Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Evans Facebook...

...just linked to the Evans Blog post on Crystal Renn being in a Chanel ad. I read the post and the comments on it. It ticked me right off.
Annoyed at the constant raging debates that grip every post this group makes i posted a comment. I guess i was sick to death of all the Evans bashing going on on the frigging Evans Group. Women are posting how they want to wake up tomorrow in a plus sized utopia and see size 30 women modeling for Evans. And how Crystal Renn (big love to her) is not plus sized but just another girl "airbrushed to the point of anorexia" and how Evans don't make nice clothes, or how Evans are too expensive.
I want to see girls in a size 32 modelling in major campaigns, but i know it ain't gonna happen overnight (if it ever happens), i want more companies to make better clothes in bigger sizes, i want huge women to be adored in the same way thin ones are but god damn it I'm not going to bust my butt complaining about how I WANT IT NOW AND IT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET AND IT IS YOUR FAULT! I'm gonna be happy with my self and my style and my life and rejoice at the little victories while letting the world catch up to my ideal at it's own pace (well, i might try and give it a nudge once in a while) rather than be aggressive and ungrateful.

Here is the comment i posted:
"as great as it is to see you ladies getting passionate, why does every post put out by evans always become some massive political debate?
can't we all for one second just appreciate the fact that:
karl lagerfeld choosing crystal renn is a big step in the right direction to getting plus sizes noticed?
that crystal renn, regardless of who considers her plus sized, is an amazing ambassador for real beauty and body acceptance?
that companies are driven by capitalist and consumer culture and have a need to please share holders and make profits and so won't make changes (like using real women, or size 26 models) overnight?

I'm massive in the eyes of the fashion industry, positively whale sized, but i make it work and wear clothes and outfits i want to and that, not to toot my own horn, are fashionable and suit me.
Evans is doing a really good job of modernising it's lines, pushing positive images of women and spreading news about plus size fashion but everyone is so quick to complain and dismiss the positive things they do.

I get that it's hard to see a size 14 girl on posters when you're a size 24, i understand that it's hurtful when famous people poke fun of fat people like everyone overweight is the same but does no one think it would just be nice to spread a little love, instead of hate.

Plus sizes may have a way to go before we're properly represented in the media but i think it's time we step back and appreciate the victories we have had and thank the people who need thanking."


  1. Great comment bb! I can't take the Evans FB page! It gets me raging LOL so I'm impressed you managed to keep a level head & make such a fabulous comment :)

  2. thank you : )
    i'm surprised i kept a level head too, it;s not like me at all! haha. xx