Thursday, 31 March 2011


I predicted in my February round-up post that March would sss...ll....oooooo...wwwww. And in many ways  it feels like it has been the slowest month of my life.
Even though it's probably been my busiest month so far in 2011.

I basically have spent my time working and living as usual but doing my best to see all my friends and family before i head off to the USA.
Making sure i see everyone i possibly could became an expensive way to spend the month obsession. No joke every time i spoke to somebody i was like "oooh, i have to see you before i go". It sounds so stupid but if i'd have been at home I'd have seen everyone i know. What with the whole Easter/royal wedding/early may bank holiday thang most of my friends who are away at uni would have been home and there is also a big reenactment event where all my friends from up and down the country would have been. So basically i just didn't want to miss out on seeing some lovely peoples faces because of bad timing on my part (well actually i'm going to blame this on the royal family, they chose the wedding date after i booked Seattle, they'll probably arrest me for treason now but whatever...)

Doing all of the above meant i sucked, and i mean sucked at blogging. I can't really say anything that makes it better but i am sorry!

Due to lack of time and proper editing software i am just going to post a couple of pictures from March instead of a nice collage-y thing.
 Posted this on Tumblr, called it my pimp coat : )
 this is me up on Dartmoor, visiting a forest of ancient oak trees, awesome.
 my friend catherine's cat; marmalade.
 this is the breakfast i cook you if you're my friend and it's your birthday : )
me and cath ♥

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


So i have a spare 9 minutes and i'm going to spend it explaining why i haven't posted shit for a considerable amount of time.

Me. Too. Busy.

It sucks, but it's true.
I mean come on people i have to ring America in 8 minutes. I have to add like, 3 extra digits to an already strange looking phone number and the phones there ring funny and yesterday when i left a message (man better pick up today) a very American sounding lady asked me if i'd like to send a numerical page and i'm sure at one point she said press the pound key!
The pound key? Numerical page? Confused?!

I also still have to pack, it's taken two days to pack 8 tops and a box of tea : / i need to up my game.

However despite all this pound key, packing, America prep nonsense, i'm taking my laptop with me now so i will be LIVE from Seattle starting this Monday and you can bet your bottom dollar that i will be on a posting frenzy
: D

I'm so excited for this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111oneone

Monday, 21 March 2011

OOTD: Everything's Rosy

I had me a little picnic by a stream at the weekend, with various family and people. It was sunny, but not sweaty weather. There was cider and ducks and cheese and oh, yeah, this little number:

(looks like i'm pulling a G face: thuggin.)

When this arrived i threw it on and in all honesty didn't know if i liked it. But i played around with it and decided that i'd make it work.
Now i'm not one for tooting my own horn but, i think i did a pretty good job.
The problem i have is that without tying the belt tight and in just the right place this looks like a really pretty bin bag on me. Probably because i order a size 26 which is one or two sizes bigger than i really need and i do that because i like the extra room and length.
My other playsuit, also from ASOS Curve, was an instant hit for me but comparing the two i realised that the fabric of the other one is a lot heavier so drapes nicer and the belt stays flat.

I do love this, i just think it will take some time for me to get really get into it. But i imagine that come summer i'll basically be living in the thing!

Now i have a friend coming down to stay this week so i honestly don't know what i'll be doing when it comes to the ol' blog.
I don't see her often so i'm not gonna sit around blogging while she's here spesh for me y'know! But i'll try and squeeze a post in; i'm sure we'll be getting up to some fancy mischief in the bars of Exeter so maybe i'll post our outfits!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Writer's Block

I haven't blogged for a little while and i don't have a whole ton of excuses. I just haven't been able to find the inspiration.
That sounds bad but as i've said before i don't post for the sake of posting and as lovely as inspiration and creativity are they have their own agenda, i can't make them happen.

I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY and confirm that i was still alive.
Also, i just ordered this with free next day delivery

if it can't re-awaken my inspiration, well then I'm fucked : )

Thursday, 10 March 2011

B.M.B. the advice column

Basically i got a comment from a user named jigglypuff on my last post.
(I hope they're reading because girrlll, you inspired this : D)

Here it be:
Firstly, thank-you jigglypuff, what a lovely comment, humbled by your awesomeness.

Now i get "you look rheet good but i couldn't wear it" comments in real life quite often, from friends and strangers (mostly drunken ones on nights out but whatevs it still counts) and i always, always say "Bullshit, you can wear what you want, you're gorgeous!"
Because i'm brash but lovely like that : )

A few months/a year ago i would have never ever worn half the stuff that's hanging in my wardrobe as we speak. N.E.V.E.R.
As i've said before; blogging and the fatshion community is in part to thank for my new found confidence, but i have to give myself some credit and say that me getting some ballz is also to thank.

So this is my advice to those wanting to try new tings.

There are two options.

Option One - easing yourself in

Inspiration is the starting point, take the item you're afraid of wearing and do your research. Look about on blogs, see if you can find someone with a similar body shape to your wearing said item. Find retailers that sell what you're looking for, see if it's available in a range of sizes/colours/materials. Compile a few pictures of designer versions or see if any celebrities you like have worn something similar.
Next step is to go and try on a bunch of different options in shops and take pictures there so you can look at yourself again at home, try to do this trying on trip on a day when you're feeling open minded, positive and maybe do it before you eat a burger, chips, garlic bread and a pint of cider for lunch (just saying, i don't feel so pretty trying on stuff after i've done this!).
After reviewing your pictures, if you feel ready, buy the skirt/top/dress/jeans or whatever but leave the labels in and keep your proof of purchase. Wear the item around the house, watch some TV, laze about, get comfortable. (Do Not Spill Shit On It!) Another good thing to do is build some outfits around it, (jigglypuff, with skinnies i normally wear a flowy/looser top), can this item work as part of your wardrobe?
If you still don't like, just return. If you're starting to like, don't return.
Wear the item to go somewhere where you feel less pressured to look good at first, like a supermarket (unless the mentioned item is a ball gown, that's just silly. Actually to me it sounds cool, but i'm one raisin short of a fruitcake so...) and take it from there.
Start working it into your wardrobe more and more and before you know it your fear will be gone! Awesome!

Option Two - be impatient and get drunk

Throw yourself in at the deep end as i have done.
Alcohol is not actually necessary for this option, but it kept my mind off how i looked so helped with the whole process.
I broke my playsuit in with this method and i was 100% sure i'd never look good in one of those.
Basically if you haven't got the time for option one; go out and buy the item your afraid of, take out the tags, throw away your receipt and wear it on a night out.
Amazing friends who tell you look good every time you ask also help and i'm not going to lie, luck plays a pretty big role.
If i were you, i'd go with option one.

Seriously though, it can take a lot to change the way you look at yourself. Time and effort is often required. I'm fat and spent my whole life being told that was bad, so i assumed i had to live in ill fitting boys clothes (of the non fashionable variety) and it took a while and a lot of unworn clothing to break out of that.
Be fearless, be patient, be confident and you'll be wearing whatever you want before you know it.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

OOTD: Clear and Bright

With a cold north easterly breeze.
Do you think i could werk it as a weather lady? I do : )

So yeah, last couple of days we have had some fine ass weather. Which is just ironic as far as i'm concerned seeing as how i am sick as a dog with a major cold.
But illness or no illness this blog continues and so i present to you today's outfit.


This top is from my recent New Look order, it;s nice, a little on the short side for me but it works really well with a tank/vest under it or tucked into a skirt. On the website it looked black and white but it's more black and oatmeal; nice but annoying when you thought you'd found the striped tee you'd been dying to get hold of.
Jeans, shoes and cardi are all standard issue and have been written about before.

Random Picture of Me and My Cat:

More on the New Look stuff though. The animal print cropped t-shirt did not arrive, i guess it went out of stock right before i ordered it. I have to guess because i never got an explanation. I didn't bother asking questions because i wasn't charged for it but it would have been nice to get an email or something saying "Hey, no cool tops left, soz. Won't be in your package."
I'll write about the other top when i wear it, it's cool though, hanging in my wardrobe begging to be worn!

Oh yeah, HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! and HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY. or as i refer to it "day of the wimmins"
I ate this to celebrate pancakes

and continued being a woman to celebrate women : )

Thursday, 3 March 2011

U. S. A.

I'm off to the United States of America in a little over a month. And i am staying for, a little over a month.

My base is Seattle, which makes it sound like i have a whole trunk load of stuff planned but i don't. I've paid for a months accommodation there so i probably won't venture too far out of the city or go for too long.

woahh, sorry, that just came out.
Obviously, as showcased by Exhibit A (see above), i am excited. But the other point of this post is to try and figure out what i'm going to do with my blog whilst i'm away.

I'm not taking much of the equipment i use for every post with me (including my laptop) so it will be much more challenging to regularly create posts.
Especially fashion-y ones like OOTD's. And i whilst i talk about a lot on here, Bust My Buttons is still primarily a fashion blog so i'd feel silly doing posts without stuff like that.

I guess what i want to know is will you, my lovely readers, be happy with say one post a week just generally rounding up a few things i have done and hopefully squeezing in some clothes and shit?
Or would you rather just have a big phatty bunch of well constructed updates when i'm back home?

Maybe you'd like to see some guest posts? Or maybe you'd like to write a guest post?
(the whole guest post idea just came to me, and i like it, please comment if interested, details to follow)

Finally, if someone who reads lives in or near Seattle, holla yeah. I'd love to see your face for reals.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well February has been a busy busy busy month, much like January was. There was Plus London at the start of the month and you can see my ridiculous/amazing round up posts for that here, here, here and here.
A couple of weeks into the month i got my new friend, Mr iPhone, and i know this sounds silly but i'm honestly not sure how i managed without one before now, i am officially Apple's newest bitch.
Here are some photos taken with said phone:


I know this will wear off but i have found about a million useful or just generally awesome apps. The photo ones have to be my favourite, Instagram and Diptic.
Saying that though, the Tesco app is the bomb, tells me where the nearest Tesco is (i've done quite a bit of travelling this month and Tesco is my go to shop for food on the move) if they have what i'm looking for and it's exact position in the shop; lush.

Moving on...
I noticed i've only dome two OOTD's this month. Errr, LAME. I guess i just haven't worn amazingly great outfits and when i have i haven't taken pictures, i r rly sry.
March will be better.
My favourite OOTD was this, and it had the most comments so i guess you guys liked it too : )

Music wise i've listened to a lot of the same as January, I get fixated on songs/albums and listen to them over and over. The only thing that breaks the cycle is a new song/album.
I have enjoyed mixing it up with past obsessions this month, including Jurassic 5, The Temper Trap, Gogol Bordello, New Found Glory and Johnny Cash.

I ended the month with a weekend in Bristol for a friends birthday, this is me and the mentioned friend (Pippa) in a slightly out of focus but still nice picture.

I honestly have not retouched this, i know it looks like i have but it's just the flash, focus issues and a whole ton of makeup! Oh and yes, i am wearing an apron.

So i said in my first 2011 roundup that i wanted this month to go as well as last month. I'm pleased to say it well and truly did : )
March is due to be a slow one, purely because it's now a month until i go to Seattle so time will drag just to piss me off.
Unless by some miracle the usual rules won't apply this time (please please please please let this happen)