Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Work It Out

It's been one week and 3 days since i bought my first adult bike.
And I'm hooked.

I'm motivated, I'm exercising because i want to, I'm getting fitter because i want to, I'm mellow yellow because of endorphins. It's great.


Errrr, where are the pretty and practical plus sized work out clothes?
Oh lord tell me where!!
And I'm sorry but the leisurewear section of Evans really does not cut it.

I want Stella McCartney for Adidas in a size that fits me, not just my left ankle.
I want to look pretty as i pedal along, sweating my face off, breathing like an elephant in labour.
Is it too much to ask that the fat girl on the baby blue bike can look less like a middle aged mum of 4 and more like a 19 year old?
Short answer, no.

If anyone knows of a good plus size sportswear retailer. Holla.

Peace Out.


  1. Yay for the work out, Nay for the sports clothes!
    I am wearing clothes from H&M from their, I guess they think of it like this, sportif/casual section; they are nothing special, but they do the job.

    But I know what you mean and creators of work out clothes should think about YOUNG plus size people who WANT TO work out! Because I doubt that the idea of 'fat people working out' ever crossed their mind.
    Maybe we should start a revolution in this type of clothes...x)

    Oh and congrats on the bike, baby blue is a nice color =)



  2. I got a lovely Reebok top and joggers from Yours online a while back for my health spa trip. Although maybe not ideal for summer.
    Have you thought about modifying something, maybe stitching some funky coloured ribbon down a pair of leggings and teaming them with bright coloured tees?
    Just a thought..

  3. Thanks for the tip sarah : ) i'll check it out.

    i wear leggings and tees right now. and they're fine. for me it's more about the fabric choices as well as style.
    cheap high st. basics jersey isn't the most breathable fabric. I get insanely jealous of joggers i see out and about wearing the nicest proper work out clothes.
    I'm determined to find something!!