Thursday, 10 March 2011

B.M.B. the advice column

Basically i got a comment from a user named jigglypuff on my last post.
(I hope they're reading because girrlll, you inspired this : D)

Here it be:
Firstly, thank-you jigglypuff, what a lovely comment, humbled by your awesomeness.

Now i get "you look rheet good but i couldn't wear it" comments in real life quite often, from friends and strangers (mostly drunken ones on nights out but whatevs it still counts) and i always, always say "Bullshit, you can wear what you want, you're gorgeous!"
Because i'm brash but lovely like that : )

A few months/a year ago i would have never ever worn half the stuff that's hanging in my wardrobe as we speak. N.E.V.E.R.
As i've said before; blogging and the fatshion community is in part to thank for my new found confidence, but i have to give myself some credit and say that me getting some ballz is also to thank.

So this is my advice to those wanting to try new tings.

There are two options.

Option One - easing yourself in

Inspiration is the starting point, take the item you're afraid of wearing and do your research. Look about on blogs, see if you can find someone with a similar body shape to your wearing said item. Find retailers that sell what you're looking for, see if it's available in a range of sizes/colours/materials. Compile a few pictures of designer versions or see if any celebrities you like have worn something similar.
Next step is to go and try on a bunch of different options in shops and take pictures there so you can look at yourself again at home, try to do this trying on trip on a day when you're feeling open minded, positive and maybe do it before you eat a burger, chips, garlic bread and a pint of cider for lunch (just saying, i don't feel so pretty trying on stuff after i've done this!).
After reviewing your pictures, if you feel ready, buy the skirt/top/dress/jeans or whatever but leave the labels in and keep your proof of purchase. Wear the item around the house, watch some TV, laze about, get comfortable. (Do Not Spill Shit On It!) Another good thing to do is build some outfits around it, (jigglypuff, with skinnies i normally wear a flowy/looser top), can this item work as part of your wardrobe?
If you still don't like, just return. If you're starting to like, don't return.
Wear the item to go somewhere where you feel less pressured to look good at first, like a supermarket (unless the mentioned item is a ball gown, that's just silly. Actually to me it sounds cool, but i'm one raisin short of a fruitcake so...) and take it from there.
Start working it into your wardrobe more and more and before you know it your fear will be gone! Awesome!

Option Two - be impatient and get drunk

Throw yourself in at the deep end as i have done.
Alcohol is not actually necessary for this option, but it kept my mind off how i looked so helped with the whole process.
I broke my playsuit in with this method and i was 100% sure i'd never look good in one of those.
Basically if you haven't got the time for option one; go out and buy the item your afraid of, take out the tags, throw away your receipt and wear it on a night out.
Amazing friends who tell you look good every time you ask also help and i'm not going to lie, luck plays a pretty big role.
If i were you, i'd go with option one.

Seriously though, it can take a lot to change the way you look at yourself. Time and effort is often required. I'm fat and spent my whole life being told that was bad, so i assumed i had to live in ill fitting boys clothes (of the non fashionable variety) and it took a while and a lot of unworn clothing to break out of that.
Be fearless, be patient, be confident and you'll be wearing whatever you want before you know it.


  1. 'one raisin short of a fruitcake' - LMAO

    Love this advice. I'm definitely one of the fruit cakes wearing crazy things to the supermarket. I've been to Tesco in my prom outfit (not just randomly, it was after prom) & the supermarket is usually one of the first places I wear heels out (not the easiest thing to wear on those elevator things though!) & I don't recommend wearing 5inch gladiator sandals with moisturised feet around Tesco, it will get messy...

  2. glad you liked that one steph, how about one plate short of a full set?
    get you gigglin as much? : )

    loving the moist feel in sandals advice, sounds like you had an interesting shopping trip that day.x

  3. Totally agree! The whole people telling what you can and cannot wear is BS to begin with. It took time but I say fuck it I wear what makes me FEEL good. All people big or small should feel like that. If not I'll hold the poms poms out for them so I can cheer them on! Life is short...Live free> Good Topic! love the blog! Followed :)

  4. taisha; thank you : )

    glad you agree & you're blog is cute.x

  5. Wow thanks so much for writing this post :) that's so incredibly sweet! I ordered skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins! £5 off them as well, awesome :P i got them in black to aid the slimming effect :P but i will follow your lead and try it with a nice floaty top :) thanks again for your lovely advice :) you rock!

  6. happy to help sweetie, wishing you tons of luck, which you don't need cos you'll rock it.
    : ) xx