidy : )

Went for a bike ride into town with my dad today. Had a massive lunch, had beer, went shopping, came home. All in all a lovely day!

This ASOS Curve dress is a winner for days when i want to look good but can't be bothered. It's huge, comfy and i feel like putting a belt round it is all you need to do to make it perfect. I've worn it many different ways and I'm sure as this blog continues you'll see this fella time and time again.
(I'd like to add that is was very humid when we cycled home so I'm now sat wearing this dress, with no belt, waiting for my amazingly good homemade mac & cheese to cook : D)
This is one of my favourite ways to wear boots - with massive knitted woolly socks. Comfy and warm, an A/W must have!
I've talked about the belt/boots/sunnies before so I'll skip right to the necklace.
Dunno how many of you are familiar with Afflecks Palace in Manchester but it is one hell of a place to shop and on one of the floors is a massive and awesome bead shop where i bought everything i used to make this necklace. It is a string of slightly pink fresh water pearls mixed with black metallic glass beads.

Nothing really to report except i think i have an idea for a new feature that will run for a couple weeks. I'm still working on it and hopefully i can start it asap. It's nothing hugely exciting but better than nothing at all!

Peace & Love.


  1. That's the longest I've seen your hair in yearsss and i love your cheeky sk belt haha. love xxx

  2. the dress is really cute, it's hard to find baggy dresses that look this good. You look lovely :)

  3. thank you sweethearts! : )

    my mission to find a baggy dress this good definitely ended when i bought this!

    theresa i can't wait to see you this weekend (gotta love my belt!) xxx

  4. looove this look! i've been mulling over this dress for ages. does it have pockets??

  5. or i should say, i HAD been mulling it over, seeing as it seems to be out of stock and gone from the site :(

  6. I LOVE that dress. Ever since it appeared on the site, I loved it! Can'tafford though, even on sale. You work it so well!

  7. it does indeed have pockets elizabeth : )

    I seriously encourage anyone who wants this dress to find it or a similar one on ebay or somewhere, it's made a great addition to my wardrobe!

    This post has inspired a lot of comments, glad you guys liked it.
    you're all amazing!


  8. I love this dress, and that is a great look on you! <3

  9. oo I love this, you look aaamazing! I really wish I'd got that dress now :(

  10. Gorgeous! The dress looks great on you, love the belt too! xoxo

  11. I actually hate this dress, but you look perfect!