Tuesday, 24 August 2010

OOTD: H&M Skirt and new do

Got my hair did today, a friend from school who now works at Jeff Goodwin Hair in Exeter cuts it for me. She used to come over when we were 14 and cut my hair in the living room and I'd make tea and be a great hostess in return : )
I have a phobia of hairdressers in general because i tend to build an image of what i want and it's never quite right when i leave a salon (mostly my fault i know but hey) plus i hate that silly holiday small talk and the following hour of me trying to explain what historical reenactment is (because that's what i do instead of traditional holidays) and half the time i do not have the energy to do that so i end up lying and going "oh yeah, I'm going to Spain, it'll be great" and i don't go to the hairdressers to lie.
Wow, hair salon rant there, whoops.

Back on track: i took myself along to the salon on my bike and this is what i wore:

I hate this picture, partly because i had to use flash, partly because I'm having an off day when it comes to accepting my face and partly because i really feel like the photo doesn't do the skirt justice. It's a new addition of mine and i think I've seen other bloggers in it. It has the best big slouchy pockets on the front and cream chiffon lining (I'm a sucker for cute details). Rest of the outfit is pretty basic. Got the rose cameo necklace in the online sale, shoes in the sale, top in a sale, cardie in a sale. Bargain clothes day really.

I'm loving my new hair. I've had a full fringe before so it's not a huge change but it has been a while. I'm lusting after a really full Bettie Page fringe a la Beyonce and Katy Perry but that will have to wait until the dead of winter because it'll be impossible to pull back on hot days.

What do you guys think of my do? I know a few of you have had haircuts recently, consider yourselves inspiration : D

Peace Out.


  1. looks good, i love a long fringe :)

    also, i like your outfit! cute and casual.

  2. the hair is very pretty want mine cut like that....luv the bangs and I love the skirt :)